Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Ashley & Trey

There is no greater pleasure for Bobbi Brinkman Photography than to welcome new clients, no secret there! We are so blessed and so fortunate to have the very best clients in the world and we mean that from the bottom of our hearts! Today we have the pleasure of welcoming Ashley and Trey who are getting married May of 2009------- woo hoo!

Ashley and Trey came to us from a fabulous couple, Mike and Michelle, so we are doubly excited, it will be so much fun!

What can I say........................... we're blessed indeed!

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Where will you be 5/10?

Where will YOU be May 10th? Will you be watching and waiting for news of Jenna Bush's wedding? Or could you just care less? Here at BBP we will have some interest because we've had an ongoing discussion about why she didn't get married in the Rose Garden at the White House! I don't know about you, but if I could------ I would! Instead she and her fiance are getting married at the family ranch in Crawford, Texas. I hope that the ranch is enormous because she is having FOURTEEN in her bridal party. Yes, I said 14! We do have large groups of bridesmaids from time to time but I would have to say that fourteen would raise even our eyebrows, and we've seen everything! Personally, I think this is the recipe for drama, 14 women all supercharged with emotion--- together----on a specific day where emotions run high anyway. Wow. I just hope that if there is snitty behavior, slapping, screeching and clawing----I hope it is dutifully recorded on film or video. I'll be watching TMZ just in case! (ha!) Regardless, each of their dresses, Lela Rose originals and these "ombre gowns feature 7 different colors and styles made of crinkle silk chiffon backed in cotton voile; the shades are inspired by the lush Texan bluebonnets and Indian paint brush that are in season now, and the result unites the bridal party while highlighting each girl's individuality. "


You can read all of the details at "The Bride's Guide". The photos should be interesting for a lot of reasons, each bridesmaid was allowed to voice her input as to the gown she would wear for the wedding. We've all seen this backfire bigtime. Perhaps when you have a fancy schmancy designer and a very large budget, the ohmygosh I could have ugly bridesmaids dresses thing is alleviated. Time will tell.

I'll be waiting for the pictures----- we all want the details. Like.......... cake! What kind of cake will there be? Are all of her bridesmaids the same size (as we know, that does make the whole dress the bridesmaid thing a lot easier) and what WILL the father-daughter dance song be? We all have our bets down (and you can be sure that many are socially irresponsible)---- what is yours?

Monday, April 28, 2008

Ashley and Andy

The weather was sunny, bright and beautiful----- the bride was lovely, and the groom arrived at the church grinning in his shades! Ashley and Andy had a beautiful wedding indeed from the first to the last. Their wedding was at St. Clare in Fairview Heights Illinois, their reception at Windows On Washington with several stops for location photography in between to include Kiener Plaza, the Arch grounds, the Muny and the stadium.

They're off to their tropical honeymoon while we are still in the throes of chilly and rainy weather!

We send big thanks for allowing us to be part of this very special day------ it was an honor!

If you would like to see the slideshow please view it HERE!

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Ashley and Andy-- It's TIME!

Today is the wedding day of Ashley and Andy! They've been with us for quite a while as we've waited for their big day and voila............ here it is! Their Big Day!

Temps are cool, but that is actually a good thing when you are wearing tuxedos or a big white dress! Houston is in town to play the Cardinals and we do have a request for a stadium stop, that promises to be wild and fun!

Congrats Ashley and Andy-------

Friday, April 25, 2008

Mona & Ryan

A beautiful day and a beautiful couple, wouldn't you agree? Mona and Ryan are so sweet and loads of fun as well, we really enjoyed our spring session with them. It is funny but it is actually a good thing that the weather was so rainy that we had to reschedule their session because Mona had been away on vacation and had a few sunburned peely-places! I know, I tried to tell her that it was really quite hard to feel sorry for that particular problem! Regardless, we certainly do look forward to celebrating with them on their wedding day.

