Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Go Blues?

Lisa and Jason were in St. Louis last week to enjoy Lisa's family, relax, and we were able to schedule an engagement session with them. Because they currently live in New York and are hockey fans, it stands to reason that they are NY Ranger fans.

Of course, they get along wonderfully with Bobbi because they are fellow hockey fans but we are almost afraid to say "GO BLUES"!!!! (But, we will).

We had a great time with them, they are absolutely wonderful people and we're looking forward to their wedding as well as working with their family. At their last session Lisa's Mom Janet came along and that was a wonderful treat to see her again.

I think fall is on the way!!! I took a couple of early morning hours today to switch over my closet to fall, the rich colors and fabrics hanging on the rods make it look like it might be time to pick apples, walk in soon to be crunchy leaves and make a big pot of corn chowder! (Having said that, you watch it will be 85 next week and I won't have a thing to wear!)

Monday, September 29, 2008

Bow in or Bow out?

Wedding gowns with a lovely laced back (such as this one) come with two questions. When laced, does the bow go in or out. Out or in?

In 99.99999% of BBP weddings, the bow and long ribbon ends have been tucked in.

What do you think?

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Have you Seen These Groomsmen?

Choose carefully--------------- I'm just sayin'!

Saturday, September 27, 2008

What IS that bride doing anyway?

A personal aside------ just in case you see us in the park or on location somewhere. There will 99% of the time be a bride who is knitting. Yes, knitting.

It's my passion and my lovely brides always graciously pose for a photo with my current project. Above is the beautiful Sarah and the equally gorgeous sweater in progress, Wisteria.

The funny thing is that almost none of the brides do actually knit----- and of course it is always most amusing to see the looks of the wedding party and sometimes the other photographers in our general location.

Me? I say KNIT ON!

Friday, September 26, 2008

Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep Annual Fund Drive

So many of our regular blog readers are aware of Bobbi's involvement in Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep as photographer for the past few years as well as her role as Area Coordinator. One of our past bride's Mom's, Carey T. even makes the sweetest, softest blankets that end up with some families in need. Because we know you not only care about this wonderful organization but would like to know more, we share with you the following:

With the Month of October being recognized as Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Month, The Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep Foundation holds its Annual Fund Drive for six weeks starting in mid-September and ending in October.
President Ronald Reagan enacted Proclamation 5890 in October of 1988 to recognize that each year, approximately a million pregnancies in the United States alone end in miscarriage, stillbirth, or the death of a newborn child. Reagan stated, "A national observance offers us the opportunity to increase our understanding of the great tragedy involved in the deaths of unborn or newborn babies. It also enables us to consider how, as individuals and communities, we can meet the needs of bereaved parents and family members... " To read the full Proclamation signed by Reagan, CLICK HERE.
If you are in a place to make even a small contribution to NILMDTS, please know that doing so will continue to allow the organization to provide improved resources, training, communication, and other tools necessary in support of our amazing contingent of professional photographers who provide the gift of free remembrance portraiture to families in need.
Our next project we are working on is an online, interactive webinar version of our Formal NILMDTS Training taught by Co-Founder Sandy Puc' allowing anyone in any country with access to a computer to complete the course online. Donations help make programs like this a reality!


swirl divider

Your Donations Support the Organization in Many Ways -

* By supporting the continued education of our volunteer photographers
* By allowing us to further our outreach to hospitals and hospices across the world
* By offsetting the costs associated with outreach efforts including Formal NILMDTS Traingin Seminars
* By supporting the Family Forum which creates a productive and supportive haven for healing
* By supporting the Photographers' Forum which provides a helpful environment for our member photographers to express their feelings and receive advice on the various issues that they face in this noble work
* By supporting the day to day operations of our Headquarters Offices

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Ashley & Andrew

A decidedly lovely bride and a most handsome groom + Destination Wichita = a Wonderful Wedding! Thank you Ashley & Andrew, and your family for allowing us to be part of your once in a lifetime event!

The groom is the son of a great family who happens to own a jewelry store----- the bride from Oklahoma, story has it that when they met sparks flew -----and they knew.

