Friday, February 27, 2009

Everybody's RUNNING

The annual running of the brides freaks me out EVERY year! To begin with do you really NEED a wedding gown for cheap that bad? Can't you go to eBay, or your local bridal emporium on sale? Must you spend the night outside the store and run inside like a pack of crazies only to snatch any and all dresses off the racks really not caring what it looks like? I'm all about tradition and even sport but this sort of makes me scratch my head. Let's face it, you likely end up with a dress that may not be your size or the style you want, you have a dress that you ended up with just because. It seems to mirror our society right now if you ask me but maybe I'm just cynical about the whole thing. Or something.

The bride above ran in the Boston 2009 event and as the photo shoot was prepared in advance, she clearly knows something about the running that I am in the dark about.

BBP is running as well.

C*heetos are involved. So are palm trees and beaches and WARM weather. If I'm lucky there will be a bit of sunbathing and some Cuban food tossed into the mix. We'll be busy with annual beach portraits and yes, there is a BRIDE involved as well! If you happen to be on the left coast of Florida over the next couple of weeks we still have a few spots open, give us a call and we'd be happy to arrange to photograph your family. Well unless I'm in the middle of ropa vieja or something.

On the Fa*cebook front, we've smiled at the number of 'friends' that have shown up---- thanks, what a treat! Maybe you saw the founder of this social phenomenon on the Today show this morning? Mark Zuckerberg------ we want to be your wedding photographer! (Unless you really did marry that supermodel of course!)

A LO-----HA!!!!!!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

the one where I talk about Facebook

I drug my heels. I really dug them in, no kidding. I shook my fist, I huffed and puffed (although I blew nothing down)---- and finally, I gave in. Rolled over. Capitulated. BBP now has a presence on Facebook--- well through Bobbi anyway. Somehow I do not know how this task became MINE--- after all there are younger, trendier, and more techno-savvy among the staff (did I really say that?). Regardless it is done.

I find that Facebook is fun, although a mind boggling time suck. Like I really need that! :) The very best part is having another connection to brides past and present, LOVE that!

If you are not part of the BBP Facebook group, please head on over and take care of that, will you?? The magic link is right HERE. The thing that makes me crazy (ier) is how you can't just have a biz page but have to do it as an offshoot of a personal page. Hence Bobbi's page (which of course is Bobbi Brinkman). The offshoot is that there might be "friends" of Bobbi's who are not necessarily "Fans" of BBP. It should all be one and the same but of course Mr. Facebook never asked for my input or help. My friend Yoel says that she still thinks facebook is hilarious as when she was a Harvard student it was just for "them" not for "us". I did not go to Harvard, I am part of the larger collective "US" indeed.

Anyway.......... if you are not a friend, or a fan------pop over and make that happen, oth if possible! It would be great! Thanks----- "see" you around!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Welcome Jennifer & Shaun

With great joy and big smiles we welcome Jennifer and Shaun to the happy wedding family at BBP! We're delighted as can be! It kind of made me giggle when Jennifer told me to call Shaun on his cell phone and he would use his credit card to take care of the retainer. When I asked the groom-to-be if that was shades of things to come he laughed and told me that he thought maybe so. Shaun, all of our grooms will tell you that the best advice is a smile and a hug and a "whatever you want honey" approach. Right Jennifer? I concur of course!

Monday, February 23, 2009

Golden Men & Gowns

Oscars, I love them! :) Not so much all the movies (I think I am the only person in the world who is not a huge S*lumdog fan)--- but the Red Carpet festivities are so fab!!! Did you SEE that vintage gown from Balmain that P*enelope C*ruz wore????? Gorgeous!!!! Total glam, total wow! I could see this as a wedding gown----- for just the right bride at just the right venue of course.

The most fun was reading along with several live blog events for the O*scars----- loved it! The number of live blogging events grows by leaps and bounds with every event, what could possibly be next?

Bryan Crowe / A.M.P.A.S.

Sorry, I thought M*iley looked like Disco Lettuce. She makes me crazy anyway, perhaps that did color my overall impression.