The weather today looks like it will be a split between a sunny and gorgeous start and a rock and roll rainy finish. Keep your fingers crossed and do the lovely Saturday weather dance for tomorrow's great bride and groom---- Ashley and Andy!

Happy Friday!

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Kristin & Rob Think Spring

Spring engagement sessions have been sort of bunched up---- again due to the crazy weather we've been having, the amazing amount of WET that has been coming our way. Thankfully we have the best brides and grooms in the world and everyone is wonderfully flexible as we've rescheduled on top of reschedules.

Kristin and Rob joined us recently for their spring engagement session on a bright and beautiful day. They are a really, really great couple and we had such a great time with them. Rob and I had a chance to talk gardening a bit and I'm afraid he leaves me in the dirt (pun intended) with his skills---- or maybe just his energy! What a great looking couple!

More rain is on the radar (sigh)----- keep up the dry weather dance for all of the brides this weekend, in particular our lovely couple Ashley and Andy--------- I'm thinking thoughts of brilliant blue skies and moderate temperatures!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Mary Beth & Matt

Of course Mary Beth and Matt look happy------ it is finally a gorgeous spring day in St. Louis! I can't tell you the number of times we've had to reschedule their engagement session, those cute little white pants just would not have done well in the rain and the mud. Ack! Needless to say all concerned were delighted to accomplish their spring session and of course it was loads of fun to boot! Their next session will be this summer on the boat at Osage Beach, we're looking forward to it!

Now, humor me! I leave you with lawn photos. Seriously, I am just excited beyond myself about that lawn. No PhotoShop or anything, it is that green! And lush. Allow me the joy of appreciating it. That is one great fabulous incredibly wonderful yard! Soon I will hate the fact that I am married to it, watering it, mowing it, babying it. Hating it if the truth be told. By August I want a patch of astroturf. But for now, I am reveling in its' glory.

Our groom to be Matt (above) is a fireman that does lawn and landscaping as well---- I have every confidence that even HE would be impressed! :)

We enjoyed the most wonderful of mornings with Nicolle of Alred Wedding Consultants! She is delightful, professional and full of enthusiasm, how could her touch not make a wedding day even more wonderful? Add to that the always fabulous coffee from Park Avenue Coffee and a bit of an assortment of their noteworthy gooey butter cake (triple chocolate, traditional and white chocolate madadamia)----- a fantastic morning!

Happy Earth Day-------- think green, count your blessings, and pass one on~!

Monday, April 21, 2008

Sarah & Tim

Sarah and Tim are just one of many of the spring engagement sessions going on at BBP. We met them at the Jewel Box shortly before it turned to a sea of mud, the tulips were lovely. The photo above is reflective of how I think we all feel that spring is finally here---- and by all accounts worth the wait. Woo Hoo!

Have I mentioned my yard? The most gorgeous yard you have ever seen, emerald green and lush as can be. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh. It is so beautiful and I am so darn proud of my hard work since fall that I am going to have to do a full pictorial on its' glory very soon! :) But I digress!

We are anxiously awaiting Sarah and Tim's Big day----- they are a wonderfully fun couple and their wedding will be Huge Fun.

Are they great or what? Sarah is sweet and fun and pretty----- and we always say that besides being tall and handsome, when you look up chivalrous gentleman in the dictionary, well-- that would be Tim's photo there! Theirs will be a marriage made in heaven!

Now, back to the enjoyment of all things spring!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Polished & Pretty Wedding Hair

Every weekend brings with it the behind the scenes lead in to the big event, the wedding. Among those smaller events that are must do's for the brides is getting their hair done. We've seen it done in home, at the salon and increasingly rarely at their own hands. I'm certainly no hair stylist but I know who I love---

Your Wedding ‘Do

-by my favorite and most wonderful stylist Mary Schejbal

You’ve set the date, reserved the venue, booked your photographer, got the perfect dress… let’s see, what else? Oh! So how are you going to wear your hair? Of course since I am a hairstylist this question is of utmost importance. I find it curious that what I often hear is “I don’t want to look different that I do everyday.” Come on now! This is the biggest event you will ever plan, you’ll be wearing the most gorgeous dress, the day is all about you- so let’s send you in there looking like you, but the best you ever! Your hair is your crowing glory, so give it the attention it deserves.

