Sunday, April 29, 2007

Batter Up!

On the day after Jodi and Derek were married in a gorgeous ceremony at the Basin with a reception at Windows Off Washington, Bobbi has the opportunity to do something she loves. She's photographing some of her favorite young men playing baseball. Many of these great kids have been before her lens for many years and she's developed a great relationship with them as well as their parents. She's been looking forward to catching up with the boys and their families all week long!

Enjoy your Sunday! It will be pushing 80 today, what a perfectly beautiful day!

Friday, April 27, 2007

It's Friday!

Well, it seems like I have just gotten to the blog later and later in the day this week! :) You can tell that we get busier by the day and as I have lamented innumerable times------ I'm old and feeling older as time marches on! It must be all of these young and energetic brides!!!!! Friday has arrived (already) and it seems as if we were just photographing Theresa and Pierre's wedding last weekend and here we are on the eve of Jodi and Derek's sure to be gorgeous wedding tomorrow, we are looking forward to it. The weather looks like it is going to cooperate and be absolutely beautiful, and thank heavens that the Tamm Avenue bridge debacle is past, that was a challenge last weekend! For any of you in the Forest Park area last Saturday you know exactly what I mean, I felt so sorry for those weddings taking place in the Jewel Box. The other challenge traffic wise will of course be the fact that Chicago is in town as they play the Cards, if you are a fan you know full well how many people will be in the area.

Elizabeth and Mike's wedding album just came out of design and it is gorgeous, we are doing an album for her parents as well. With other albums waiting to be created the studio is busy and full of staffers coming and going.

I've promised myself a Sunday afternoon to putter in the garden and finish getting the herbs in. My parsley and cinnamon basil that I started from seed are doing wonderfully--- it was the first time I tried starting herbs from seed (in late February) and I'm very pleased with the outcome. Oregano was also planted but those annoying squirrels in the backyard dug it up peat pots and all. Dang them! They must be Italian squirrels! From the nursery and ready to go is another variety of basil, some thyme, and two varieties of lavender, the standard and a beautiful fern leaf lavender that I'm really excited to see in bloom. The chives and the sage have cooperated and come back this year bigger and better than ever! The rest of the backyard is looking great, probably its best year ever! If any of you have any favorite little nurseries out there, I'm always up for hearing about your picks if you are willing to share! Soon my herbs will be in full boogie and it will be time to get out the drying racks, share with family and friends and make lots of great creations in the kitchen! Have I mentioned how much I love spring and summer?

Have a magnificent Friday----- hope you will be able to enjoy the weekend!

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Brides, Nervous and Otherwise!

Well, we heard it again this morning----- it is SO sad! A bride and groom are at risk because their photographer just disappeared! They are unable to find the photographer and can't reach them and so now, with their wedding rapidly approaching on a very hot date they are without a wedding photographer. It may well be that they can find someone reputable, at least we hope so (and of course offered what suggestions we could)---- but once again the caveat remains. Choose well, hire responsibly!

On another front, we are so blessed to have such great brides! Keri was just in for her formal portrait last week and I know that she will be so much fun to work with. Carin is another of our brides that we talk to frequently----- and who's wedding we are excited for as well. We just can't wait to see how she brings all of the elements she's been working so hard on to fruition on her Big Day. Heck, we look forward to each and every one of our weddings! Our next two weddings are with Jodi and Anastasia, both such fun brides! I was asked recently if we put all of our weddings on the blog, the short answer is NO--- for several reasons we do keep a few of them under our hat. Most of our brides read the blog and can't wait to see their wedding featured, and we are proud and happy to do just that!

Maybe we should set follow up lunch-dates now............................... :)

Monday, April 23, 2007

Sneak Peek

It has been a whirlwind around BBP--- that is no exaggeration! We photographed Theresa and Pierre's wedding on Saturday and as we edit their photos, I wanted to share a few with you. It was a no holds barred event from the exquisite invitations to Theresa's gorgeous dress from Neiman Marcus, add in the fabulous grooms cake (Chinese takeout box and noodles) and the amazing custom lighting at the reception, it all combined to make a breathtaking wedding.