The evenings omg moment for me? Easy----------- G*oldie Hawn during the group presentation of the best supporting actress. I looked everywhere for a photo but I think perhaps the papparazzi decided that it was too scary. Personally I think the reason she had on a dress that her, well you know...... threatened to jump out of at any moment was that it was like watching a train wreck, you could not take your eyes off the, --top-- of her! Stay in there, please, do NOT make me look!!! EEEEEEK. And this was her brilliant subterfuge, brilliant I tell you. When you stared at her scary cleavage you did not notice that she was totally plastic in the face. T*ilda Swinton did have on a shiny potato sack but at least she didnt look like the Bride of Frankenstein for heaven's sake!!!!

Fashion talk always leads to wedding gown talk around BBP------ the good the bad and well.... be the judge!

From a very out of date (and presumably forgotten) website that just might make you smile this Monday, "Ugly Wedding Dress of the Day". Too bad, what a great name for what could be a lovely guilty pleasure!

Relax............ for your giggling and viewing pleasure have you seen "Ugly Dress"??? I bet you will visit for more than a minute and it might well join your blogroll!

Happy Monday!

Saturday, February 21, 2009

All About The Brides Shoes

SHOES--- for most women shoes are, well---- fabulous! Wedding shoes, even better. Most brides will tell you that choosing a gown is hard enough but to put shoes together with that is even more difficult. In days past bridal shoes were decidedly less hard to decide about because the selections were more limited. Today the choice goes much further than white vs. bone, closed vs. strappy and type of embellishment. They need to be comfortable (sort of) and need to look great (even though you don't see them all the time) and most of all they need to reflect the personality and flair of the bride. It is never easy, sometimes frustrating, but always fun!

Great shoes at a good price are definitely out there and readily available. The shoes above are from weddingishdotcom. Mid heel for those who need to watch their height as well as their pocketbook and definitely priced well. The only requirement are pretty feet and a great pedicure.

BBP fabulous shoe picks? Easy peasy.......... they might not be practical in some cases or wallet friendly but they are shoes indeed!

"Botero" from Stuart Weitzman------ elegant and lovely.

From the always elegant Kate Spade comes her "Clarice" design------ so pretty!

If you have in mind some strappy sparkle, how about the gorgeous sandal from Grazia, the "Alicia" style shown above.

From Filippi Scott comes "Florence"------ conservative, elegant peep toe pumps with a bit of sparkle.

"Pearl" from Fifi------- sort of vintage but lots of fun and pedi friendly!

Our favorites would HAVE to be "Biba" from shoe master Christian Louboutin. These babies retail for $640 so they are not for the faint of heart but for the bold of style. Are these SHOES, or what? Gor-geous.

The Bridal Shoe 411:

  • Make sure you have chosen your shoe before your final fitting. While this seems obvious, you'd be surprised how many brides forget according to salons.
  • Flats, mid-heel, high heels, or sky high's? The height of the heel depends greatly on the height of the groom, 'nuff said.
  • The cost of the shoe influences the style that ends up on the foot. Shoes come in all sizes from $30 to over $1200.00 and beyond. You know what you can realistically afford which may well not jive completely with what you want. Lust is a powerful motivator.
  • Shop online before you go shopping for your shoes. There are a lot of great resources. Print pictures of shoes that get your heart racing and look for similar shoes.
  • They may be drop dead gorgeous but they do need to be comfortable. Really.
  • Break them in, break them in, break them in. Did we mention break them in?
  • You may not want to wear stockings with your bridal gown but Mom was right, they do make wearing shoes a lot more comfortable.
  • You are not tied to white shoes! If you would rather wear a rockin' shoe---- go for it.
  • There is no need to be a trend follower. Bridal shoes do fall into their own category but the style of the shoe should follow the style of the bride. If you are trendy then your shoes can be too. The simplest most classic shoe is always in style and always in great taste! Spring '09 trends for shoes are Roman inspired, encrusted with jewels or embellished with oversized bows.
  • Whatever shoe you wear, it should be the final touch in your overall wedding day look.
Uber Trendy:Miss Dior Stingray Pump, a cool $990.