Call your stylist now or get a referral and make an appointment for a consultation. If you are like most brides you will be closely involved with your stylist for up to a year in advance of your big day. It is a good idea to take a picture of your dress with you, your headpiece if you will be wearing one, and perhaps some pictures of wedding ‘dos that you like. This is when you and your stylist can decide whether you need to grow your hair, try a new style, or perhaps you will venture into a new haircolor. It is best if making big changes to do them well in advance of the big day. That way you have plenty of time to adjust to your new look, or maybe to change the new color that you thought you would LOVE, but don’t!

What about your wedding party, Moms’ and Grandmothers? Will they be getting their hair done as well? If you want everyone to be done ‘in house’ book these appointments as soon as possible. The most convenient, but costly choice is to have your stylist come to you. As long as there are enough mirrors and electrical outlets, hair can be done anywhere. Again, whatever you decide, these arrangements need to be made well in advance, particularly if you will be booking out an entire day.

I have found that most brides will be comfortable with one or two practice runs. Your stylist can get a good idea of what you want, and you can feel confident of what your look will be on your wedding day and that you have it perfected. An exception to this rule will be the bride who is not truly sure of the look she wants. She may need to try five different styles before she can feel truly comfortable. Bring a camera with you and have pictures taken of the front, sides, and back of your hairstyle. This is a great reference for you and your stylist who may make a few sketches as well.

It is usually a given that a bride will have done a consultation and practice her new hairstyle, but what about your bridesmaids? If anyone in your wedding party is very particular about her style for the day I strongly advise her to take the time to have a practice run. If she is out of town, this can be more challenging, but with showers and such, there is usually sometime that she will be in the local area. Unless your bridesmaids have had a practice run, it is a good idea for them to have an idea of the look they would like to have, and to be flexible! Very often they might be meeting the stylist for the first time and they need to trust that your stylist wants everyone to look great.

One of my brides arrived significantly late for her appointment the day of her wedding. I was extremely stressed because I still had to do all of her bridesmaids myself and was left very little time to do them. I had to get all these girls to the church on time! On that day the bride came in and apologized for being late saying “Just make me beautiful, I don’t really care what they look like, it’s all about me!” Of course she was not entirely serious, but she made me laugh. I was able to make everyone beautiful but compromises had to be made because of the late arrival. Be on time for your appointment!

My best advice to brides is that you try to sleep the night before and in the morning enjoy being surrounded by all of your girls. You can relax knowing that your hard work for the day will pay off and head off to the salon. Put yourself in the practiced hands of your stylist and trust that your wedding ‘do will truly be your crowning glory.

Mary Schejbal has been creating beautiful hair for her clients for 26 years. She’s a former salon owner and has received extensive training in Las Vegas and Beverly Hills.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Chrissie & Chris

Was it April 12th really? The weather was COLD COLD COLD........ but the wedding we were privileged to photograph last Saturday was HOT!

Chrissie and Chris tied the knot at St. Anthony's of Padua with a gorgeous reception at Windows on Washington---- with a stop on the field at the Stadium along the way. We had a wonderful time despite the somewhat chilly temps.

Not only was the wedding breathtakingly beautiful but we were blessed to be part of a wedding dream team! Thanks to Mary Ann at St. Anthony's for her calm professionalism, Patti the phenom wedding planner from All Dressed In White, the pro's at Best Transportation, a yummy cake from Truffe's, lovely flowers from Rich West, and last but not least incredible videography from the energetic team at Switzer Film. You just couldn't have asked for more!

If you would like to view the fantastic slideshow of a collection of Chrissie and Chris's wedding day images---

Please, click HERE!

Friday, April 11, 2008

Need me today?