Matter of fact, their first dance was "You Had Me From Hello".......... which pretty much tells their fairy tale right there! Andrew's Mom and Dad actually met Ashley first and had a feeling that this phenominal young lady was the one for their youngest son. The rest is, as they say, history!

The other star of the show on that day was a cherry red Corvette....................

That is Andrew's Mom Cindy helping Ashley to get ready, she is a doll and was SO excited! This Groom Mama knows how to throw a party!

She is lovely even before the makeup is complete!

The wedding was on the grounds of Andrew's family home, everything was just beautiful, pink raspberry and white. The bride's dad walked her down "the aisle". The aisle in this case was a very, very long walk down the stairs and around the pool, back to the area designated for the ceremony. Those long aisles in St. Louis churches don't hold a candle to the long route Ashley took!

When it was time for the exchange of rings, instead of the beautiful ring Ashley was expecting, out came the jewelers box with a candy ring pop! The minister asked, "is this the ring you want Ashley? You aren't married yet, you can speak up!" Of course, our smart girl said "NO!"

The newlyweds only minutes married

Woo Hoo!

Ashley and Andrew were absolutely beaming with joy (as all newlyweds should be!)

Isn't she beautiful? Ashley too!

Let the kissing begin.....


Oh yes! The bride ended up in the pool pretty early in the evening! What a wonderful sport, and we were all thankful that her lovely dress (which suited her so perfectly) dried very quickly.

Congratulations Ashley & Andrew----------------- you guys are the 'real deal' and we look forward to celebrating all of life's highlights with you both.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Post Options

I love to be able to write blog posts ahead of time and let 'em run................. for emergencies that is.

I'm sure our beloved blog readers are unaware that I've been out of town and out of the studio for well over two weeks now. I knew I'd miss you, and didn't want to let the blog go so most things have been put together in advance. I send double extra special big ginormous hugs to Justin and the fantastic team at Best Transportation for sending a driver and car for me at 5:45 on the morning I left and getting me to the airport, you all are so completely wonderful, thank you -- thank you-- thank you!!!

My birth Mom------ whom I adore------ faced surgery in Phoenix and of course I had to go. And I did. Thanks to Bobbi and everyone else on staff for picking up the pieces and making it easy to take care of life. You know how I appreciate you and everything you do! She came through her surgery very well and is doing great.

What can I say............... I'm baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack! My desk is (for the most part) clear-- or at least organized-- my house is clean and decorated for fall, even the yard is mowed. It's time to attack the next big project on my desk (which of course is a lie because there are 4 new huge projects on my desk, one of which is helping a friend with his website).

But we go and we do and we "are", no matter what. That is the most important thing after all, to remember that life is fragile and when we are called to bring ourselves and our love---------- we take care of it. Somehow the rest falls into place.

Count your blessings, be a blessing, and pass one on!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Tips from Ellen

I don't know if you had the opportunity to see Ellen on September 9th, where she not only had video and photos from her wedding but featured her wedding planner, Mindy Weiss.

Mindy has written "The Wedding Book, the Big Book for your Big Day". When Ellen asked her for some of the biggest mistakes that brides make she said without hesitation it was planning the entire wedding immediately after getting engaged. I think as she further expanded that comment, she meant to say that brides plan their wedding and then bring in a wedding planner when all of the big decisions have been made and the budget is spent.

Interesting............... and insightful. It is not imperative to have a wedding planner but they are best able to look at your wedding with practical eyes. We have brides that have wedding professionals and those that are planner-less. The common denominator is that we find our brides are organized and detail oriented.

If you didn't catch the show, it is worth catching the repeat, from Portia's beautiful gown from Zac Posen, to their wedding logo on the napkins, and the breathtaking cake. Every element was absolute perfection!

photography by Lara Porzak

What a wonderful time in the world to be planning a wedding, the resources are outstanding! From the wide assortment of magazines, to great ideas on the internet, there is no excuse not to have more ideas than you could possibly use! *NOTE: We do not consider Bridezilla or any of the other shows of this genre to be considered as excellent wedding resources, har!

Monday, September 22, 2008

Wedding Undies, Redux...........

It is amazing how the subject of wedding undies seems to be one of endless discussion, miles of debate and total fascination.

