Monday, March 31, 2008

Christina & Ron

The day might have been gray and chilly----- the raindrops might have shown up for a brief period during location photography---- spring might have been a seemingly distant dream on Saturday, BUT what an absolutely beautiful and near perfect celebration of life and love!

Christina and Ron have been planning their wedding for some time and when the big day finally came it was enjoyed by all, including their wonderful family and fun friends. (Did I mention fun?) The wedding was held at St. Jerome's in Troy Illinois and the lovely reception was held at Bellecourt Place in Belleville. The food was excellent and the band Boom entertained the revelers. A favorite touch was that Ron made wine for everyone to take home, complete with custom labels. His vintners touch created Pinot Noir and Gewurtztramier------ I confess to having a bottle of the Pinot and can't wait to taste it!

You can view the slideshow of their wedding celebration HERE!

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Chip and Chrissy Featured as Y98 WOW

Chip and Chrissy are featured as the Y98 Wedding of the Week LAST week and to be honest with you I just flat dropped the ball on it! Which is ridiculous because Chrissy and Chip are a very fab couple and we just love them to pieces!!!!

You can still read their love story HERE

It's raining again in St. Louis, stay safe and dry! And---- while you are at it, remind me that spring IS coming and that it will soon be a departure from cold and gray????? I'm so ready for spring!

Monday, March 24, 2008

Spring Portrait Sessions

One of our most popular series of sessions is now in full bloom (as far as schedules filling up quickly goes)! Hopefully Mother Nature will bless us with her presence and again make this a wonderful and colorful time to celebrate you and your family and preserve a memory.

  • April 5th and 6th: Spring Flowers in Forest Park
  • April 19th and 20th: Spring in Lafayette Square Park
These weekends have a few sessions remaining, but are sure to book up soon! You asked and we listened, we are also scheduling these spring sessions during the week and we can be pretty flexible especially during the day. So----- if you want to avoid the wedding party crowds on the weekends, book your session for a weekday. Remember these sessions are by appointment only, call the studio at 314.361.9899 to get your session on the schedule.

As always, we will look forward to seeing many of you for this annual event. Thank you for the privilege to document this time in your busy lives.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter!


It is SNOWING today here in St. Louis! Snow! We all send wishes for your Easter to be wonderful, no matter what the weather.

Remember----- eat chocolate!

Friday, March 21, 2008

Meet Kate!

We are always completely honored at BBP when we're allowed to photograph sessions for a new baby, especially starting with the maternity session and then meeting the baby. Yesterday we met baby Kate, and she is just the sweetest little girl you've ever seen! We were enchanted! Her Mom Christina and dad Pat are wonderful, the sum total is a wonderful family!

You can view the slideshow HERE!

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Power Vows

In the current issue of Vogue is a 10 page (TEN PAGE!) spread featuring the wedding of Lauren Davis and Andres Santo Domingo---- i.e. the jet set baby! The article begins with their first kiss atop the Eiffel Tower and to the wedding at the Casa Conde de Pestagua---- Cartagena. The bride wore Ricci and her mother wore Herrera--- a horse drawn carriage took Lauren and her father to the church for their vows. What follows in the shiny pages of Vogue is a beautiful bride and a handsome groom and a wedding that encompasses T.H.E. destination wedding. The quote that ends the article is "I don't know what anyone could do to top Lauren and Andres's wedding-- except get married on the moon". Sigh. 500 guests folks, half a thousand and they start with cocktails under trees, mango trees to be precise.

Your father might not have helped build the Poland Springs water brand and your education might not have been quite so private shishi----- and perhaps your dress does not look like the estimated $200,000 gown of 120 meters of gauze and another 120 meters of silk tulle----- but the wedding is lots of fun to read about.

From there to guilty pleasure I ask-------------------- so have you SEEN "My Big Fat Redneck Wedding??????????" Oh my. No Baru Beach luncheons there.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Julie & Angelo

How thrilling when one of our favorite people in the world (never mind great past bride and grooms!) is featured as the Y98 wedding of the week at STLToday! This couple is down to earth, caring, sharing, and just plain GREAT!

Their story is too good to be missed, so check it out: HERE

Monday, March 17, 2008

Erin & Ross

It's official----- Erin and Ross have joined the BBP Wedding Family and we couldn't be happier! They will be celebrating their wedding with a reception and the St. Louis Zoo and we always love to get a little 'wild' there! It promises to be a wonderful wedding for a terrific couple--- welcome to you both!

