Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Warm Welcome--- Cooler Weather

The welcome is VERY warm, and the weather is too--- it just feels so much cooler after the nasty hot weather of last week. The best thing about the unbelievable heat and humidity of last Saturday was having a wonderful bride and groom, Ashley & Brad, and their wedding party who NEVER complained. Thanks guys! We had such a wonderful time with them and their wedding day photos are absolutely fantastic---- we'll be sharing a slideshow soon!

The BBP Wedding Family will be expanding again to include Julie & Nick! We're all so thrilled to welcome them! They will marry next May and as all of our past brides and grooms will attest, the time will fly by!

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Ashley & Brad's Day

Today, despite the HEAT that will be St. Louis and environs is the much anticipated wedding day of Ashley & Brad. The certainties are that there will be a gorgeous bride, a handsome groom, a happy gathering of family and friends and a big celebration. We can't wait! Certainly we won't even notice the heat?

Friday, June 26, 2009

Great Idea----- The Reality---

There are so many things that seem like fabulous ideas! Upon closer inspection, those fabulous ideas have outcomes where the reality is perhaps not exactly what one had hoped! Every week we see brides (and a groom or two) who have purchased and are attempting to use the next great thing. In the interest of our beloved clients, we'll talk about just a few of those things.

R*escue Tape:
  • also known as Hollywood Fa*shion Tape, and under several other brand names. Always cleverly packaged with cartoony faces of happy smiling women who now have garments that never let them down. The reality is that brides sweat. (Also known as perspiring delicately!) When this tape gets a bit moist it looses it's stick and can become a gummy mess. Ack.
The better choice:
  • GOOD Alterations! There is absolutely no getting around having bridal gowns as well as bridesmaid's dresses professionally altered. Know your alterations lady------ have you seen her work? Do others rave about her? It matters, trust us. The alternative is upon arriving at the hotel or church to get ready for the Big Day a dress sags, bags, slips or otherwise looks icky and there is no fix. Not a long lasting, good looking fix. The second choice is that when you have hired BBP someone will be there with a needle and thread and Plan B!
Garment Hanger Loops:
  • Most brides and their attendants swear they were created to drive them mad! Often they are cut off with a quick snip and not much thought to it.
The better choice:
  • DO NOT cut off your hanger loops unless you absolutely must! A hanger loop NEVER cuts off cleanly as it is sewn into the garment itself, it leaves a nubbly little bit of loop that sticks out. What generally happens is this little remainder rubs throughout the day, and suffice it to say that it rubs in a delicate place where such friction frequently causes an ugly, often sore spot. Ouch! Opt to tuck IN these hanger loops instead, a much more comfortable choice. If you absolutely have to cut off the loops, cut them off leaving enough of the tail to gently tack down and out of sight with needle and thread. The obvious here is to please try on dresses before you get to the hotel/church and make any adjustments well in advance.
Tide Pens:
  • We love a good T*ide Pen......... the stain removal stick that has and will saved us all from errant spaghetti sauce or grubby mark. However.......... on the fabric that makes a wedding gown or bridesmaids dress (tightly woven with an often slippery finish)---- a T*ide Pen can be a less than great choice. Not because of the product itself but because of the delivery system. The small pointed pen tip is less than effective on larger areas, or areas where you can't readily "get into" with another hand to offer pressure to the stain.
Better choice:
  • In your emergency bag, Sh*out wipes are very often a better choice. Think larger surface area, better control. Of course remember if you have encountered a bad stain all of the stain removal products in the world will not save you! NO colored liquids while wearing your finery, and be careful with lipstick wearers and kids with grubby hands. The hem of your bridal gown WILL get grimy............ a fact of life. A product with a "wipe" will be easier to knock back the dirt a notch or two than a pen tip.
We will address the "emergency bag" in the near future, for the most part they are way overpacked. It is an easy and inexpensive task to pack a bag that will cover your needs and not weigh 39 pounds!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Welcome to Nicole & Michael

Another addition to the big happy group that is the BBP Wedding family---- we are delighted to have:

Nicole & Michael! (Note: the beer guzzling photo has nothing to do with this fun couple but just looks so darn refreshing, doesn't it?)

It's always nice to have something great happening in the studio to take our collective minds off the HEAT that is St. Louis these days. For those of you who live here, you know I am not making this up. Crazy, stinkin' hot! On that note it was our pleasure to be able to sneak away from all things studio and share some time with soon to be bride Jean and her handsome fiance Joe over at Square One. Loved it!

