Saturday, August 30, 2008

Weddings and Welcomes

Saturday. Labor Day Weekend. Gorgeous weather! We're so happy to be enjoying the day with Mona and Ryan, capturing their once in a lifetime day with "Images from the Heart..." I'm sure we won't be the only wedding happening around town, no doubt we will run into lots of other brides and grooms that have just said "I do".

Another bright spot in the day here at Bobbi Brinkman Photography is that we are blessed to welcome another bride and groom into the fold! Ashley and Brad. And woo hoo----- we have never had a Brad I don't think. Little Miss Adorable Ashley............ we have like a gagillion Ashleys! Not that we don't love an Ashley, but we have to start getting creative you know! My fragile little eggshell brain will only hold so much dupe information. Our latest bride the darling Ashley shall now have to be Ashley Brown Hair. (Adorable Ashley Brown Hair whocametousfromanother Ashley is just too long to say!) She did in fact come to us from another wonderful bride, also Ashley. Also an Illinois Ashley! Is this a parallel universe or something?

Enjoy a wonderful Saturday whatever you're doing!

Friday, August 29, 2008

Dana & Roberto

It is Friday, a three day weekend (for much of working America, not BBP) and the official end of summer. How better to celebrate than to welcome Dana and Roberto to the wedding family at BBP! (What can I say, our blog welcome is highly imitated but no less genuine on our part).

We're all very anxious to work with not only the bride and groom but the brides fabulous (and funny) family. We've already christened them the Three D's. Don't people with great personalities just make your working environment so much more fun? Once again I can say with all humility that all of us here at Bobbi Brinkman Photography know without a doubt that we are the luckiest studio in the world to have such great clients! We love and appreciate each and every one of you!!!!

Tomorrow while many of you are gearing up for barbeques and outdoor fun to bid a fond adieu to summer, we will be at the long awaited and much anticipated wedding of Mona and Ryan! They are a beautiful couple and so genuinely kind that the day is going to be fabulous!

Whatever your weekend plans might be, be safe and enjoy a fabulous weekend!

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Jailbird Freed!

The couple above has nothing to do with being a jailbird, or the freedom of such------- but a new family to the portrait side of the house, the Green's. I don't know if they are more wonderful or their dogs, are they cute or what? Anyway, I assure you that the Green's are both fine upstanding citizens with no jailbirds in the closet. We can't say that for Bobbi now can we?

Thank you all SO MUCH for your generous contributions to MDA on Bobbi's behalf. I am pleased to tell you that she did indeed make her goal and was able to set bail. The MDA Executive Lock-Up is over, and we're pleased that with our wonderful clients we were able to make a difference for MDA. This weekend when the telethon airs I know that we can all be proud that we did our part!

Unfortunately for the 3 of us at the studio, Bobbi was back from Lumiere and the lock up all to quickly. Yes indeed, we'd hardly finished our second beer and the pizza was still warm when Country Club Limo pulled up out in front and dispatched her back to work. Sadly, we did not have time to hide the box and our breaths still had that o'de'ale odor. Oh well.

Today we are all well and truly back at the grindstone and working on many new projects, two to be unveiled very soon==== as well as a few new welcomes to the BBP family.

We're excited!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Dog Gone!

Dog Gone? With Bobbi heading out of the studio for the MDA Executive Lockup it means less work? Not really. (Are you reading this Bobbi, I said not really!)

It is a great day to feature our favorite studio subjects: Bobbi's Dogs, Prince and Hana.

Can you believe how high Prince the wonder dog can jump? He's chasing squirrels (dastardly creatures if you ask him) up a tree. Prince's idea of heaven is a yard with lots of trees brimming with squirrels--- even if they do tease him unmercifully!

One of these days he is going to manage to land up in the fork of that tree trunk and be really, REALLY surprised!

You can see Hana, supervising from the ground. "Go Prince, GO!" She really offers no help at all in the squirrel department except barking. Bobbi says that she is very good at that.

Fresh from their grooming session, clean and cute as pie! That is Prince above, he really hates to wear that bandanna.

And Miss Hana, smiling for her photo. You can see a peek of her little green bows, how cute is that dog????

Better get back to that pizza...................... errrrr.................... work. Yeah, that's it. Work.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Tuesday Catch Up

oh yeah--------- catch up with a capital catch!

Last Sunday's show at the Hilton Frontenac was such a nice time to be able to meet and visit with so many of you! Thanks for taking the time to stop by, we really appreciate it!

With loads of our fab clients picking up goodies today we're slowly getting prints back on the wall and albums back on the table after the Bridal Showcase. It's kind of like coming home from a wonderful vacation with dirty laundry! You love to pack, and you love to be away, and you love everything about being 'there' but coming home means the inevitable hauling in all of the luggage and unpacking. It is (always) the little things in life that get you coming and going isn't it?

