Tuesday, February 28, 2006

The important things

Most people know what is truly important, family milestones, honoring generations past, and living in a way that is respectful and with integrity. Some people choose to live their lives in a way that wastes the gift that has been given them, what a shame.

We share with you some photos that affirm life! Aaron celebrated his Bar Mitzvah recently with his family and friends, no doubt he will continue to live his life with the same nod to history and will have both feet on a life course lived with strength, honesty and virtue.

Blessings Aaron! Thanks to you and your family for allowing us to share in your special event with "Images from the Heart".


Tools are great in this wonderful informational age, aren't they? You can follow a link from Whirlpool or an email from Yahoo................... a lovely day in Kona Cove, or maybe Huntsville!

Makes one paraphrase Forest Gump.......life is like a screwdriver!

Monday, February 27, 2006

Better late than never....

One of the very best things about BBP is our very own Danielle. Nell has been working at the Studio since a very tender age and to hear many of our clients tell it, she just about runs the place. You can see her behind the lens taking incredible images as well as working on albums, baby wrangling, or answering the phone and doing the grunt work.

Recently Danielle got a new set of much deserved new wheels! She had struggled with a car that gave her fits by breaking down nearly every day so she is thrilled with this one.

We promised you pictures of Danielle---- and here she is with the new car.

Life is sometimes just GOOD!

Sunday, February 26, 2006

Day of Rest

Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh a day of rest, bliss!

Okay, maybe not a full day of rest, the Studio is closed today and tomorrow so what else would we be doing but meeting there for a bit of packing???? Sigh. The space was painted last week, and the new glass doors installed---- it looks FABULOUS! We can't wait to get in there and start meeting clients.

Have a fantastic Sunday!

Thursday, February 23, 2006

TA DA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The BIG announcement-----

After months of discussion with the staff, and family, and a client or two --BBP is so excited to be moving the Studio! Yes!!!!! We've been looking for really great Studio space for awhile now and have ended up in a really outstanding loft in the Central West End. We can't wait to welcome you all to come and visit us in on the sixth floor! It is a perfect space for meeting brides, and welcoming Studio clients new and old as our new shooting space is fantastic! We are easy to get to and have great (and cheap!) parking. BBP thinks of it as a 'Destination Studio', come down and meet with us and enjoy the excellent food, shopping and ambience of the Central West End.

See you all soon!

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

The Dog House

Nothing like being in the Dog House!

Bobbi reports that Prince is in the Dog House and may take up permanent residence there! While she was workingfrom home last night, Mr. Prince decided it was a great idea to chew through the a/c adapter on her Dell. I can imagine it wasn't a pretty sight upon discovery!
Apparently Hana didn't rat out her brother either which seems to have landed her in a bit of hot water. The devoted staff here at BBP are all trying very hard not to giggle, especially in front of the Boss lady. I mean, it takes a LOOOOOONG time for little puppy teeth to chew through a power cord, no matter how sharp they are!

Hello, Dell? Can you Fed Ex a new a/c adapter to the Studio????? (and please hurry!)

On a non Dog House note we are thrilled to welcome Sarah and Cary to our Wedding Family.
They are getting married at the Piper Palm House in lovely Tower Grove, it will be a spectacular day! Thanks for allowing BBP the opportunity to capture your special day with "Images from the Heart"!

Tuesday, February 21, 2006


Blogs can be so boring---- or so much fun! We hope ours falls into the latter classification, although if we aren't talking about YOU---- well, you know how that goes! LOL!

I'm dillydallying today because I have some photos I want to share with our blog family, but to be honest I haven't gotten around to loading them yet. It has been crazy busy scheduling brides for wedding consultations with Bobbi, add to that welcoming them into the Studio and sharing our work and mutual vision for their wedding photography. It is great fun, very exhilirating, but a bit frantic. We have met some hilarious couples lately, perhaps the stress of the whole wedding thing is making everybody funnier than usual???? Or are we just a nation of people who are getting funnier? Life makes you funny sort of thing? Maybe.