Here for your reading pleasure (from the fine folks at ehow.com) is an article devoted to the subject. I present it here for your, for your................ well............. for your entertainment. Discuss amongst yourselves!


You've got the dress; he's got his tux. The day is approaching. One thing the two of you might not have thought about is underwear. Why would you think about underwear on the big day when there are so many other things happening? But as all of us know, there's nothing worse than uncomfortable underwear, especially on the big day. Follow these steps to get the best underwear for your wedding day.

Go shopping. For the groom this probably isn't a big deal. He'll just wear a pair of boxers he's had since the stone age anyway. But for the bride, it's actually quite important. After you've purchased your dress and you don't foresee any further last minute weight fluctuations, take the time to go buy underwear for the big day. The proper fit will help you not only look better, but also feel better. Try on several pairs based on your preference and that will accommodate your dress. Don't buy black panties to place under your white dress.

Think about the wedding night. There are two schools of thought on this. You can wear comfortable underwear for the day and then change into something a little sexier for the evening. Or, you can wear something on the sexy side underneath your dress so when you take off your gown you can surprise your groom. Again this is truly based on preference. Most people want comfort during the day and to be wearing something underneath that will allow them to breathe as usual. With the combination of nerves and dancing, one can become quite flushed.

Try it on under your wedding dress. Buy several underwear options. As long as you keep the receipts and try the underwear on in a respectful manner so not to infringe on the material, you should be able to return the options you ultimately decide against. Once you try it on, make sure there is no visibility of your underwear through your dress. That can be quite tacky. Also be sure to take pictures using a flash. This is what your photographer will be doing on the day. Take the time to look at the pictures and make sure the flash doesn't illuminate anything that's not supposed to be illuminated.

Of all the grand decisions and things that have to be accomplished for the wedding day, choosing underwear is sort of down on the list. There is no wrong choice. Once you've chosen your underwear or changes of underwear if you are going with a different option for the wedding night, wash them as instructed on the label. This will help soften and freshen them. Your body will be glad you did!

Now you KNOW I will have a comment or two, right? First of all, if someone has to actually TELL you not to wear black panties under your white dress----- well there are more problems than wedding undies! And "try them on?" That just sort of skeeves me out, try them on indeed. If you are considering between a couple pair, splurge and buy both---- it isn't like you won't have the opportunity to wear them! Do you really want to wonder how many brides before you have tried those babies on? I didn't think so!

The entire Step Two was amusing to me----------- the author must be a sweet something that likes to hedge her bets and couch her words. What she means to say is that you are going to be a sweaty mess by the time you are ready to come out of your dress. Plan accordingly!

On to Step 3. When you put on your undie choices and take a photo of yourself in your dress, using a flash, please call me. Really. Day or night, it doesn't matter!!!! This has got to be funny as anything! Frankly, I think unless your dress is something out of a Pussycat Dolls video, I think your undies probably won't show. Again, I could be surprised on your wedding day!

Yes, as step 4 says, do relax. And, I personally think there IS one rule.......... granny panties need not apply!

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Rescued at Sea

So there we all were.................... two photographers, and me.................. and an entire wedding party and a few assorted friends along for the ride. Having a great time on a bridge over a certain body of water in front of a certain St. Louis landmark.

Guess what happens? One of the bridesmaids' bouquets falls OFF the bridge. Bombs away and all that. You can't wade in, it was unreachable. (And I can tell you right dang now, there was no way I was going in!) It became a sort of bridge over troubled waters. (Sorry, couldn't resist!)

And here comes the cavalry! A family, having fun nearby, came over with one of their kids radio controlled boats. A couple circles of the floating bouquet and they brought it to shore. Yay!

There was a bit of moss and a few assorted nasties in the flowers, and they did have a bit of a smell to them, but all things considered--- tragedy averted.

Thanks to the family who came to the rescue, you guys were great!

Friday, September 19, 2008

Ashley & Andrew

What is better than a beautiful garden wedding? A beautiful garden destination maybe? And the icing on the cake (so to speak) is that the wedding is Ashley and Andrew's of course!

We can't wait--------- we've packed, we've loaded................... and we're gone!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

How do you choose your colors?

