Monday, March 29, 2010

In Your Bonnet... Wedding Hats and Headwear

As Easter approaches it brings to mind one thing (after chocolate and eggs of course!) ---Easter Bonnets! There is no sweeter thrill for me than to keep watch on Easter morning for the parade of Easter bonnets headed to church and around the city. Tall ones, short ones, big ones, small ones.................. some wonderful and some less than. I'll be wearing a super short haircut and maybe a magnolia hair pin or two!

From HeKnowsMyName, 3 for 27!

Thinking along those lines, will this be the season of wedding veils? Vintage hats? Here at BBP we believe that a bride should let her personal style be the guide and that personality shines through on the wedding day.

Should hats be your thing, or if you like all of us simply enjoy the hat-ly gander------- have a peek! Our picks here (not the final selection by any means) are mostly vintage or vintage inspired. Mom's of the bride can pull off larger hats if that is their choice but the bride's headpiece should be a supporting actress and not the leading lady.

This one is from Lady Diane, very British--- don't you think? Very Easter Bonnety! Different, that's for sure!

The cloche is not only a style classic but a silhouette that has been fashion forward lately. This is from Hats in the Belfry and is the Kokin Sidesweep, it's about $380.

Yummily vintage and quite sassy is from Hats and Fascinators--

Another vintage piece comes from Batcakes Couture at about $65.

Vintage inspired and a little over the top is also from Hats and Fascinators and is their Abigail model.

More traditional but no less wonderful is the bridal hat above from Maggie Mae.

How about a fabulous ostrich feather fascinator from Batcakes Couture???? Wow!

Something blue, LizDer, also from Maggie Mae.

Part hat, part veil, all drama and style is the Birdcage veil from YJdesign at $59.

A final look, also Maggie Mae is Salita------- now that is a hat, bridal or not!

Everyone at Bobbi Brinkman Photography looks forward to a season of hats------ Easter Bonnets and Beyond. What will YOU be wearing?

Friday, March 26, 2010


Re-entry after a bit of time away is ALWAYS difficult. Everyone is back in the studio at BBP and hard at work.

The official welcome back to STL was a police chase, rainrainrain, and a hockey game. The win of the Blues was just about the only bright spot.

Sounds like a good week ahead (ignoring the rainy spots of the forecast)----- get out there and enjoy it, surely spring is on the doorstep!

Monday, March 08, 2010

Ms. L

It was a fabulous event, absolutely incredible!

Every minute was exceptional!

And of course, there IS a bit of time to be laid back--- love the kiva!

The question in Santa Fe is not "where did you go to high school?" but "RED OR GREEN". Can the answer be a resounding BOTH????

Thursday, March 04, 2010

On the Road------

No, not one of our grooms----

From the road, outside Tulsa I believe----- what a kickoff shot for the trip west. Coney's are it seems quite the thing and this coney was outside a joint sharing space with a gas station. It was packed, who knew?

And from Amarillo where fields wearing the first blush of green wave to spring hungry eyes comes the bug graveyard. A Conway roadside bit of a mess featuring the local homage to the graveyard of Caddies a bit further down the road.

No shots were taken from Groom, (no bride just groom) and the water tower tipping precariously and apparently quite the big deal around these parts.

Not my shot so thanks to Brent, whoever he is. See, I told you------ quite famous this tower.

More shots as the road (and trip) unfold. Rt. 66 is a very cool thing indeed! On the way to attend the Annie Leibovitz event, more as the miles click by!

A can’t-miss event is happening soon in Santa Fe.

On March 6, 2010, the Georgia O’Keeffe Museum will honor photographer Annie Leibovitz for her four decades of iconic and groundbreaking work by presenting her with the museum’s 2010 Woman of Distinction Award. In a very rare appearance, Annie will be at the Lensic Performing Arts Center that evening to talk about her work and her career.

Monday, March 01, 2010

More Welcomes

Another huge and smiling welcome to the wedding family at Bobbi Brinkman Photography for wonderful new clients Amy and Dan! What a GREAT couple, we're looking forward to the wedding so much! Amy and Dan came to us from the wedding of Sarah and Jon, another fab addition to the BBP family. We especially love weddings that come to us by referral, it says a LOT! We appreciate knowing that our service has been of such high quality that another couple places their trust in us to take care of them in the same way. Thanks Amy and Dan, we promise to take very good care of you with the same detail and customer service as well as beautiful photographs that capture your day. We don't call it "Images From the Heart..." for no reason after all!

Now about that hockey game...........................................