Just as a reminder: Tomorrow is the day that Bobbi will get carted away for the MDA lockup. While the staff will probably put our feet on the desk, order in pizza and maybe even grab a beer from Square One next door, we do need to be working to get her back in the studio post haste. Or maybe just haste! HA! Thanks to all of our absolutely fabulous clients and friends of Bobbi who have donated a portion of her bail to benefit Jerry's Kids. We appreciate it and I know the organization does as well!

For those of you who would still like to donate (and we NEED your help, trust me!) you can find the link HERE.

Have a fantastic Tuesday, get out and enjoy part of this gorgeous (and uncharacteristically) August day if you can!

Friday, August 22, 2008

Wedding Show Olympics

Is that the chicken dance? Could it be? I'm just sayin...............

Oh yes we DO feel like that in August! The wedding show coming up this Sunday is one of our favorites, the Bridal Showcase at the Hilton Frontenac-- always a great show! If you are planning on going, please stop by and say hello!

And speaking of Olympics, we are all sleep deprived as is much of America it seems! Personally, I fell asleep last night before finding out if the US men won their volleyball game, guess that is what the Internet is for after all. Now, if things would have just turned out a bit differently for the US track team, good grief what was all that about? And if confessions were to be made I'd tell you that I'm hoping they strip the 13 year old Chinese gymnast of her medals---- even if it didn't push the US up in that category. Cheaters make my teeth itch!!

On a final Friday note, we are most excited to be photographing a former wedding couple this evening---- well the groom half anyway! Julie and Angelo are two of our favorites (of course) and Angelo and his band will be playing a special event tonight. Bobbi is wandering over with her camera and I'll be there in support (and search of a cocktail)! This is sure to kick off a really great weekend!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Aloha to Chris & Rachel

It has been years since "aloha" was a daily part of my language, and I must say I miss it a bit! It does convey quite perfectly our sentiments on this day. Aloha.... a warm greeting of welcome to our newest bride and groom t0 be, Chris and Rachel.

As Bobbi says, this couple is cute as pie----- and their Mama's raised them right!

In any language, we welcome you to the family at Bobbi Brinkman Photography, we are just delighted to have you both and we look forward to years together as we photograph your life events and milestones!

Monday, August 18, 2008

Welcome to Jennifer & Patrick

It is with our greatest joy to announce that Jennifer and Patrick have joined the wedding family at Bobbi Brinkman Photography! What a great couple, what a wonderful family---- it is a can't miss combination that is sure to result in a gorgeous wedding! We look forward to years of a wonderful relationship!

Things have been pretty zooney around BBP for sure culminating (for the moment) in the bridal show Sunday at the Sheraton Clayton sponsored by the fabulous professionals at St. Louis Best Bridal. (Have I mentioned how much we love our rep Angie???) We always enjoy touching base with vendors and meeting tons and tons of brides and grooms is great fun. If we in fact did meet you Sunday, thanks for stopping by! We look forward to having you in the studio to sit down and discuss your wedding in an environment that is decidedly less crazy! I'll put on the coffee pot! And if we didn't meet you at the show, you are more than welcome as well. It's funny, every single one of the couples and their families that come into the studio are consistently blown away by the information and passion that Bobbi's 28 years of photographic experience brings to every wedding in the planning stages. Without exception we receive genuine thanks for the experience. It is, of course, our pleasure, who has the commercial that says we love to do and it shows? Same thing a thousand times over!

In the thick of bridal season we will meet yet more great brides and grooms this Sunday at the always wonderful Bridal Showcase at the Hilton Frontenac, sponsored by the Kirkwood Chamber of Commerce and St. Louis Bride.

On this Monday it is back to work---- all of us wish you a wonderful day and an excellent week to come!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Good Girl Gone Bad!

Or is it more accurately, good girl gone good???? Clients and fellow photographers alike can all agree on one thing, Bobbi's heart is enormous and giving back and supporting wonderful organizations is at the very top of her list. In addition to sitting on the boards of various organizations and her work as the Area Coordinator for Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep here in St. Louis she always makes time to help. MDA has asked Bobbi to take part in their Executive Lock-up for years now and in 2008 she is making this a priority.

The event kicks of with being 'locked up' at Lumiere Place where an exec must stay until bail has been raised. This year, the bail has been set at $2008! WE NEED YOUR HELP PLEASE! In order to reach this amount, it is our hope that everyone will help by generously contributing to MDA by helping to get Bobbi out of 'lock-up' and back to the studio! THE DEADLINE IS AUGUST 27TH!!!!!!!!!

You can contribute by going to her MDA webpage at: or you can send a check payable to MDA to the studio.