And Happy St. Patrick's Day to all! I'll be in search of good corned beef and cabbage somewhere around town where it isn't too crowded. My normally favorite haunt for such delicacies is in Dogtown and with the parade today getting in to eat will be near impossible. Not just a tough search for a good Irish Pub not knee deep in revelers but more rain for St. Louis. My spring clothes are still piled on the bed in the guest room, the winter clothes are still firmly entrenched in the closet.

Regardless, enjoy this day when we all enjoy the wearin' o' the green!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Mike and Michelle

Another GREAT love story on the website at STL Today! Click the small Y98 wedding of the week pick to read their story----- it is really romantic!

We love Mike and Michelle, and both of their extended families, they always make us smile!!

Here in St. Louis today it is supposed to be near 70! We will not think about the wet snow in the forecast this weekend one bit! Instead we will revel in the day. We have a mid-day meeting at a local restaurant and with any luck we might walk to and from in order to find some time to really enjoy one of the great days of early spring.

All of us here at BBP hope that you have the opportunity to enjoy the day as well! Now go on..... get out there!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Wedding Crafting in your Future???

Spring and Summer Wedding Crafting? Almost every bride does at least SOMETHING crafty-- what do you have on YOUR list? And most importantly, what IS it? You know we want to know all the details!

Ordering online is almost the best way to go these days with all of the local craft stores either being so very picked over or when you have hard to find items------ check out Crafts Etc., and get shopping! The pic below is 'hot' in case you already have your credit card in your hand!

25% off Wedding Supplies at

Now, get shopping!

Sunday, March 09, 2008

Amy & Jason are featured!

We love it when our gorgeous brides and handsome grooms are featured on the St. Louis Today/St. Louis Best Bridal website in all their glory! And of course, we love Amy and Jason--- they are really a special couple!

In case you missed the article/feature,

Amy and Jason Garner
By Nancy Larson

Wedding of the Week

It was Valentine’s Day 2003 when Amy Deibel and Jason Garner had their first date—to see the film How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days. Their choice of movie would hardly seem to bode well for romance, but, as it turned out, there were no losers that night. And it wasn’t long before they each won each other’s hearts.

Friends since 2000, Amy and Jason met as students while working at the front desk of Maryville University Athletic Department. Even though they earned only minimum wage, they got maximum benefits not only in meeting each other, but also in sports celebrity encounters. Watching Albert Pujols at batting practice and seeing other Cardinals players compete in a game of pick-up basketball were just two of the unexpected experiences they enjoyed together.

It was during a winter vacation with friends in Hawaii that their friendship turned to romance. While ringing in the New Year of 2003 on the shores of Waikiki Beach, the pair realized the extent of their true feelings.

“I think that our Hawaii trip was the turning point in our relationship,” Amy said, remembering that time. “We got to spend a week together on the beach with our friends and really got to know each other on a more personal level.”

More than three years and several vacations later, Jason asked Amy to meet for dinner with some co-workers at Maggiano’s Little Italy in Richmond Heights. But when Amy got there, only Jason was waiting for her.

“I really wasn't sure what was going on because we had a conversation about getting married, but he said it would be sometime down the road,” Amy said.

After dinner, Jason blindfolded Amy and drove her to a magical place where roses bathed in candlelight hung from the ceiling. Now not blindfolded any longer, Amy saw that each rose bore a phase such as, “I love you because I am a better person now” and “I love you because you are beautiful, smart and fun to be around,” leading her ever closer to an yet unknown destination.

The last message instructed her to turn around, whereupon she found Jason down on one knee.

“Will you marry me?” he asked. “Yes,” she replied, after which he revealed they were in the Sherwood Forest-themed room at the Cheshire Inn and Lodge.

A little more than one year later, on July 20, 2007, 130 guests looked on as Amy and Jason tied the knot at St. Anthony’s of Padua. The wedding party consisted of brothers, sisters and a few close friends as attendants.
“All the hard work and time that our families and we put into the planning turned into a truly magnificent occasion,” Jason said. “I could not have asked for a more beautiful day, ceremony or bride.”

Following a reception at Windows Off Washington, the newlyweds honeymooned in romantic Italy. Shortly after their return, the couple moved to Chicago.