The icing on the cake (no pun intended) was the opportunity to work once again with Christy Ricker the amazing wedding consultant who makes "All Dressed in White" wonderful. ( The entire event was orchestrated beautifully and Christy really made the difference in the day.


Friday, April 20, 2007

Friday Already

How in the world did it get to be Friday already? We've been so busy that it seems the weeks just fly by!
Yesterday we did stop long enough to have a relaxing and fun lunch with fellow photographers Stephanie and Peter Zettl. The location was the Tortillaria on Euclid in the Central West End and we even sat outside to eat and chat--- what a gorgeous afternoon! Good food, good folks, we had such a nice time!
This afternoon will find us shooting the formal bridal portrait of Keri and we look forward to that very much. Of course, we can't share (as much as we would like)--- that dress needs to be kept a top secret surprise for her wedding day!
Tomorrow we will be capturing the wedding of Pierre and Theresa and it promises to be a lovely day, certainly one of the warmest and sunniest we've had in a long time.
Enjoy your Friday and get ready for a great weekend!

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Trisha & Jon

What a really happy day when we hear (again) that one of our brides is expecting a child! WOO HOO!!!!!!!!!! Baby makes three for Trisha and Jon! I always think of my beloved Gramma Ruth who when delivering such news would lean over, place her hand beside her mouth and whisper, "well, you know........ she is in the family way"! And today, being the blabbermouth that I am in such things, I just let everyone know who worked with us on the gorgeous wedding of Trisha and Jon. Trisha is quite the chanteuse, she sang to Jon onstage at their wedding at the Sheldon and it was magical! I can imagine that their lucky baby will hear her beautiful songs.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Pretty is as Pretty does...

The phrase "pretty is as pretty does" can apparently mean quite a few things beyond the obvious. Katie and Jordan are certainly 'pretty'---- but the Prettiest is that adorable pup, aptly named Pretty. Katie and Jordan were the focus of a recent engagement session and they brought along their year old Yorkie. Pretty is a little firecracker----- all energy and enthusiasm. Not to mention the fact that she sure does love her Mom!!!!

Monday, April 16, 2007

Mairin & Cory

Mairin and Cory were married Saturday in one of the loveliest churches in downtown St. Louis, the Shrine of St. Joseph. It was a lovely ceremony and we were honored to be a part of their celebration. Despite the chilly gray day, spirits were warm and bright and it was a lovely day to be married! Best wishes to both the happy bride and groom, especially as they get ready to move to Kentucky.
Many of you know Scott, one of our freelancers. Scott was along last weekend as second shooter for Mairin and Cory's wedding and had a great time! Some of you may find that both Scott and Danielle are along for your wedding---- in any case they are so anxious to capture BBP weddings with "Images from the Heart..." and we are delighted to have them along!
It is Monday (again)----- have a great day! 70 degrees in St. Louis today--- finally!

Friday, April 13, 2007

Erica & Jeff

Welcome to the BBP Family Erica and Jeff! We've done the weddings for many in the family and we are just delighted to be doing this upcoming 2009 wedding as well! Erica is a student of the College of Pharmacy and Jeff is serving the country and currently stationed by the Air Force at Lakenheath. All of our past and present brides and grooms can tell Erica and Jeff how quickly the time will fly until it is time for their wedding--- even though it seems so far away from them now!

Tomorrow we are blessed to photograph the wedding of Mairin and Cory---- please join us all in thinking warm thoughts! I know that despite the weather it will be absolutely gorgeous!

Have a great Friday!

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Unity Candle

One of the traditions most repeated in weddings is that of the Unity Candle. The unity candle ceremony represents the union of the two families. The bride and groom light the individual tapers and bring the two flames together to light the larger column. This is similar to the South African Kung ceremony in which fire from the hearths of the homes of both families is used to start a fire in the newlyweds’ home. If you are crafty you might consider adding to the intimacy of this tradition by creating your own with your own personal touch. This candle is personalized with the addition of the wedding invitation and sheer wired ribbons.