Thank you very much in advance for your contribution, you will be making dreams come true for local children and adults with neuromuscular disease.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Jen & Chris

What a gorgeous day for a wedding last Saturday! You couldn't have ordered more delightful weather in August, that is for certain! We'd long been looking forward to the wedding of Jen and Chris and nothing about the very special day disappointed! Since meeting them and their wonderful group of friends for the first time at the wedding of Tovah and Josh we knew that we were in for a treat of a day. Jen and Chris are not only a wonderful couple but are blessed to be part of a circle of friends who balance fun and respect beautifully---- they all had such a great time and we were honored to have been there to capture their day with "Images from the Heart..." After all, where can you have such a 'corny' photo as above, done with such humor and grace?

Their friends were a collection of roomates, friends and spouses and their long and genuinely caring relationships showed at every turn. We absolutely loved working with them all!

The wedding and reception were held at The Vineyard at Riverbend Chapel for lucky friends and family, gathered to see 8 years of courtship culminate in marriage.

Do you know how some dresses are just 'perfect' for a bride? When we saw Jen's dress we knew that it was just meant for her, and she wore it well. What a beautiful bride!

Chris was a very handsome groom, and I'd have to say one of the calmest and coolest grooms ever. At least if he was nervous it didn't show!

The guys were all handsome, funny, and intelligent----- a winsome combination. Some of them are single, applicants apply here!

The girls were sassy, bright, generous and dazzling............. we had a wonderful time.

Thanks for the honor of letting us share your day Jen and Chris, and here's to your future, nothing 'corny' about it for sure!!

Saturday, August 09, 2008

Miscellany Saturday

Lucky is the bride who is marrying today, the 9th of August here in St. Louis! Normally, you can expect hot, humid and more hot, times about a gazillion. This weekend the weather is completely glorious, not too hot and less sticky than one would imagine. We are blessed to be photographing Jen and Chris's once in a lifetime day in winery country! Not only will it be a wonderful day but we will be able to see some former brides and clients at the wedding which is always such a pleasure. In fact, we met the happy couple at a wedding and they joined the BBP family not long afterwards.

In BBP staff news, Nell has moved! Locations, that is! She's recently taken residence in a very cute little house and is in the process of making it all hers. The furniture is all in place and even the basement storage is in order (which is far more than I can say, believe me!) She and I are actually working on the window treatments and it will all be gorgeous for her housewarming next week.

We have more BIG staff news coming next week. NO................ not about Danielle! :)

Have a fabulous weekend!

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Soiree with Peace and Vigilance

photo RAC Public Art

We had the opportunity to attend the St. Louis Bride Magazine's Soiree last evening, held to launch their latest issue. I have to say we had a fabulous time, it was so nice to be able to connect with old friends and vendors and meet new people as well. Ethan and Nancy were warm and wonderful and presided over the evening with aplomb! Thanks all for a very enjoyable time!

The best part (for me, the history freak) was that it was held at the Old Post Office here in St. Louis. The building is nothing short of spectacular and showcases an enormous sculpture in the center atrium. (photo above) This extraordinary work is "Peace and Vigilance" by Daniel Chester French one of the most notable of American sculptors. Begun in 1879 and completed in 1882, then sent to Philadelphia to be taken from the mockup to the final magnificent piece it was shipped by rail to St. Louis. Initially the original was outside of the Old Post Office until 1990 when the entire building was rescued. The statue was recreated and the 'new' statue is now outside with the restored original hanging inside the structure. It is incredible, as is the entire building itself, a real must see in St. Louis. There is a nice museum about the restoration on the second floor of the building if you are into that sort of thing. The sculptor created this piece and went on to become very well known, among his creations is Lincoln at the Lincoln Memorial in Washington D.C.

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Mary Beth & Matt

We had been waiting for what seemed like a very, very long time for the wedding of Mary Beth and Matt! I'm sure that their wait felt even longer!

The Big Day finally arrived last Saturday and despite the HEAT, it was a lovely day! The groom is a firefighter so they were of course interested in having photos taken with Matt's truck---- to say the group had a good time is a grave understatement!

Mary Beth made it look like getting on top of a firetruck in a wedding gown was easy as pie!

A lovely bride and a handsome groom........

surrounded by their friends and family.......... makes a made to order day!

Congrats from all of us at BBP and may the fire never go out!

Friday, August 01, 2008

Dog Days

Good grief, it is true....................... the dog days of summer are upon us. Hot doesn't even seem to begin to describe the weather and by Sunday and Monday the heat index should reach 110. Now that is just good old fashioned stinkin' hot!!

The adorable photo above is Studio Dog Prince, pouting on the couch in the meeting room, wearing my glasses. I think I should save this for one of those contests that ask if your dog looks like you? What a sweet dog..................... as many of you will attest!

Lucky for us our groom tomorrow is the wonderful Matt, fiance and soon to be husband of the delightful Mary Beth. Why? Well, because Matt is a firefighter so I figure if things just get too steamy he can open up any fire hydrant in town! Now wouldn't THAT be a picture for a wedding party?

So think cool--------- stay cool--------- and look for something big coming from BBP in the next couple of weeks!