Their immediate future involves exploring the Windy City and furthering their careers while fulfilling two other very important roles: that of uncle and aunt to their 16 nieces and nephews.

Friday, March 07, 2008

Calling All Brides!

Attention all brides! Darcy Miller of Martha Stewart Brides fame and the excellent wedding blog "The Brides Guide" will be in town Sunday! The tour has been getting great buzz and is sure to be a time of information and fun---- and I understand that there will be cake tasting as well! How bad can that be????

The Details:

Sunday, March 9 12 – 2pm
Macy’s at St. Louis Galleria
1550 St. Louis Galleria
Home Store, 3rd Floor
St. Louis, Missouri
RSVP: 314.726.1810 ext. 3205

Thursday, March 06, 2008

Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep--- On Today

In case you did not catch the very well done story yesterday about Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep on the Today Show, the link follows. (click the Today logo)

As most of our blog readers know, Bobbi is the area coordinator for Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep and is very involved in this incredible non-profit group focused on babies who have a very short term on this planet, and their families.

Thanks to Carey T. and Jen B. for providing blankets and caps respectively so that we can share them when Bobbi does an angel session.

It IS all about the love!

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Gone to the Dogs

It snowed---- and snowed----- and snowed. Bobbi took some shots of the snow, and the dogs in the snow of course.

Above is little girl dog Hana in the backyard. Check out that poor little snow covered dog! Where is a wee little dog supposed to do their business? Bobbi reports that she had to shovel an area on the grass for the dogs. I'm sure the neighbors thought that anyone shoveling the lawn was pretty crazy.

It's enough to make dogs howl, all that snow!

The view from South City showed drifts that were burying the steps leading up to historic houses. Check out the size of those snowflakes!

If you are digging out today, be safe. I can remember when I lived in Minneapolis MANY years ago. On one of the last and late snowfalls of the season something in me just snapped and instead of shoveling with that pretty red Toro snowblower, I backed the car out of the driveway and drove up and down up and down up and down until that 8 inches of snow was neatly compacted into a pancake of icy snow that promised not to melt until June.

More snow on the way this Friday, keep smiling and know that spring WILL come! Won't it?

Monday, March 03, 2008

Welcome Mona & Ryan

Nothing gives us greater pleasure than to welcome another bride and groom to the wedding family at Bobbi Brinkman Photography! On this gray, cold day it seems especially warm and happy to welcome Mona and Ryan! Mona came in to see us with her friend Ami and the two of them were bubbly and enthusiastic and just plain fun! Knowing that this bride is such a sweetheart certainly adds to our excitement about her wedding day! She also (as most of our brides do) booked our choice of premier vendors so we can rest assured knowing that her day will not only be beautiful, but run as smoothly as can be. To photograph the look of surprise on a bride's face is almost never a good thing. Well---- you know what I mean! :)

It was almost 80 degrees here in St. Louis yesterday, a gorgeous day! I even got out in the yard and attended to some leaf removal, a bit of light clean up in anticipation for the spring that surely must be on the way. Today however is the start of that payback for believing that winter was done. The temp will be falling on this gloomy Monday, and sleet and freezing rain will be happening throughout the day and into the evening. As if that weren't bad enough the weatherfolk tell us that tomorrow will bring heavy snow, up to ten inches? Say it ain't so!

Regardless---- happy Monday!

Sunday, March 02, 2008

WedFog Article Revisited

After my post last Friday about my article for WedFog, I was pleased to see that they posted a blurb about it on their blog. Pretty great I say! NOT as great as the weather is going to be today however, SEVENTY Degrees--- WOO HOO! I think spring might well and truly be on the way. We will not discuss the weather that shall follow. The WedFog blog blurb:

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Sweet & Innocent Bridal Makeup

My daily internet stumble landed me on the following YouTube video I knew our readers would find interesting.

For more on wedding day makeup be sure to read our article by St. Louis Wedding photographer Tina Kim of Bobbi Brinkman Photography who has this to say.
Expensive is not always best. Oh sure, we love the cosmetics in the shiny black containers with the big white "C"....... or many other of the shishi brands. But they are not always best. If you already use the pricier brands, great, no need to stop now! If you don't, don't feel like you must. The most important thing is HOW you look with your makeup style, NOT the name of the brand itself.