1 yd (1m) of 1/2-inch-wide (1.5cm) woven braid in white
1 1/2 yds (1.5m) of 1 1/4- inch-wide (3cm) sheer merrow-edge wire ribbon in white
1 yd (1m) of 1 1/4-inch-wide (3cm) sheer merrow-edge wire ribbon in ivory
1 1/2 yds (1.5m) of 1 1/2-inch-wide (4cm) sheer ribbon in white
3 (1pkg) premade ribbon lilies in white
1 large faceted crystal, 3/4-inch (2cm) diameter, with hanger2 sets of 3 crystals to string together
1 long and 2 short per set1 white 3-by-10 inch (7.5-by-25cm) pillar candle
2 white 12-inch (30.5cm) tapers
Wedding invitation
White ball-head pins
Hot glue
Glue release pad
Double-stick tape
Fine craft wire

With a pencil, trace an oval shape around the text of the wedding invitation. Do not cut. Working over a glue release pad, place a small amount of glue on the raw end of the woven braid. Let end dry completely, then make a clean cut. Starting with this end, glue the braid to the invitation, placing it over the pencil line. When braid ends meet, repeat same procedure to close braid oval. Let dry. Carefully cut the excess paper away from the braided oval.Affix the invitation to the pillar candle with double-stick tape. Push the white ball-head pins through the braid into the candle, spacing them evenly around the oval.Cut an 18-inch (50cm) length of the 1 1/4-inch (3cm) sheer white ribbon. Following the instructions below, make a four-loop bow from this length. Cut a 12-inch (30.5cm) length of the 1 1/4-inch (3cm) sheer ivory ribbon and make a slightly smaller two-loop bow from this length. Wire the ivory bow to the top of the white bow, attaching the large faceted crystal in place while wiring. Glue one of the ribbon lilies in the center of the bow. Pin the bow in place at the bottom of the invitation. Hide the pins behind the bow loops.Cut the 1 1/2-inch (4cm) sheer white ribbon in half. Following the instructions below, make a two-loop bow with 6-inch (15cm) tails from each length. Set aside. With the remaining 1 1/4-inch (3cm) ivory sheer ribbon, make two additional bows as in step 3. Wire one to the center of each sheer white bow. Wire a set of crystals hanging down at the center of each bow, placing longer crystal in middle. Glue a ribbon lily to the center of each bow. Wire bows to bottom of taper stems or to candlestick bases.
Copyright Berwick Offray LLC

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Chilly Sessions

We had such a blast with our recent engagement sessions! As always---- we are blessed with the most incredible couples! Despite the very chilly temperatures recently, our brides and grooms to be had such great dispositions, and were such great sports about everything! We can't wait for the weddings!!!!!! Special thanks to Ashley and Ryan, Jenn and Dustin, Ashley and Andy, and Katie and Jordan! Two of our couples (as seen above and actually two of our Ashley's) wanted to show their Cardinal spirit, and Ryan was brave enough to proudly wear his Royal blue! Katie and Jordan brought their cute dog "Pretty", she was a little firecracker! Jenn says of Dustin that he said he was pretty good at this taking pictures thing! :) We think you are ALL incredible!

Today is my birthday (Tina says) so I'm taking the afternoon off, going out to dinner and to the movies at the Tivoli---- how could a day be better?????? For maximum thrill to my day..................... I think I'll go to Target! :)

Have a wonderful day!

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Love Drives Us

Yes, love drives us as a Studio------ as it drives us as a nation. You have only to look around and see that the world is all about love!!!

But in 'OTHER' kinds of driving.......................... did you know that St. Louis was recently named the SECOND WORST drivers in the United States? Having driven in cities all over America, this isn't even close to being true, let's be serious!! Rankings were calculated by looking at the rate of fatal accidents, deaths caused specifically by speeding, the frequency of accidents, as well as statewide statistics on speeding and seatbelt use. That is all fine and good and definitely factors in---- but based solely on driving skills we think this list is seriously flawed!! For example, Orlando Florida is number 6 on the list, with blue hair abounding and the state-wide passion for never taking a red light seriously---- they should indeed be at the top of the list. Nashville Tennessee in the top ten is a bit surprising until you remember that these people take very seriously the need to drive at least 30 miles over the speed limit at all times. To have Phoenix just under the top ten is pretty shocking considering that there is so much traffic at all times in that sunny city that they never get up to the speed limit, much less have enough room on the road to maneuver. Most unbelievable is that Honolulu sits in the middle of the pack----- the absolute worst drivers on the planet live and operate automobiles in Honolulu Hawaii!!! Paradise aside, those drivers will make you crazy! Apparently Montana drivers are pretty good, or they didn't make the list, outside of Billings at number 15, because there are not a lot of them all clumped together, or the fact that just because you can drive 100 miles an hour is okay as long as you don't hit anything. Those wide open spaces are pretty good for that! Have you driven through Billings? Number 15????? Really????

