Saturday, June 28, 2008

Live, Love, Play

In honor of fabulous scrapper Mary Beth (and fiance Matt!)-----the images above are from their summer engagement session. Their fourth with us might very well have been saving the best for last. I have no doubts that Mary Beth is a much, much, much finer scrapbooker than my efforts, her joy for life and attention to detail must surely be reflected on each of her pages!

The images from their session at Osage Beach last week are all wonderful--- from lounging on their boat to a sunset champagne toast, and lots of splashing in between.

We had a really great time------ thanks again to Mary Beth and Matt for showing us around via the water! Have I mentioned that Matt makes a superb cocktail?

Today brings the long awaited wedding of Ashley and Darrell. It's been hard this wedding season to squeeze out a sunny and delightful Saturday so we're hoping for the very best today! Whatever comes, you can bet it will be perfect for them and divinely ordered!

Friday, June 27, 2008

Shattered Dreams

Our dreams are the biggest parts of us, they drive us and inspire us causing goals to be reached and satisfaction becomes the end result. Some of our dreams have been with us for a very long time, sometimes going back to our youth or young adulthood. Here at Bobbi Brinkman Photography we take your dreams seriously, it is always our desire to hear your vision for your special day so that we can in any way possible help to achieve them, to bring your dreams to fruition. Our clients, to include our brides, are our passion---- their dreams are ours. As all of our clients know, one of the things that sets us apart is that we really fight for you---- we believe that you deserve the best and do everything possible to make sure that you receive those things.

We had planned to announce with great excitement that one of our weddings was featured as a "Real Wedding" in St. Louis Bride Magazine in the most recent issue with the edgy cover (shot by friends and fellow photographers Diane and Coby from CMAX). Our excitement has dimmed greatly because the dreams of our featured bride were smashed to bits. You see, Katie had always wanted to be in the pages of St. Louis Bride, she even wrote the editor a letter to that effect, about how since the magazine first came out she saw herself there in all her glory, the glossy magazine pages reflecting the beauty of her once in a lifetime day. Her wedding day last December was absolutely exquisite! Not only was Katie gorgeous in her phenominal gown and veil (which I blogged at the time was the most beautiful veil I have ever seen) and her carefully chosen vendors helped her and her wonderful family create the wedding of her dreams. The only remaining part of the dream to be realized was to be selected to be 'in' St. Louis Bride. We were very excited to have learned some months ago that Katie and her husband Jordan's wedding was going to be in the magazine and she was absolutely thrilled. All of us waited for the magazine to come out with baited breath. Katie's wedding was actually in 'hot demand'! There were other magazines that wanted it as well as a local wedding feature in an influential local newspaper. Katie spoke to the Editor at St. Louis Bride and it was her decision not to be in any of the other publications so as not to jeopardize her placement with St. Louis Bride. What a horrible shame that this decision was in favor of a magazine that treated her badly.

The magazine was just released and the bubble burst very quickly. Katie's dreams have been shattered. As the 'mama figure' in the BBP Studio, and one who fights like youknowwhat for my brides---- I am six ways of angry. (Those of you who know me, know that this is not my exact phrase but the slight alteration makes it fit for print).

Katie's magazines were delivered to her place of business, actually to the 'head honcho' of advertising and taken to her office by him. She was distressed, deflated and crushed to see that those things she had been led to believe were going to be in the magazine were not. Not even close. I can't even tell you how distraught she was and how wrenching it was to hear her tears.

The two page spread had become a single page, the story is incorrect and the photos are not what were printed as submitted -- AND the iconic and breathtaking veil shot was cropped so you can't even see the spectacular veil and it's lavish embroidery. We love our vendors, and Katie's vendors were exceptional, however I think the photo of the enormous cake and the gigantic table gift/favor were a bit overkill if they knew they were going to cut back so tremendously on the size of the spread. Just my opinion.

The photo below is the photo that SHOULD have run. Big difference, yes? LOOK at that gorgeous veil? The top----- pretty much standard illusion at the point where it was hacked off in the magazine----- the hem of that very long swath of confection? Amazingly, incredibly, over the top beautiful! Even the bridal salon at Neiman Marcus said that they had never seen a veil as magnificent.