How about a little birthday self promotion???? :) If you need me today, I am not in. What is a birthday for if not taking the day off? Add to that the fact that my girls are in town for my birthday (yay!) and the sky is blue, daffodils are blooming, trees are glorious and the day is fantastic.

So----------- I know you need me, I really do. And I'll get there, I promise. Just not today! Bobbi is (as always) hard on the job however!

Tomorrow is the sure to be gorgeous wedding of Chrissie and Chris, we can't wait! And I WILL be back to it!

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Erica and Jeff

That IS a bit of spring in back of Erica and Jeff! We recently saw this great couple for their spring engagement session because Jeff was in town for the day and because their wedding is quickly approaching time had run out to wait further for spring flowers. You would never know it by the photo above but it was COLD that day! Mother Nature did cooperate by showing off the beautiful forsythia bush, there were a few daffodils around too.

So, just why is spring so late this year? Will we go from cold and rainy straight into the heat of summer? I hope not.

Saturday, April 05, 2008


Bobbi Brinkman Photography recognized in


We are proud to announce some very big news today! We are honored, pleased and actually quite thrilled to have made "The Knot 2008 Best of Weddings" list! Being in the industry, of course we were aware of such a list, but because we are not advertisers with the magazine, it came as a total surprise to us and in many ways it does make it all the sweeter! We've always said that we have the best brides in the world, and of course this makes it official. Our biggest thanks go out to brides in the St. Louis area who voted to make us part of this list, the "creme de la creme" according to The Knot.

We also extend our warmest congratulations to other area vendors who also made the list this year. It is always a pleasure to work with such wonderful and caring professionals week in and week out.

The Knot conducted its second annual survey of over 20,000 recent brides to capture detailed feedback on every business that couples hired for their wedding celebration. The newlyweds were asked to rate their vendors on multiple criteria, from creativity to professionalism, and to comment on their experiences. The resulting ratings—and detailed feedback—were aggregated by the editors of The Knot to create this one-of-a-kind publication highlighting the best wedding resources in each region according to local brides.

Saint Louis newlyweds contributed their raves and reviews on the area’s wedding professionals. The newlyweds were asked to rate their vendors on multiple criteria, from creativity to professionalism, and to comment on their experiences. The resulting ratings—and detailed feedback—were aggregated by the editors of The Knot to create this one-of-a-kind publication highlighting the best wedding resources in each region according to local brides. The survey was administered by Harris Interactive.

The issue is currently on newstands everywhere bridal magazines are sold.

Friday, April 04, 2008

Sharing Erin & Ross

We recently spent time with Erin and Ross for their first engagement session. Cute red boat, cute coordinating outfits! We were even blessed to meet Ross's Mom and Dad in town from Texas. Doesn't it look lovely?


It was absolutely freezing, cold, gray and threatening to rain. Again. It has been a rather yukky spring here in St. Louis although you would never know it by looking at the great photo above!

BBP loves to feature the wedding blogs of our great couples and Erin and Ross have one you can see as well!

Here's hoping that the weatherfolk is right and the gray and chilly weather will give way to a weekend featuring some sun and nice temperatures!

Thursday, April 03, 2008

Baby on Board!

It seems as if last years' brides have been very creative lately! Creating babies that is! Perhaps it is a statement about the cold winter? We are always THRILLED to hear that our wonderful couples are having BBP babies----- maternity sessions, newborn photos, watching babies grow--- WOO HOO!!!!!!!!!

The fabulous Keri and her handsome husband Jeremy are going to welcome their first bundle of joy in October! Keri tells us that mornings are not her finest hour, but that shall pass!

I can remember when I was expecting my first child----- oh the morning sickness was absolutely terrible, I was hospitalized twice! That baby is all grown up now with 3 handsome little boys of her own and I nursed her through her first trimester as well. Thankfully, morning sickness doesn't last forever!

Congratulations Keri and Jeremy------ our warmest blessings go out to you and your extended families!