Fendi Patent Sandal, $800.

The always drool-worthy Manolo Blahnik d'Orsay at $715.

Via Spiga "Justina" $198.

Nina "Electra" at $98. Yes, it DOES come in ivory but it is hot in red!

May the shoe be with you!

Friday, February 20, 2009

On Veils and Underpants

I frequently "write" the blog when doing other things or in the middle of other tasks at hand. Recently I was apparently on a roll and a half and jotted a note to myself. (Notes are imperative as my brain is a sieve these days and all facts slip through them with mad abandon!) I knew I wrote the note and searched high and low. Not in the three little notebooks I keep in my oversized bag, not in the car, not on my desk in the studio (not that you could find them there anyway!) it was kind of driving me crazy. (-ier). I finally found the note, on a half a piece of paper if the truth be told, in the sewing room at home. I was so excited because I knew I had something wonderful to tell you BBP Blog readers, yay! The note said "veils and underpants". Yes, you read that right, veils and underpants. I have no idea at all what the note meant, nor could I follow the obviously deep and profound thought behind it------- nothing, nada, squat. The really funny thing is that while the word veils gets used around here quite a bit the word underpants does not. Like, ever.

Regardless, we're looking forward to the engagement session of Andi and Matt. I am quite sure that neither of them will be wearing either a veil or underpants so I have no recourse but to continue searching for exactly what it was that had to be blogged.

For those of you needing a Hana and Prince fix, consider yourselves hooked up. Hana (in the back) always smiles for her photos according to Bobbi---- if you ask me I think that Prince wishes he were somewhere else!

Happy Mardi Gras Eve!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009


We can all know and experience how very short life is, that it is but a breath- here and gone. That knowledge can creep in and become more real than we would like it to from time to time. I found out yesterday that my youngest brother's diagnosis of liver disease has become liver cancer of which there is no hope and that he has a very short time to be with us. I ache for my Mother who will bury a second child, I cry for the wife to be left alone, for the kids to soldier on, and the grandchildren yet to come. I selfishly feel bad for myself, and for the only brother who will be left. I even feel so badly for his dog Yogi, that dog is crazy about his daddy. It seems odd that the last post here was "Smiles"...... so quickly life can change!

I want to write about wedding cakes and flowers, about reception venues and bridesmaids but today I just can't. I know you get it.

Count your blessings.................... and pass one on.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Smiles all around

Smile indeed------- for many it is a holiday, what better reason to smile?? We're working at BBP------- but happy for those of you out there who have the day to do whatever makes you grin. Jenny & Patrick (above) always have a smile, they're one of the awesome members of the BBP wedding family.

Happy President's Day! May your day be full of happy happy!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day! May you be surrounded by love, happy to your core, full of chocolate, smelling the roses and counting every blessing.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Aftermath & Technology

Bobbi had the pleasure of seeing friendly faces both old and new (that didn't sound right, did it?) at the St. Louis Bride Magazine Launch Party last night. Harrah's in St. Charles was filled with vendors, advertisers and magazine folk, all having a great time. I was not there with my froggy voiced self but heard that it was great----- and I did snag a cupcake from the event, always a highlight. Said cupcake was sitting pretty next to my computer this morning and I enjoyed it with a cup of tea, for medicinal purposes of course. Anyway, I have heard from many that attended the soiree last night that it was lots of fun, thanks to Ethan and Nancy!

And, (said in my most exasperated and way froggy voice) I am SO frustrated at the aftermath associated with getting a new internet provider. This of course means that you have a new email address. I've had mine FOREVER so making the switch was time consuming and irritating. I was on the phone with tech support for no less than 7 hours off and on yesterday. The problems prevail. Think about everything you have that has your email addy on it, things that need to be changed! From paying the bills to your P*aypal account, from daily emails from those you have asked for newsletters or the like, banks and libraries, it seems endless. My new resolution (and a tip I freely pass along to you!) is to keep a list in the safe of alllllllllll those places where I need to change email address should this ever happen again. With any luck it will not but you and I know the truth of that!