The footer lists two bakeries and while Truffe's is an excellent resource that we love and DO send our brides to, Katie cake was artfully created by Sugaree. Naturally she was also very upset that the magazine could not get the information correct.

Sweet Katie was also geniunely concerned that the photos that were printed in the story were not accurate as far as their color or quality. She said that her bridesmaids even commented that they looked like they looked like they had bad spray on tans. That same image printed, framed in her office, that she purchased from BBP is night and day different. She was worried that the images in the magazine might somehow reflect poorly on the quality of work done here at BBP! (Note: The print quality in our ad does not reflect the ad as created and submitted--there is no 'pop' at all! I won't even go into details at the moment!)

The most important thing to Katie and to us is that they (and everyone) are treated with consideration and respect. Katie feels 1000% that when she called the Editor at St. Louis Bride Magazine, her concerns and disappointment fell on deaf ears. She feels that the magazine just didn't really care. The final crushing blow to a long anticipated dream!

I'm sad. Isn't it a terrible thing not just that dreams were shattered for Katie but that she feels that there is nothing that can be done? That no one wanted even to try to rectify this horrible situation, a situation that could have been solved initially with care and handling. Katie never received a proof of the article they planned to run. As she says, she would have been able to have corrected the copy and to have suggested that the story they would run would be about her wedding day, her shining moment and not the story they ran that focused on their engagement. She would also have been able to tell them that their footer doubled up on the wedding cake. It is NOT as the magazine would have them do--- merely accept the fact that it makes it look as if they had two wedding cakes.

I'm sorry Katie and Jordan, as well as your families. I'm sorry that a local magazine---- one that always touts itself as the best of the best fell well short of the mark. I'm sorry that this last piece of your dream wedding, to be featured in St. Louis Bride was tarnished. Your wedding was absolutely beautiful, know that to be true. The fact that your vendors were wonderful and every detail was well planned and delivered is something that all of us know. It is beyond unfortunate that things happened this way! We send you the very biggest hugs and I'm sure that all of our blog readers do as well.

I'll close by saying that I will share some of the gorgeous engagement photos taken of Mary Beth and Matt while we were with them at the lake at a later date------ but today I felt honor bound to talk about Katie, especially in light of her phone calls about all of these things.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Prime Daytime Wedding

You know I have to comment about the Today Show Race to the Altar wedding, held yesterday morning. Of course I watched the TiVo---- didn't you?? If you missed it, you can see the video HERE. The wedding couple was absolutely gorgeous, but so would you be with the best of the best to dress you, make you up, and take care of every wedding detail. LaDonna and Darnell's nationally televised wedding was quite pretty. Now............ you know I have some comments, right? First off, I remain convinced that I'd love to see just average Joe's win the wedding. The two runners up (as I've said before) were quite connected and able to pull an enormous amount of votes. A military couple was able to pull from the ranks so to speak, and the winners were able to pull from her cousin Melinda Doolittle's huge fan base and blog. It is kind of like the voting for American Idol for me, I'm just not sure it is 100% fair. (I know, I can hear you saying, but life is not fair!) It is entirely possible that in years past I have not really paid attention to the back story of every couple's race to the altar!

Photo by Dennis Reggie

In any event, the wedding was gorgeous right down to the cakes! The lovely bride wore Priscilla of Boston and the handsome groom wore Hugo Boss.

Regardless, other thoughts:
  • Was it just me or was this a more rushed wedding? There seemed to be much less time to vote on things, and draw out the details.
  • I missed the gorgeous and lavish wedding from last year a la Martha!
  • I was howling when I saw that even on the Today Show the wedding guests were using their point and shoots and camera phones to take pictures! Y'know people.......... there ARE excellent professional photographs from every wedding available to you! The gazillion phones around every wedding kind of make me crazy! Just a titch.
  • Did you just LOVE the bride's grandfather walking her down the aisle? It was so cute! And because he walked with a cane, you just knew that the bride would indeed be taking her time on the way down to meet her groom!
  • The vows were lovely, very 'real' and sweet. I do love the personalized vows a lot in any wedding celebration.
  • I'm so glad that they did not leave out jumping the broom! It was fabulous!
photo by Dennis Reggie
  • And the DANCE!!!!!!! When the winning wedding couple danced I felt like it was almost the cheesiest thing I've ever seen and I don't care if the Today Show anchors said it was professional and like Dancing With the Stars. Dancing With the Stars can be cheesy too!!!! The posing and posturing reminded me of a bad musical not a wedding! We love it when our brides and grooms do the first dance thing up right.................... I have to go on record to say that I like "Thriller" or something along that vein much better than the dance from yesterday's wedding! I'll go ahead and say it, if one of our bride and grooms danced like that I'd be in hysterics! You check out the dance HERE, and tell me what you think!
Photography, of course, by Dennis Reggie

