Monday, September 28, 2009

Incorporating vintage

Vintage is all the rage currently, but there has always been a place in wedding planning to incorporate a bit of the old. What more is at the heart of "something borrowed, something blue?"

Most of our brides have more than the obsequious penny in the shoe on their wedding day. Need some ideas to bring your vintage items into the wedding day forefront:

  • use a vintage pin or brooch somewhere on your gown. A sash is an idea place if your dress has one
  • a cherished family photo can be placed in a locket and entwined with your floral arrangement, have your florist wire it FIRMLY and always use a photocopy of a priceless family portrait
  • have your Grandmothers lovely pin made into a comb for your hair and your stylist can build around that look
  • your wedding date can be embroidered onto a vintage handkerchief. Tuck it away and let future generations build onto it with their own dates.
  • use a special piece of vintage bling on an unexpected place on your dress...... pinned onto the back ties or high on a shoulder strap
Remember, if you don't have any vintage pieces YOU can be the start of the tradition! Choose something vintage of your own to wear on your wedding day. When the day is over, tuck the piece into a velvet box with a note about your name, your husbands name, your wedding date and any additional details. Keep in a safe place!

Adding vintage doesn't have to be expensive, but it adds big impact!

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Soccer Time (redux)

It's no secret Bobbi loves her family, special niece and nephews at the top of the list. She's a proud soccer Aunt; for those of you who've read the blog over the years, you know that her nephew Kyle is a soccer star (now a senior) in Springfield.

Youngest nephew Alex is taking up the call as well and is playing soccer in his freshman year of high school.

We thought we'd share some photos--------

Sports related of course because Bobbi's hope is that Alex won't be the featured player in wedding photos for a good long time.

Good luck Alex!

Friday, September 25, 2009


It seems all of STL is talking about when the Cards will clinch---- and it is BBP buzz as well. Nothing like the prospect of a Series trip to make a baseball town smile.

We're also smiling because tomorrow we will be capturing the wedding celebration of Nicole and Andy. It will be a special day and we are hoping to send the rain packing!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Woo Hoo Second Date Added

Just announced------- a second date has been added to our popular Portraits in the Park Sessions!

Call to reserve YOUR time TODAY, as always the date will be a sell out!

Monday, September 21, 2009

Kendra & Doug AND a Happy Birthday

I guess I've gotten a little crazy after the big blog entry number------ multiply that crazy by LOTS happening at BBP and you have a bit of inertia. Slacker time over, I present to you Kendra and Doug who were married last Saturday at the Botanical Gardens and celebrated with a reception at the Magic House.

The day was beautiful for the happy couple!

Kendra and Doug have STL family but reside in Memphis.

They had a fabulous evening at the Magic House with family, kids and friends. Congratulations Kendra and Doug!

After all of that :) HAPPY BIRTHDAY JEANETTA! A shout out to Bobbi's Mom----- who is 21 today (right Jeanetta?)

Monday, September 14, 2009

Julia & Andrew---- Light My Fire!!!!

What a great couple----- fun & compassionate, warm and lively------ just plain good people!!! The slideshow that follows is just a Sneak Peek of their Very Special Day.

INCREDIBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!! Kids, don't try this at home!!!!! (the fire not the marriage part!)

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Are you Ready for Some Sunday?

This Sunday is a big day! For many (and many and many) it marks the start of football. It is hard to believe that it is time for the season, I guess that means that Fall is on the doorstep.

BBP Sunday is also marked by Bobbi shooting with Lisa McDowell, sure to be lots of fun and a very creative mix of individuals!

Soon we'll have some great images from yesterday's wedding of Julia and Andrew at the Mad Art Gallery. There was FIRE (the entertaining kind not the oh no kind)---- what more can I say. Stay tuned for some outrageous photos!

Now, order your pizza and wings early..................

Friday, September 11, 2009

Nicole & Michael

Nicole and Michael were married last weekend and are the newest BBP Alumni (so to speak)! There day included a stop at Gramma's house, how sweet is that?

Sort of "American Gothic" .............. but better! :)

I think the 'puppy' should have been in the bridal party!

Congratulations and many blessings to the M's!

Wednesday, September 09, 2009

The Big 700 & When the Wedding is "OVER"

700 Blog Entries, that is SEVEN HUNDRED---------- not a small milestone! Thanks friends, colleagues and clients you are the reason for our success and you are appreciated! Mention "700" when you order for a special gift (holler at me!)

Now----------as a famous broadcaster would say, here is the rest of the story.

We hear it all the time, those of us here at BBP who not only serve as coordinators for Bobbi, office schmoodles [extraordinaire] who are also question answerers, confidantes, and mother hens. (Yes, that would be moi!)