For the moment I'll share a couple of the most frequently asked comments/questions from the Bridal Fair last weekend in St. Charles. The first one was "I didn't know that choosing a photographer was going to be so hard." Well, the answer is yes and no and of course. There are a LOT of photographers in St. Louis, just a lot of them. So because todays brides and grooms are so well educated they take it upon themselves to thoroughly research the market. We have heard that just going to websites is helpful but not the be all and end all, and again, of course! More than several couples told us that there were some great websites out there but when they contacted or met with the photographer they were rather disappointed. Hmmmmmmmmmm, yes. We always insist on meeting with brides and their fiance's or families if they are involved in the decision making process. By meeting with each other it is the best way to not only see the work produced but to gauge personalities, to see if there is a "click factor". Without this click..... photographs won't be as good, that is just the truth of it. As we always explain, of course it is hard to choose your wedding photographer, there are not only a lot of choices but this is one of the most important, longest lasting elements in your wedding planning. You may soon forget how the cake tasted (or never get more than a bite), but your photography will last your entire life--- and for all of the generations to come. The no comes in if you consider the work of a wedding photographer. Even if you are sitting in front of a cold and impersonal computer screen, the photographs should speak to you, a primal gut reaction that simply cries out THAT IS MY WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER. Sometimes, a bridal couple might love the work of a particular photographer and their budgets just don't meld. Always ask if they have a payment plan that might work things out. Don't settle if you don't have to!

Another question we heard a lot was about having more than one shooter. Great question, hard to answer without understanding exactly what the needs of each individual bride and groom are. Second shooters are part of most of the weddings BBP photographs, the most intimate may not require that. Having a second shooter generally means that you get another vantage point, another view of your story as it unfolds. It can mean that you justsimply get more images, we try to capture different elements---- details, etc. Two fresh ways of looking at the same event, not a lot of needless duplication.

Have a great day, I promise to be better about uploading those photographs I've been promising!

Sunday, February 19, 2006

Sunday---- Sunday--- Sunday

Amazing how on a Sunday when much of the country rests, worships, or kicks back we are singing the Sunday, Sunday, Sunday tune reminescent of ads for racetracks of days gone by. Yes, on this Sunday we head out for the Best Bridal Fair in St. Charles. Thank heavens we didn't get the snow the weatherfolk threatened, instead it is just cold. REAL cold. Bobbi reports that Hana and Prince really don't like to go out in the cold and neither does she! Just knowing that the weather will be warmer next week makes going out somewhat easier.

Danielle was hard at work at the studio yesterday, and driving her new wheels. She is so deserving of a great new car, the best part she says is that it is under warranty and now she is free to worry less and focus more. For those of you who know Danielle, focus is something she does better than most adults I know! We'll put up a photo of Danielle and her ride tomorrow.

Have a great Sunday!

Saturday, February 18, 2006

Life's Events

Today on a Saturday we are not photographing a wedding but are blessed to be able to capture another one of life's precious events. On this day Aaron celebrates his Bar Mitzvah! It is always incredible to participate in such a wonderful day, and be able to keep a record for future generations of the blend of rich culture and history and deep family ties.

This is the true definition of "Images from the Heart"................. and once again we are so grateful to be able to share in those events that make life REAL!

Check back for photos of Aaron's big day!

*See you tomorrow at the Columns in St. Charles for the Best Bridal Fair.*

Friday, February 17, 2006

See you in St. Charles

Are there brides and grooms we haven't met yet? Apparently so as we spend this Sunday at the Columns in St. Charles for the St. Louis Best Bridal Fair. Please stop by and say hello if you are planning to be at this great show.

We will be back with great new stories and promise to share the highlights with you all!

Thursday, February 16, 2006

New Beginnings

We've all been thinking about new beginnings at BBP. Jeanetta (Bobbi's Mom) is thinking about retiring from her 'day job' at last and wondering what lies around the corner. Danielle is still a full time student and beginnings for her is a whole world of opportunity (thank heavens she is still a vital part of the Studio, we'd be lost without her!) Becki has pretty much defined NEW lately and we admire and appreciate her dedication and efforts. Tina found new beginnings a couple of years ago and now she just feels content yet has a great sense of excitement over what is coming up next. Bobbi, while also content is making some big changes, and is expecting new beginnings in a huge way! For those of you who know her, you will understand the sleepless nights of late and how she now talks even faster. (WHEW!)

As an 'all woman shop' we enjoy and understand all of the things that life throws your way and we approach photography with the same unique understanding and passion.

We all send wishes that your life is full of exciting changes, fresh fire, .............and all the best!

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Hump Day?

So.................. why DO they call it hump day anyway? It seems a rather silly way to comment on the middle of the week, it could easily be compared to the... is the glass half full, or half empty question. Or does it mean life is just all about working yourself completely ragged, one marks the days by the level of exhaustion? Even the children of the world seem to be caught up in our endless busyness!