  • Melinda Doolittle "surprised" them and of course performed for the couple and their guests. I wasn't surprised, were you???
  • A Bora Bora honeymoon, top shelf all the way----- wow! Would you just love to take that trip, free of charge, honeymoon or no?

Having said that-------- it is pretty easy for me to judge isn't it????? And it is all in GOOD FUN! Just a little dishing, no harm meant! Thanks to Today............ I enjoyed it very much as I'm sure you all did as well. Wonder what next year's wedding will be like????

Tuesday, June 24, 2008


It's true Everyone Loves Bobbi! We are so blessed to have such great clients----- and look what was gifted to her recently-------------

Too cute!

Yes------- the best clients in the world. Thanks to Melody and Jared for being so thoughtful!

Yesterday was an amazingly long day, a commercial shoot in the morning and the drive out to the lake for an engagement session. Despite the hours, we had SO much fun on the boat with Mary Beth and Matt--- it was great! They gave us the true boat experience during their session and took us to dinner to boot! Thanks guys!

I'll be back soon with some great highlights of their session, what gorgeous photos!

Monday, June 23, 2008

The Path to Unique?

We're 'off' today at the lake shooting an engagement session for an August couple's summer e-session. The groom's boat is a featured player in the day------ we'll find out pretty quick where our lovely bride ranks in that scenario! :) All aboard!

It is a fine line.......... some would say a slippery slope! Almost every bride and/or groom want to be "unique". They want their once in a lifetime day to be totally and remarkably theirs, and yet..................... and yet.................. you don't want to cross it over the line!

We dig the tie above.......... a very groove thang tie for a groomsman. The caveat is that the wedding was one that was 'smaller', and definitely more casual. I don't see these being worn at the Basilica! (Now that would absolutely be over the line, yes?)

The most commonly done thing on the path to unique would be flowers. Where there are brides that have in their mind an arm full of roses, there are just as many that go to their florists and request a bouquet that is different! There are however dozens and dozens of ways to show your own individual flair and style.

So................ when do you cross the line? The short answer is that if you don't know, you probably are! Most of our brides (and all brides as far as that goes) LOVE the bridal magazines. If you haven't been out there looking there is certainly no shortage of them on the newsstands. Use the collective vision and idea banks found there to help you forge your own personal vision and ideas. It is a fairly inexpensive way to make your day as special and unique as you are.

Collect ideas in categories, don't be afraid to buy every bridal mag out there and cannibalize them into categories; floral, wedding party, cake, etc. When you start forming your own viewpoint your chosen wedding professionals can be used to be your set of critical eyes.

Critical eyes? Yes! Not your Mom, not your best friend, your maid of honor or your best man. Critical eyes belong to your Wedding Coordinator, your florist, your baker, your venue, etc. And yes, even your photographer. These excellent professionals see it every weekend, in actuality-- they have seen it all, the good, the bad and, well you know the rest! Ask and ye shall hear, the truth plain and unvarnished!

Know your budget! Form your vision using the tools readily available to you! Your vision may change from where you originally started. Be flexible! Some visions are impractical, or simply too expensive to execute for whatever reason. Lastly, be prepared to hear hard truth, you do want to know don't you? Are you on the path to unique or has the road veered off to a place you'd rather not go! Do you remember how you have made fun of your Mom's cake or your Dad's tux? Maybe your older siblings table decorations when the wedding had the theme of Saturday Night Fever? Uh-huh............ ask, because the truth shall save you much in the future!

If you are a bride that believes in timeless and classic, that is unique too! Why? Easy, because it is YOU. And being you is to share the very best vision of all!