Whether you are driving around today, or staying put, be careful out there. Apparently you are taking your life in your hands just leaving the parking lot!

Let your love shine, and be a blessing (in your car or out)!

Saturday, April 07, 2007

Frozen on Easter Eve

We thought we needed a really springy photo today to remind us that it is Easter Eve, not that yu would know it!!!! The high today in St. Louis was 36 degrees......... THIRTY SIX degrees! Unbelievably cold, and spring engagement sessions to boot! Thank heavens we have the BEST brides and grooms t0 be in the world! Although it was so cold it put goosebumps in places you didn't know you had places...... everyone was such a trooper!
Sadly it looks like much of the spring flowers and foliage took a huge hit, the magnolia trees have badly frostbitten leaves and the blossoms and (sniffle) just gone. It's hard to find a daffodil still in bloom, they are pretty much done in, and the tulips are also in bad shape. It looks like the spring will look a bit differently to us this year.

Stay warm, be a blessing and get ready for Easter!

Friday, April 06, 2007

Laurie and Brett

Welcome Laurie and Brett! 2008 is filling up fast and actually----- will be here before we know it! Thanks for putting your trust in us, we are honored to capture your wedding with "Images from the Heart..." You are both absolutely hysterical, I'm sure we will be enjoying you not only up until the wedding but for many, many years.

We so enjoy ALL of our future brides and grooms, they are great! One of our fabulous brides is Carin, and Carin has the coolest blog ever. What a great idea! is where to find her. We would love to pass along other wedding blogs, let me know the URL and I'll share here with the BBP Family!

Have a wonderful (if cold!) Friday!

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Easter's Coming

It is hard to imagine that Easter is this Sunday when the temperature is supposed to be 29 degrees tonight! Get ready.................

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Frozen Four

Final Four is over---- kudos to Florida (Tina's team!) for their repeat performance, first back to back repeat by an NCAA team in basketball in 15 years. So, if basketball is over must be....
TIME FOR HOCKEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Bobbi will be at the Scottrade this week on the ice and is really looking forward to working with Rick Zombo and the Hockey Academy of St. Louis ( as well as all of the athletes. The NCAA Frozen Four in St. Louis this weekend is sure to put on an enjoyable event.
From Top Shelf to Brides and Grooms Baby!

Monday, April 02, 2007

New Baby for Steve and Melissa

We are so fortunate to be able to photograph our brides and grooms as their families grow, it is truly one of the happiest parts of the job!

Steve and Melissa are expecting their SECOND baby! And the ultrasound says that it is a BOY! Now they will have a sweet little boy joining their daughter- the perfect set to join their family including Steve's great daughter. What a blessing!


Sunday, April 01, 2007

Dog Lovers Unite!

Okay, okay, okay.............. all of our blog readers know that we are dog lovers with all of our hearts. It seems that in this day and age, you can't just buy dog food from almost every source, at least commercially prepared dog food. Our hearts are broken by the huge numbers of pets that have been affected by the recent rash of pet food recalls due to poisoning. There must be nothing worse in the world to know that as an owner you thought you were caring for your beloved animals when in fact, they were being poisoned! Horrible.

We've all decided that we will prepare food at home for our animals, but the how and the methods were vague at best to most of us. The folks at I Love Dogs have a great website with tons of recipes to prepare safe, nutritious and yummy meals for your pups. Some sound good enough to eat! ;) Yes, it is more work, and most of us don't have a lot of extra time--- however, what else pays off so much? To be sure your pets will thank you with wagging tails and happy smiles when the family might not be so crazy about your tuna and brussel sprouts casserole!!!!!! From 'meals' to dessert this website has a fabulous selection of treats. Hana and Prince will be enjoying the home-made version of Frosty Paws this summer for sure!

Let us know what else you have found for those of us that will simply not purchase commercial pet food any longer, we will be happy to share.