So stay cool and remember, if you're in the neighborhood, give a shout!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The inside dish

We hear it every week------ not who did your dress, or your hair, or even your flowers! The buzz is on what is the inside story, bridal lingerie! It falls into several camps:
  • The Simple
  • The Sexy
  • The 'over the top' Sexy
  • The Elegant
  • and
  • The Whoooooooooooooa!
Every bride is different and has different ideas and tastes, as it should be of course! Whether you get your special unmentionables at a shower or purchase them yourself we've collected some links for your perusal.

Unveiled Bride (their collection of Hanky Panky & Betsey Johnson is excellent)
Lingerie Diva (frankly the lingerie with the clip in bridal veil makes me grin)
Henry & June where free shipping is always a good thing
Nordtrom Bridal Lingerie--- definitely in the Elegant category!
Best Bridal Prices--- Their 'fantasy' pieces are most unique
Sweet Undy's definitely not your Mama's lingerie!

What other brides are saying:
  • save your really special lingerie for the honeymoon.
  • invest in some chafing relief powder (applied under your lingerie and on places that can rub a bit is a good thing. You'll be warmer than usual under your dress and applying the powder (sometimes a gel) helps stop chafing and itching when you can't really scratch the itch! B*ody Glide and M*onistat make a good one.
  • Lace is great but make sure you get soft lace, not the scratchy kind (we heard this recently at a rehearsal dinner of all places!)
  • don't forget to take a lace lingerie bag with you on your honeymoon. Hand washing your collection of honeymoon lingerie is essential and a little bag and some packets of cold water wash is a great idea.
  • Don't forget to bring along something special for your groom! (We did not ask specifics thinking it the better part of valor!)
Because it is HOTTER than blazes in St. Louis today and everyone is a little cranky because of it (what, you too?) I leave you with an undie related clip sure to make you smile. From the fine folks at Hipp*ieSk*ivvies............. check this out.

Stay cool!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Angie & Eric's Slideshow---- at long last

I blame it on the heat---------- which of course has absolutely nothing to do with it, but have I mentioned it is hot? Like REALLY stinkin' hot, 102 at Noon! When I got up this morning at 6:30 it was 81--- that was pretty much when I knew we were in big trouble. And it has BEEN hot, either hot or rainy, really not much in between.

Angie and Eric are such a fab couple and their slideshow is just way overdue and I apologize on general principle.

Please enjoy the images from their wedding HERE!

We had the opportunity to be with Dana and Roberto this past weekend and I'm looking forward to sharing some images from their day very soon.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Meet Katie!

We have a brand spankin' new intern------ and we're just delighted! Meet Katie!!

A passionate and talented photographer, nice person and caring woman! On her blog she wrote the cutest thing, can I share:

"If you see me walking around with a HUGE smile on my face it’s because I went to Bobbi Brinkman’s studio and talked photography for a few hours. Her studio in Lafayette Square is so cute and trendy and is filled with amazing photographs that she took. My friend, Danielle" shoots weddings with Bobbi. "Long story short… I’m going to intern for Bobbi, Tina, and Danielle!!! I am super excited and really nervous. This isn’t just your normal photographer, Bobbi has been doing this for 30 years and knows the ins and outs of the business. So…once again, I’m both super excited and nervous! Oh, Bobbi is also offering a wedding class to teach others some of her “tricks”. I’m going to that too! Bobbi tells me that I have to survive her boot camp! Funny thing is, she’s not really joking!!! Once again….excited and nervous! ;) I can’t wait to learn from the best!!!

This is how I feel:"


Photo taken from: The Planet’s Funniest Animals

Note from Tina: I am flattered and entertained that Katie would say in her blog that she is interning for me as well. Let me be giving serious thought to what I shall teach the little grasshopper........................

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Andi & Matt

While you patiently hum the theme to "J*eopardy" waiting on me to upload the gorgeous images from Angie and Eric's wedding can I show you another happy couple? From the recent engagement session of Andi & Matt ..........

The day was one of the super warm and humid ones here in town and you'd never know it from their cheerful dispositions!

Why IS it that we go from one extreme to another here in St. Louis anyway? Chilly gray and raining on one day and hotter than can be on the next. But the lawns and flowers have surely been the beneficiaries of the weather, that is for certain!

We can't wait for their wedding as it will surely feature a handsome groom, a beautiful bride and a stunning location!

Stay cool!

Monday, June 15, 2009

Sara & Joshua

I am late----- late------ late--------- in getting images up from Sara & Joshua's wedding. I blame my mother but please don't tell her! :)


Coming up: Photos from the wedding of Angie & Eric, we had such a GREAT time with them!