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Melody & Jared

Melody and Jared
had a beautiful, romantic wedding ceremony! It has been a very long time since one of our couples, in this case the groom's father, performed the ceremony. The exchange of vows was personal, funny, warm, and very sweet------- family and friends who were gathered were all very moved.

Melody's dress was wonderfully unique with a pretty full length 'coat' of allover lace. The train actually snapped on and off from the back waist of the coat. In another big change for us, this very sweet groom actually helped his bride to be choose her gown!

And their vows------------- again, it has been awhile since we've had a couple who has both written their own vows and recited them to each other in front of guests who were sitting in rapt attention! Their promises to one another were absolutely wonderful, warm and sweetly sentimental yet with a smile in them as well. It was an honor to listen to them!

We so enjoyed being part of this lovely couple's special day, and meeting their wonderful family and friends.

They'll be coming back from their honeymoon in my hometown---- woo hoo---Orlando Florida! I'm sure they had a great time with all of the gazillion activities to do there, undoubtedly Disney was at the top of the list. Gosh, I miss home!

When I talk about Disney with anyone I always mention that my kids grew up there at the Magic Kingdom. My brother worked at Disney and his day off was Wednesday. Every single Wednesday without fail, we trundled the kids off for a day in the Kingdom and lunch at the top of the Contemporary Hotel. It was truly magical and of course my kids were pretty spoiled. That was before there were so many great and gorgeous hotels and other parks on the property but oh.............we were blessed!

I do have fervent hopes that Melody and Jared not only had a great time in O'Town but that they found my favorite Cuban restaurant outside of Havana. YUM!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

An Open Letter to Albert

Oh gravy------------- followed immediately by oh dear and oh my. And other words that shall not be repeated here.

After a busy morning at the studio I watched it fade in the rear view mirror about 12:30 today. B'bye, see ya! Destination? Busch Stadium. Not for onfield happiness with a bride and groom on their special day but for an afternoon of Big Fun. A fun of which I am so richly deserving!!

Do you remember when I was last on the field with a wedding couple? I hadn't been on the field before at a major league ballpark and my comment to Don the adorable field guy was "geez, it looks really tiny from down here! How in the world can you not hit the ball?" Don oh so patiently remarked that he felt it might have something to do with the ball generally traveling over 90 mph. I thought at the time that he was probably on to something. Good thing I didn't say that in the hearing of Bobbi, her years shooting inside the stadium would have made her give me 'that look' and maybe even fire my happy self!! But I digress.

In a perfectly lovely day, not too hot, a bit of early game cloud cover, and a packed standing room only house filled with Cards fans I stood waiting to get in, ticket in hand. The Royals were playing game three, Cards of course down two already. I just knew they were ready. In the light of reality usually caused by the passage of time--- they, sadly, were not.

Dear Albert,

You must have heard my squeal of glee when I blocked off time to go to the ballgame, my first so far this baseball season. Television games don't count you know! I was SO excited I could hardly stand it. I even bought a new red shirt because how in a million years can you even THINK about going to a home game and wear anything but? Even my earrings were red (although thankfully not baseballs) and I was so ready to go. Then of course you had that little boo-boo. I waited and hoped and thought good thoughts, certainly you would not be sitting on that hard bench for long! Surely you would prove the purveyors of medicine wrong and come back swinging. But that was not to be.

The gates opened at Busch today and I was so happy to be there! Among the sea of red, all thrilled to be part of an American summer afternoon, ready to see the Royals go down at last. I sat at a table under the sun with two nice ladies I had just met and had a hot dog, relish and mustard thank you, and a large diet Coke. I walked around, taking it all in. The Cards fans punctuated by a pretty good crowd in blue t-shirts. They were smiling broadly, I should have seen that as an omen.

Soon it was time to find my seat------- well located along the third base line low enough to have caught a t-shirt flying out of the hot dog aimed by Fred Bird. I didn't, but I could have! I sang the National Anthem, I clapped, I stomped and I was ready for baseball! Go Cards!

Albert, it became obvious pretty much right away that this was not going to be a pretty game. Not by a long shot. It was in fact rather ugly and I'll spare you the sports analysis by a woman who normally is most confident commenting on the uniforms and the food choices. I mean, you heard what I said upon my first encounter with the field! I knew you weren't going to play but I remained wonderfully optimistic that the team would rally, that they would play a great game.