Take a deep breath, count your blessings, know that ultimately you are not in charge, and be grateful for it.

On this Wednesday, be in the moment, live life fully and intentionally be a vital part of the world-- let's all do our part to making the world a better place.

Have a GREAT day!

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Bevy of Brides

Welcome to our Wedding Family to Emily and Brian, Annie and Jason, Johnna and Jeff and Teresa and Steven! We are so looking forward to working with you and your families! It is a bevy of brides around the Studio and you are all just incredible!

...... and no, we won't share our big news with those of you who have emailed or called the studio asking what the big exciting news flash is going to be! But, listening to your efforts has certainly been entertaining! We will tell all by the end of the week, we promise!

Until then, have a FANTASTIC Valentines Day! Love and Light and happiness to all!

Monday, February 13, 2006

Monday blessings

Monday is sometimes a tough day across America, we are generally tired from our weekends and less than enthusiastic to start a fresh work week.

The team at Bobbi Brinkman Photography is full of fresh blessings and renewed energy however! The Bridal Fair at Windows Off Washington was a great time to meet new brides, old friends, and lots of wonderful vendors. WOW is such a great space, those high ceilings, the loft style paired with such amazing architecture and high tech artistic details really combine to create a venue with tremendous energy and visual interest. Waiting for the elevator to load and unload the show was less tedious having been fed a few tidbits of that delicious food!

We have already scheduled appointments to meet with brides we met at the Fair, thanks for all of your interest! A real highlight of the day was the opportunity to meet and have a chance to visit with some incredible vendors. This information and knowledge is always passed along to our brides; we can recommend the work of other photographers we admire if we are already scheduled for a particular date, and we can help with the details of weddings--- who does lovely table linens, tablescapes that are magnificent, invitations that shine, finding a great wedding liason, delicious cakes, chocolate fountains with excellent service, bridal party gifts--- all those little things that make a difference. If we can make any suggestions or help you in any way please don't hesitate to ask. There are so many awesome vendors out there who share our passion for ingegrity and great client service, we enjoyed spending time with you all! Those of you who were 'stinky' --- and you know who you are-- nevermind! HA!

We move past Monday into a week packed with bridal consultations and a busy studio schedule, and will hopefully finalize something we've been working on for awhile---- we love surprises and this is a big one! Stay tuned!

Saturday, February 11, 2006

Jumping into Saturday

WHEW! Our clients have us jumping! Maybe as the Olympics kick off we should not say that we are jumping, but maybe luge-ing! What a blessing to be able to speak and meet with so many of you, we truly DO have the very best clients in the world--- and we know it!

Hopefully, you are all having a lazy day, maybe even staying in bed to relax and unwind. Wish we could say the same but we have a full day leading into the Bridal Fair at Windows Off Washington tomorrow.

Welcome to Gretchen and Peter, & Natalie and Evan, we are so pleased that you will be part of our wedding family! It will be a pleasure, and a great deal of fun, to capture your story with "Images from the Heart".

We can't wait to meet those of you who are stopping by tomorrow to meet with us! I know you will see what sets us apart and makes us special.

Have a great weekend!

Friday, February 10, 2006

Bridal Fair

Bridal Fairs and Bridal Shows can be absolutely exhausting! Often we come home unable to say another word (for which our families are sometimes eternally grateful for!) It is a great service to wedding couples however, we understand the need for them to be able to meet with a lot of different wedding vendors in a short amount of time and in one location. Despite the fatigue to come we are very much looking forward to participating in the Bridal Fair at Windows Off Washington this Sunday. Windows is such a lovely reception venue and we will be there often this coming year to capture happy memories for our bridal couples.

If you are attending the Fair, please stop by and say hello.

One of the brides coming e-mailed us and asked if Hana and Prince will be there! Sadly, no. They will be hanging out at Bobbi's watching the Olympics on tv and eating doggie bon bons!

Stop by the blog next week for some of our best BF Stories (Bridal Fair Stories), there are always a few good grins in the day and we will of course share those with you all!
See you all soon!