Thank heavens that all on the BBP side of the house hums quietly along when it comes to email!

On another technological issue------- will I lose the Facebook battle???????? Only time will tell.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Calling All Hockey Fans

Today's starting lineup would include Jason and Lisa. Even though Jason is a Rangers fan (and bravely wore his Rangers jersey in STL) we love him to pieces! Lisa, as a die hard Blues fan scored those points right off the bat!

We had a fabulous time with them when they were in town for a recent engagement shoot. The weather that day was downright balmy and when we took the shot above at the Steinberg Rink in Forest Park conditions were good, by the time we were done there the ice was already turning to absolute soup.

Steinberg was uncrowded on our chosen day, amazing as the other skaters seemed to be there playing hockey hookey from work and were blissfully skating in shirtsleeves, perhaps saying goodbye to outdoor skating for a season.

At the end of the session there was a bit of a takedown. Ahem. I'm just sayin........... and I will declare no winners. You can see that the snow was for the most part on the way out of town but we still found a good patch or two in the park. At one point, Lisa (silly girl wearing fabulous heels when off skates) had to borrow Bobbi's shoes for a particular snow shot. I did not have a camera at that moment and sure wish I did.

Is that not the dedication of your wedding photographer when they will take off their own shoes for you and get their own feet a bit wet? Absolutely!

As far as the snow and ice, for the time being it seems to be GONE------ who knows if we will remain so until the arrival of spring. This being Missouri, I hate to speculate!

Closing Note: The Blues are (according to their website) "one of the hottest teams in the West" and are meeting the Canucks tonight at the Scottrade--- Go Blues!!!

Monday, February 09, 2009

The 'Bestest' Thank You's

Sunday's bridal show at the absolutely gorgeous Coronado Ballroom was not only delightful but a wonderful success! Warm thank you's go out to all of the fabulous brides (and mom's and friends) that we met at the show------ we loved it! We're looking forward to spending more time with many of you soon!

The day started cloudy and gray but by the time the fashion show and high tea was over the sun had slipped through the clouds and it turned out to be a really nice afternoon.

My voice? Still gone I'm afraid----- goner than gone, is that a phrase? I knew I was in trouble very early in the day and by the time the show was over, everything had been unpacked at the Studio and the day nearly gone, it was clear. Voiceless.

It's all good, 'twas for a most worthy cause! Although the show might have been called the Best of the Best, we think that the brides were surely that, and more-----

Friday, February 06, 2009

Best of the Best!

We are very excited to be participating in the BEST OF THE BEST Bridal Show (and High Tea) this coming Sunday, February 8th! One of the well orchestrated shows from the St. Louis Best Bridal family that is touting great fashions, yummy treats, excellent vendors and woo hoo a Swag Bag! While I don't think it will be a Swag Bag like the one Robert Redford (who normally eschews such things) snuck home with a swank espresso machine----- no doubt it will be pretty fabbo!

The Best of the Best Show will be held at the Coronado Ballroom, home of the always impressive fine dining of Steven Becker.

The ballroom itself is impressive, gorgeous, and impeccably detailed, right down to the barrel vaulted ceiling. The Coronado is one of the most gracious and elegant historical facilities in St. Louis, you will enjoy every detail while attending the show.

This elegant grande dame, the Coronado, has a prominent past as one of the grandest hotels and dwelling places that saw notables from Queens to Lindberg. In 1980 the hotel closed and stood empty for almost 20 years until brought back to life by renovators Amrit and Amy Gill. The renovation took two long years and $40 million dollars, the doors re-opened in 2003 as The Coronado Ballroom with catering by Steven Becker. A more gorgeous venue would be almost impossible to find in St. Louis to hold a bridal show, no doubt it will give the day added sparkle!

We're looking forward to it, and looking forward to meeting you! Please stop by and let us show you why we are among the Best of the Best.