That didn't happen now did it? And let me tell you I did my part! It was not for the lack of cheering and good thoughts that the loss was so dismal. Please come back soon. We all missed you. Most of all we missed that spark, that something that lit the team up and made them play better than they did. I'm not being greedy, watching the home run was fun--- we all loved it. Frankly, it was not enough.

I'm going back to work now but next time I come to the stadium, and it will be soon, I hope that you are out there swinging the bat, making something happen. And a win would be really nice.

I also hope that it will not be the last time I get to see that American game served alongside a great American beer.

But that is surely a story for another day. I'm coming back and bringing the whole BBP staff with me Albert------ you'll surely see me. I'll be wearing red.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

New BBP Family Members

New family members make us smile------ more people to love!!! There is just nothing better than that in the whole world!!

With that said, we are so pleased to announce THREE new BBP family members!

In no particular order......

Welcome to Sara and Joshua, joining the BBP Wedding side of the family------ we're really looking forward to telling your love story with "Images from the Heart..."! You will find that the time will zoom by until you are married, suddenly you'll be standing there at the altar exchanging vows. Isn't it funny how that works?

And our last welcome is to Lillian Rylee, brand new daughter of Tovah and Josh. She is absolutely adorable and we can't wait to have her work her magic in photographs!

The photo below is of Lillian, taken by her parents, isn't she cute?

Babies do seem to make the world a brighter place, don't they?

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

That Altar Race---

Oh my! The Today Show bride, LaDonna, will be wearing the simple strapless gown from Priscilla of Boston! It actually looks like her, and was the gown that everyone in the BBP studio voted for. The show today (on Today, ha!) featured looks for the groom. Ack. I guess they're trying to be different and each look would be appropriate for a particular wedding----- but the white bucks? Right. I think I'll have to go with look number 1, the simple dark suit. The 'intro' video of all the couples is online at MSNBC, along with the big reveal.

Longtime client Kellie and her 'boys' were in front of Bobbi's lens recently----- they just crack me up! Bobbi adds that her dogs, Hana and Prince, are quite a bit smaller and not nearly as rambunctious as Kellie's 'kids'!

I'm exhausted today! The studio is crazily, happily busy and perhaps a stroll down to Park Avenue Coffee might just be one of the highlights of my day!

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Melody & Jared

It's finally the long awaited wedding day of Melody & Jared------ we're looking forward to it so much! Looks like a great day ahead------- of course--- we'll be back with some highlights and photographs.

Oh, and by the way!!!!! I can't believe I have waited this long to comment that my pick for the couple to win the Today Show Race for the Altar WON last Wednesday! They might not have been my first choice but the entire BBP staff will be watching the details to come over the next days and vote on our favorites as the hoopla culminates in two weeks with the wedding out on the Plaza. Should be fun!

Hope your Saturday is wonderful!

Friday, June 13, 2008

Oui or Non--- Dress Trashing

From one of our favorite websites at Brides Against Breast Cancer comes a very interesting article. Trashing the Dress, all the rage in some cities, takes place where a bride and her photographer (sometimes makeup and hair) travel to unique locations and engage in a very interesting photo session. The wedding gown usually becomes, well, less than a shadow of it's former glory. We've seen it set on fire, drowned in water, dirtied up and the like. It always makes phenominal photographs.......... but what of the other side of the argument? We give you an interesting comment from column B.

Don’t Trash the Dress

Saving Gowns, Preserving Memories

"Is This Any Way to Treat Vera Wang?"1 When Caren Chester, posed this question on June 10, 2007 to her New York Times readers, she could never have imagined how poignant her comment was to Making Memories Breast Cancer Foundation.

Her article sparked by Mark Eric Photography's website "trash the" recommended that brides trash their wedding gown by, "swimming in it, wearing it on horseback, even burning it — all while her photographer clicks away."2 Although, we understand the creative concept behind the Trash the Dress photography movement,3 we sincerely hope destruction of wedding dresses is a fad, which does not catch on.

It dismayed us to witness these beautiful designer garments treated with so little regard. Making Memories is asking brides, for whom warehousing these precious memories is a poor option, to consider donating their wedding dress to our Brides Against Breast Cancer division. Our Foundation resurrects these dresses, giving them new life as a bride's "dream gown" while the proceeds from the sale of these treasured possessions help grant wishes and memory making events for women and men who are losing their battle with breast cancer.