"When the wedding album is done then the wedding is OVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

It strikes me when wearing my mother hen hat that is, that the wedding itself might be over but the feeling and the mushy love never should be. In talking to past brides and from henly experience I offer a few tricks to stay in wedding mode.
  • Order 25 of your favorite wedding photos, those that really make you say "aaaawwwwww". Tuck them one at a time inside an envelope (with a sweet thought on them) into briefcases or luggage throughout your first year. After the first year, keep up the practice!
  • Don't stop planning those little anniversary dinners (happy we've been married 3 months and 5 days honey!) Decorate the table with a photo or two and wear your garter. :)
  • Plan your first wedding anniversary. Make a folder if you like, (you know you miss those wedding binders--- admit it!) Keep details, make plans----------
  • Look at your photos together and often! Many of the great marriage counselors say the number one trick to keeping in love as much as you were on your wedding day is to always remember how you felt when you married your love.
  • Bake (*or order) a small version of your wedding cake and serve it at a party!
  • Order at least one artistic photo of yourself from the Big Day as a large canvas. Enjoy it!
  • You're a family now------- have family portraits taken once a year. It gives you a chance to talk about the wedding, how things have changed and to track your lives as you grow.
  • Keep the love alive and growing!!!!

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Losin' It?

There are very few brides that don't say that they want to lose a few pounds for their wedding, those that are already slim want to shape and tone things up. Are you one of those brides?

Other than striking out on your own with a good meal plan and working out at the gym or walking/running are there some other STL options?

Our brides are using:
  • Personal Trainer
  • Joining a gym or going to the Y
  • Weight Loss Boot Camp
  • WII Fit
  • 1 bride on J*enny Craig
  • 1 bride on N*utrisystem
What is your chosen method?

Along a similar line, brides frequently ask about how their body type photographs/choosing a wedding gown. There are some general rules of thumb (not set in stone!)
  • if you wear a strapless gown and have some 'fluff' around the high bust area, MAKE SURE your gown is well fitting. It should be tight enough to keep it up and not so tight there is spillover.
  • Check the back view!!!!!
  • If you question how you will look in a gown, don't buy it
  • Never buy a gown thinking you will lose enough weight to fit into it
  • Show off your best assets............. arms, collarbone, waist, whatever. Show your best and camouflage the rest!
  • Try on gowns that are strapless, sleeveless and with different necklines. Don't just be stuck on the first gown you saw or one you fell in love with online or in a magazine.
  • Listen to the bridal shop experts! They know what will look good on you and what might not be your best choice.
  • Refer back to point number 4, NEVER buy a wedding gown thinking you will lose enough weight to fit into it!
  • Even if you have a fabulous body, do not overlook having your gown professionally fitted by someone who has experience in this as well as rave reviews. This is not a place to skimp!!
Lastly, choose well and relax. Eat well and be strong and healthy for your very important day!

From the "don't" column:

Monday, September 07, 2009

Happy Labor Day!

All of us here at BBP hope that you are having a great Labor Day whatever you choose to do.

Be a blessing.............................. pass one on!

Friday, September 04, 2009

Happy Long Weekend

Why are we happy? It is a LONG weekend, of course! Naturally around BBP weekends aren't weekends, they are nose to the grindstone work work work fests, but still--- the feeling prevails.

This weekend has so many great STL events we're hard pressed to name them all but our choices are:
  • the bike race coming through Lafayette Square
  • The MDA Telethon festivities at Grant's Farm
  • The Arch Rivalry Game (are you an Illinois fan or rooting for Mizzou?????)
  • Greek Festival @ Forest Park and Kingshighway at St. Nicholas
Tomorrow is the wedding of Nicole and Michael, should be a great day!

Whatever your Labor Day Weekend Plans might be, we all hope it's great! Be safe!

Wednesday, September 02, 2009


My cousin's husband David passed away, it is a kind of sad and kind of okay thing. David was of German decent---- he was so strong, so kind, so brave. He was diagnosed with cancer 2 years ago and has fought the hardest fight I have EVER seen. Remarkable really. He NEVER complained, when the chemo and/or radiation got to him you were unaware. When the soles of his feet blistered so bad he could barely walk he kept up with things around the house and yard. He was never less than funny and always so compassionate. He was love and OH did he love his grandkids. David's last days were nasty, cancer is a horrid beast at the end. It was awful and I'm so glad it is over for him. His wife Paula is a fabulous woman. She sews, crochets, can craft anything that moves and can do more on a shoestring than just about anyone I have ever known. This whole struggle has been so hard on her and yet she was always strong. Always. I tell her now what I have told her always, that she is the toughest old bird in the world. Now that David is gone she says she feels almost better, knowing the ugly end is over and that she has stopped a two year free fall that took her breath away. Now she can get her feet under her and move on.

May you find rest and peace David. We'll all miss you!