In the meantime, here in St. Louis is more and more and more rain. Not exactly what we need or our spirits want! Stay safe and dry!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Angie & Eric's Day

Despite the run of wet weather here in STL it looks as if it will be a lovely day for the local festivities. A huge turn-out for the Race for the Cure, loads of see and be seen events as well as the best thing of all................................... Angie and Eric's wedding day!

They're a really great couple, it's sure to be a wonderful day!

Friday, June 12, 2009

Almost Summer Evening with Jeff & Janine

You know those couples who just ooze love and devotion? In a really extraordinary way? Well that would be Jeff and Janine 1000%.

On a warm and humid evening that felt for all the world as if it were the middle of summer, we met this devoted couple for engagement photos.

I do believe that Jeff would hang the moon for his bride to be if he could........

We're really looking forward to the wedding!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Flying Week

In a rather impossible moment it has come to my attention that it is Thursday! How did it get to be Thursday without me noticing? In my defense my mother came for a no-notice visit and all else has been a blur. A blur!

We've been crazy trying to get engagement sessions in ahead of the rain---- thanks to all of our wonderful clients for being so accomodating. Believe me, while Bobbi is powerful, she is not able to change the weather. Yet.

I have lots of great images from recent sessions............ but while I get them processed (thanks Mom!), I'll leave you with a favorite from last weeks' wedding, Sara and Joshua!

More later............

Saturday, June 06, 2009

Sara & Josh

The wedding day of Sara & Josh is finally here! We're delighted to be able to share their day and capture those once in a lifetime moments with "Images from the Heart..."

A great couple and what looks to be a really nice day weather-wise, how could it be anything but wonderful?

Friday, June 05, 2009

Banner Day

While we gear up to photograph the wedding of Sara and Josh tomorrow (and are very excited about it!) it is timely to issue an important reminder. The BBP staff is on alert and ready for the great breakaway to the prize!

It is National Doughnut Day!

from KSDK -- Friday is National Donut Day, so some national restaurant chains are offering free treats for customers.

Krispy Kreme
will offer customers a free donut of their choice at participating stores today. People are encouraged to contact their local Krispy Kreme store to find out if they are participating.

Dunkin' Donuts is also celebrating National Donut Day by offering a free donut to customers when they buy a beverage, while supplies last.

Let there be doughnuts! I'll see you there!

Thursday, June 04, 2009

It's all in the Name: i.e. check before hyphenating!

I got an email from a friend that made me laugh. Now mind you, I laugh easily! It's been a gorgeous day with the weather in the low 70's, no humidity, sunny and gorgeous. Better yet, I had studio errands to run most of the day so was able to be out in the yummy weather and enjoyed every second. If the truth be told I stopped for lunch (outside of course) and really hated to get back to work. Don't tell the boss, it might not go well for me.

Regardless, because you just might need a little laugh I'll share these with you. I'm assuming they are the real deal, I mean who could make this stuff up?

None of our brides are quite this funny..................... but please check your married name before hyphenating anyway. I'm just sayin.............

I won't include the funny running comments in the email for fear of pushing the envelope. Use your imagination or make up your own!

'nuff said.

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Tenth Annual Guilty Pleasure: Today Throws A Wedding!

We love it and really get into it every single year! What are we talking about at BBP? The Today Show series brought out every spring/summer, meeting couples from around the country who have volunteered to lay open their life and relationship, compete in contests, and sometimes behave in a silly manner. The culmination? To be married on live television and get a lotta good stuff!

The couples this year seem very genuine, fun and interesting:

Porsha and Christopher from Houston Texas

Leigh & Nick from Ashland, Ohio

Emily and Lamar from Reston Virginia

Alyssa and Gary from Boston, Massachusetts

You can follow all of the action on the Today Show. If you haven't met the couples yet and want to join us in our guilty pleasure, find the link HERE.

The wedding will be held live on the Plaza on July 15th, until then we'll have a great time following the couples and of course voting for our favorite!

Tuesday, June 02, 2009

BBP Late Spring/Early Summer Wedding Newsletter

It's here, it's here................ it's finally here! The latest newsletter from BBP! We've been doing newsletters for 4 years now and have enjoyed them all, this brightly colored beautry is the last in the collection.

You can view it by going to the website and clicking on the "Newsletter/Raves" tab, or you can access it directly: HERE.

One final word: Chocolate Lava Cake! Preheat your ovens it's worth the splurge!

Monday, June 01, 2009

Soon to be Wed: Ashley & Brad

On a warm and finally dry evening last week Ashley and Brad had their last engagement shoot.

Their wedding is right around the corner==== it is fair to say that they're pretty excited!

We are looking forward to their once in a lifetime day more than we can say, it is going to be wonderful!

They're great people and loads of fun as well!

And frankly, when you look that great??? How in the world can the photos not be wonderful?