However, as explain by TTD website, most of the photos are simply pictures snapped in "somewhere out of the normal element." If care is used, these memorable photographs can still be shot while preserving the integrity of the gown and allowing it be passed along to another eager bride.

For more information about Brides Against Breast Cancer,

1-2. Is This Any Way to Treat Vera Wang? By CAREN CHESLER
Published: June 10, 2007 New York Times
3. Mark Eric Photography,

So....... where do you stand? For the majority of the BBP brides, the option is NOT to trash the dress. Or at least the lovely confection they were married in. Our lovely and tres chic brides would have no objection to going out in an eBay dress---- but not in theirs.

Is it because of the memories? The tradition? Does there remain today the need for brides to pass their dress down to future generations? Under what circumstances would a bride literally trash HER wedding dress?

Interesting to ponder! If you have anything to add, as always, we'd love to hear it!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Good Luck Tovah & Josh!

Our wonderful past bride and groom, Tovah and Josh are in the hospital today getting ready to welcome their baby! As Tovah says, the babe was 'slightly overdue' so they were being induced.

We're all sending our very best and can't wait to hear who is joining your family!

WOO HOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Amazing Grace

Another lovely lady in a white dress------- although she has a few years to wait in order to become a BBP bride! Many years, just ask her parents! Grace recently celebrated her first communion and we were so pleased to capture this milestone with "Images from the Heart..."

Grace and her family have been members of the BBP family for many years now and it is such a pleasure and an honor to watch the kids grow------ and they grow up so fast!

That is baby sister----- not so much of a baby anymore is she? It will seem like the blink of an eye when we hear her giggle the sparkling sound of a young lady wearing a white dress and clutching a rosary, celebrating the first of many big occasions in her life.

Soon enough both of these lovelies will be thinking about wedding bells. When we ask to hear a bride's vision for her wedding day there is always something spoken about the dreams of a little girl. Funny how these things have lasting impact and how they shape the plans for a once in a lifetime day. It's just part of why we believe that everything is important, and even the subtle nuances should be captured and held for generations to come.

When a bride has little girls of her own, she will someday look at her mother's wedding photographs and begin the process of her own dreams, of her own traditions and love carried forward.

We honor your past and celebrate your future! It is all amazing grace after all............

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

TFL Part Deux

We are huge TFL fans------ and were long before we did their first CD cover! Now, to the happiness of many, they are working on their second CD. BBP was really honored to do their second cover and those pesky head shots as well.

Handsome Jason, a dentist by day!

Dashing Kurn---- empressario of all things travel!

And Bill, who makes us howl.

Thanks guys----- we had a great time and can't wait to hear the new CD!

Monday, June 09, 2008

Carrie & Sergio

On the first day that really (really!) felt like summer, Carrie and Sergio were married. The gown was gorgeous as was the bride, they exchanged vows at St. Joseph's in Imperial and celebrated at Windows Off Washington. I have to say that her gown was absolutely gorgeous.... and as one of the 'fluffier' girls, I can admit that it takes a skinny mini bride to rock out that mermaid shape!

To view more of their gorgeous images, please see the slideshow HERE!

Saturday, June 07, 2008

A Baby for the Gordons!

What this tired old world needs is more babies! More sweet toes, more soft little cheeks, more honest giggles, more chubby bellies and MORE joy! Definitely more joy!

Former bride and groom and now old marrieds, Katie and Jason, are doing their part and are expecting their first baby! WOO HOO!!!!!!!!! It is always such a pleasure to announce that one of the Bobbi Brinkman Photography members are expecting a little one! In case you are not keeping track, there seems to be a baby boom underway in the BBP family so past brides and grooms, it might be in the water!

On the joy front; it is hard to bring more joy to a day than to marry the love of your life. Today Carrie and Sergio will be getting married and we're looking forward to hearing the vows and joining in the celebration.

Lost joy? I'd have to say the joy captured when a giggling baby pulls a frothy little dress up over their head---- definitely a joyful moment. Sadly, one we can't recapture past the age of say, one! Well, you could but you can be sure they would talk about you and it wouldn't be pretty.