Thursday, February 05, 2009

On our plate

Taking a wee break from snow photos (not because of the people but because of, well, the SNOW memory) I bring you a bit of a 'gift' from a friend of mine. A friend who understands exactly what it is that will set a gal to rights. Yes indeedy, from the local BK in Hanalei (my favorite place on earth), the food of dreams, a yummy pile of scrambled eggs, two scoop rice, 'n Portugese sausage. Skip the joe and bring me a guava-passion please! Not that the photo above does not also show another yummy delight, that of a nice slab o' grilled Spam. Please. Transport me now to sunny shores and tropical breezes. I am clicking my heels like a crazy woman and nothing is happening, seems unfair to say the least! Check those prices too....... definitely not Mainland money!

On another front, we have another Award to add to the list of those we have been very honored to receive! The Bride's Choice Award 2009 from Wedding Wire. Thank you-- thank you, and thank you!!! You know we always say that we have the very best clients in the universe and without them and their wonderful families BBP would not be the successful studio it is. In every way we honestly believe that a studio is as good as its' clients, and ours are fantastic! Every BBP'er are most humbled as we remember that photographing the moments and memories for future generations with "Images from the Heart..." is near sacred stuff! We're honored and we want to SHARE the honor with you!! Leave your comment here and we'll give you a $5.00 credit. Now, if you didn't leave a comment on Wedding Wire (and you know who you are!) pop on over there and leave a comment, that would be great! Either way, we'll keep track of your credit for you.

No Portugese Sausage here but we send MAHALO'S anyway! The Spam is in the mail (har!)

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Cold and Colder

Still cold here in St. Louis................. still cold. There is still dog swallowing snow in my backyard. The weather tomorrow promises to be at least 50 so we all have hope. Hailing from the home of the Mouse and having firm roots in Hawaii it is a well known fact that I hate winter. HATE winter. By this time every year it is beyond simple disconsolation and has moved towards rabid teeth clenching and fist shaking, packing the bags and begging to run like the wind. Because I have the flu only makes it worse, I'm cranky.

It does make me smile to see the shots from Jean and Joe's engagement session (above). Do you absolutely LOVE how Bobbi captured their rather intense snowball fight? Perhaps I egged Jean on when I told her that my money was on her for the Big Win. The shot in the lower left sort of looks like a Sam Peckinpah slow-mo gotcha shot. LOVE it!

I love Jean and Joe............... I think they like winter, but I love them anyway!

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Catch Up/Kicked Off

I feel like I need to catch up from way too much, warp speed continues around BBP for sure!

Arizona Cardinals

I suppose if you are a Steelers fan then you are plenty happy after the big SuperBowl win on Sunday, for those of us (sniffle) who really wanted to see Kurt and the Cardinals do it again, well hopes were dashed, weren't they? For everyone in America who says every single year that "I just want to see a great game"............... this year we certainly were not disappointed. The wings are gone, the beer consumed and as a nation we get back to work.

The day before the Big Game, Bobbi met up with Breanne and Patrick for an engagement session with the white stuff, before it departed STL. I love the image below, kind of cold and hot at the same time!

I'll be back with more snow pics later in the week-----

until then stay warm! 20 degrees for a high today, the snow may be gone for the most part but Ole Man Winter still feels the need to flex his muscles.

In that spirit, I'd like to share an apres snow treat, delightful, warming and decadent!

Decadent Fragile Baby

  • 3 cups whole milk
  • 3/4 cup granulated sugar
  • 1/4 cup Hershey's Dark Cocoa
  • 6 Hershey's Kisses
  • 2 tsp. good quality vanilla
  • pinch of salt
  • 3 oz. Frangelica Liqueur (Hazelnut) or to taste

Heat the milk in a heavy pot, do not allow to boil. In a small bowl combine the sugar, cocoa and salt. Add a bit of milk to the cocoa mixture, very slowly........... and then add the combination back into the heating milk. Drop in the Kisses. When very hot add the liqueur and the vanilla.
Stir and pour into pretty mugs. Depending on the size of your mugs, should serve 4 frozen people.

Stay warm!