Thursday, February 09, 2006

New Puppies

We can't believe it! The Studio has gone to the dogs and no one is more surprised than we are. Bobbi's best friend Leslie moved to New Jersey with her family (we miss you all, especially Logan and Skyler) and their two dogs. Well, Willow had a litter of puppies and the Fleisher-Beazley family graciously shared these darlings with us! Willow is a Chinese Crested, hairless with a top mane, sweet as the very best chocolate, how could her puppies be anything but great? Hana and Prince joined us, they are POWDERPUFF Chinese Crested puppies, lots of hair matched only by their energy and exuberance! Hana's name comes from Hanalei (Bobbi's favorite place on Kauai) and her full name is Hanalei Li Ming, Li Ming is Chinese for spiritual and light. Prince, the male is Princeville (also on favored Kauai) Nohea, Chinese for handsome.

If you come by the studio you just might be favored with wagging tails and puppy kisses as they enjoy being part of the team at Bobbi Brinkman Photography. One of our brides last week threatened to tuck them in her purse when she left. Lucky for us we frisked her at the door and they remain on the payroll.

No doubt there will be more Hana and Prince stories as the days go by!

Tuesday, February 07, 2006


We were recently honored and priveleged to share a huge milestone with Seth W. and his family. Seth's life changing event was his Bar Mitzvah on January 28th and his huge milestone was captured with "Images from the Heart". His celebration was at the Bowling Hall of Fame and teens as well as parents had a fantastic time enjoying the facility, food, bowling, dj's and more food!

Life is all about living every moment fully, enjoying your friends and family and capturing images to share for a lifetime and for generations that go after you.

Mazeltov Seth! Thank you for allowing us to be a part of your very special day!

Saturday, February 04, 2006

Great Questions

Bridal couples ARE very well educated, there is no doubt about that. With a myriad of online sources, tv specials, magazines, and bridal shows, todays brides and grooms come prepared to ask many questions of their prospective wedding photographer. Some questions are better than others however and our best advice is to really understand those questions that come from outside sources other than yourselves or your family. Many of the questions prepared may be better suited to a certain part of the country, a different type of wedding than yours, or may just be a questions that doesn't pertain to you or your situation at all. Use questions found in other resources as a springboard to forming your own personalized questions, and come with that list to your vendors. Expect and encourage vendors to have questions for YOU.......... after all the outcome must be that everyone not only knows your expectations, but fills your needs in the best possible way. You in the same manner need to understand exactly what your vendors are going to provide for you in the way of products and services. It truly is a team, one where all roles are filled and everyone lives up to their end of the contract. We expect that our bridal couples feel like family, and they know up front who we are and what we can do for them. We know our couples and we each operate with mutual respect.

In our 24 years we have come across some GREAT questions, and some of our favorites are:

  • How do you keep sand from getting in your camera? -- A great question if your wedding is at the beach, however it doesn't pertain if your wedding is at Windows on Washington!
  • What about traffic delays on Highway 40? Not a bad question, that IS always a problem, however if your wedding is in St. Gen, it doesn't matter!
  • Do you only shoot digital? If so, what size are your negatives, 35 mm. or the big square ones? Well, we do shoot only digital--- and that means there are NO negatives!
  • Do you or one of your photographers stay to photograph the bouquet and garter toss? It really doesn't matter to us because we are not having those at our wedding. Fine, then why do you ask??
Again....... all these questions are great, but life is life and sometimes we find that couples get hung up on things that are just not controllable. ENJOY YOUR DAY................. don't get hung up on the small details that you can't purchase an answer for. Choose wisely, work with respect and integrity on both sides, and release your wedding into the hands of professionals who will do their jobs and allow you to have a wonderful wedding day.

Friday, February 03, 2006

Happy Friday!

It has been very busy at the Studio lately meeting with so many great bridal couples. It continues to amaze us that today's bride and groom are so well educated in the ways of weddings today! We'd have to say that we don't get the same questions over and over, hopefully it means that by the time you have come into the Studio to have your initial wedding consultation we have answered your questions and made you feel not only comfortable but to see what sets Bobbi Brinkman Photography apart from the crowd.

There are times when a bride and groom are not a great fit for BBP, and when this happens we are always more than happy to make a recommendation of other photographers in the area whom we trust. We don't believe in just taking any client in the name of the dollar, we believe that you should have on your wedding day those things that will complement your style and personality as well as your budget in the best way possible. We truly believe in our tagline, we honestly want to capture your special day with "Images from the Heart".

We are so pleased to welcome new couples to our wedding family! We are thrilled to have Annie and Jason who will be exchanging vows at The Foundry Arts Center, and Robyn and Mark who are tying the knot at the Viking. The Conservatory is another top pick as a wedding venue, Kevin and Lindsay will be wed there. Windows on Washington continues to be downtown St. Louis's great wedding venues.