Friday, June 06, 2008

Cara and Jason

It is a beautiful Friday------ a nice breeze and lots of sunshine, at least for the moment seemingly ahead of the storms! (Again!) What makes it a truly beautiful Friday of course is the opportunity to welcome another wonderful bride and groom to the BBP Family--- there are few things we enjoy more! Cara and Jason are our latest BBP couple and we're really excited to have them in the fold! They came to us from Jean and Joe, another great soon to be wed duo. So Cara and Jason, welcome to the family, we're all delighted to have you and look forward to spending time with you as we approach your once in a lifetime day!

It goes without saying that I have to drop a wee comment about the ongoing Today Show Race for The Altar. They're down to two couples and since BOTH of my previous wishes have gone unanswered, I guess I'm forced to choose another couple to win their wedding on the Today Show. It's a tough call, the relative of the American Idol star or the couple that has made winning the wedding a career. I think I'm going to have to go with Ladonna and Darnell. They might well be a little skittish to hear that I've voted for them because all of my prior contestants have lost!!! I'm thinking good thoughts!

The winner will be decided next Wednesday on the Today Show and then comes the fun part, choosing from between the gorgeous wedding gowns, the wedding party attire, the cake, the rings and drooling over the honeymoon choices.

I'll be doing the good weather dance again today for the wedding tomorrow of Carrie and Sergio. They're a wonderful couple that have been waiting for their special day for some time now--- and we want the very best for them of course, including a lovely day! The weather looks a little sketchy at this point so please think good thoughts while I get to dancing!

Wednesday, June 04, 2008


There just aren't enough great things to say about Vivian-----we love to see her (and her Mom) for photos a couple of times a year. Sometimes we are able to see her older sister Jessica as well but she is quite the young woman now and a busy girl. Vivian is growing into a beautiful lady--

Isn't she gorgeous? She put together her outfit all by herself and is showing a wonderful and unique sense of self with fantastic fashion flair!!

She's also at that wonderful time when one foot is firmly placed in the life of the young lady, and one foot in the life of the young girl. Zoe posed with Vivian in the photo above----- even Zoe has a chic flair for clothes and is quite the fashionista, just like her Mom!

Thanks for coming for your session, we can't wait to see you again Vivian!

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Danielle's Big News----- aka Miss W!

Many of you know Danielle---- or Nell as she is most frequently called around the studio (at least to her face, ha!) She's been hard at work not only photographing brides but on her Master's in Education. Being a teacher has always been her dream, and the goal she has been working towards since she was a young student herself.

With tremendous excitement I tell you that Miss W got her first job as a teacher! YAY and WOO HOO! She will be teaching during the summer in the Rockwood School District to very lucky first graders!

She absolutely loves her students, and loves being a teacher............

And no one could possibly be more excited for her, or proud of her for that matter!!!!!!!!!!

Congratulations Danielle, the school is so lucky to have your dedication, your passion, and your true inspiration!!!!!

Blog readers---- please join me in congratulating Nell on this magnificent achievement!!!

Monday, June 02, 2008

Melisa & Jeromy

The weather on Saturday was glorious with bright blue skies, puffy white clouds and no absence of warmth. We heard many people say that it was the first really hot day of summer---- to which I remind you, ahhhhhh................ but it is not raining! It was a lovely day to celebrate the marriage of Melisa and Jeromy!

They were so happy! They'd been together as a couple for quite a long time, and enjoyed a long engagement. When 5/31 arrived they were ready to tie the knot!

Jeromy was a very handsome groom, as kind of a man as you could ever possibly meet!

That is Melisa above, isn't she lovely? And as I've been saying for such a long time, Melisa is as completely beautiful inside as outside---- a fantastic woman!

They are wonderful together, and look like they belong together------ forever

The old adage is quite true, their future is so bright they've gotta' wear shades!

Isn't love grand?

We had a great time with the bridesmaids-----

And the men of the wedding party, who were lots of fun!

The wedding party had a great time and we enjoyed being with them!

Was their little flower girl just the cutest thing???? Sweet as pie!!!

Our happy couple are on their way to Mexico for a beautiful, romantic honeymoon--- we'll miss knowing that they are still on the schedule for upcoming weddings! So guys, when do the babies start coming?????