Wedding Colors are usually the first thing that gets 'set', sometimes before the date or the venues. How do you choose the colors you will use as your wedding theme colors? We asked recent brides and grooms and their answers follow---- all very interesting!

  • Favorite colors of the bride and groom (We've seen the wedding colors that were the favorite color of the MOB!)
  • Colors of the season the wedding will be held
  • "After shopping for bridesmaids dresses, we picked the colors that we chose in their dresses, I guess you could say the bridesmaids ruled the wedding."
  • "I always knew what colors I wanted my wedding to be, I've kept a notebook for years!"
  • "The groom said any color but pink and red so I took it from there"
  • "The hotel carpeting of the room our reception is in is so pretty----- we themed the colors from there and it has worked out really well!"
  • "Colors? Black and white baby, black and white!"
  • "I look great in hot pink so there wasn't any other choice!"
  • "I started with the florist and picked out flowers I liked and as they came together, our color scheme came from there."
  • "Our colors had to be crisp and clean and contemporary, for us that shortened the list somewhat."
There are as many ways to choose color as there are colors themselves------- how did you choose your color scheme? Are your wedding colors reflected in the rest of your life?

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Ashley & Nolan

What a great looking couple, yes? Ashley and Nolan have been part of the BBP family now for quite awhile but they've been busy!

Busy in their definition would mean residing in London! They're just back and now doing the getting ready for the wedding and looking for jobs thing. Not that this is any big deal or anything!

We're very much looking forward to the wedding and working with them and their families. Of course it means hearing more of Nolan's voice and enjoying them both!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Facing Pillows and other Mama Lore

Mama always told me the sure fire way to keep a marriage happy was.................... well it is quite simple really. I'll pass along her wisdom here as every relationship on the planet needs to know the why's and how to's on this tricky subject.

It came about when I was making a bed, way (and I mean WAY) back in my newlywed days. I don't know why my Mom had never shared this information with me before that time, I guess it was too sensitive and special to pass on before I was a married woman!

In order to keep a marriage happy and without discord, it all comes down to the way to make a bed in the morning. No I'm not kidding! Personally, I think that in light of this epiphany, if you do not make your bed at ALL you are just doomed, plain and simple!

Straight from my Mom: When you make your bed and it is time to place your pillows, make sure that the "open side" (the side you can see the pillow inside, not the seam side) kisses up against the seam side of the other pillow. In other words, they nest together.

You are no doubt wondering what in the world this has to do with a happy marriage as did I at the time. Mom said that when the pillows butt up against each other then you are going to have a day where you butt heads, nothing will go right and fights and tiffs will occur.

Such a simple thing, and certainly worth trying................ after all Mama Lore can't be all wrong can it?????

That early marriage has long been history so instead of blaming Mom, I guess I'll choose to believe that I made the bed wrong more than once! My Mother also had the uncanny knack of forecasting winter based on a squirrel's tail. This is undoubtedly a story for another day!

I'd love to hear if you have any Mama Lore you hold dear!

Monday, September 15, 2008

With this Ring

There surely can't be a more personal, or long lasting, memento of a wedding than the rings themselves.

You can just imagine how many rings we see in the course of a wedding season, over the span of a career you'd think that there surely aren't any new ones! But of course, there are. When we arrive at the church and find the maid of honor and the best man, usually the repository of the rings pre-ceremony, one of the things we enjoy very much is to shoot the rings before they reside on their respective fingers.

Am I nervous, carrying the rings? Ohmygraciousabsolutely, yes!!! I make it a cardinal rule, carry them carefully.......... don't shoot around water, open grates or anything that could at some time make for an than ohcrap moment. Definitely wouldn't be good. Seriously, all care is taken and then some.

I've been asked often what the ring trend is right now. I'd have to say that there really isn't one thing I could point to as the 'must have'. Individuality rules, as it has for every bride and groom in every season. As a general observation:

  • there is more white gold than yellow gold
  • there is usually something 'added' to a simple solitaire whether it be set in a band with pave or baguette stones or floating in a setting
  • normally we don't see 'matchy-matchy' bride/groom sets
  • not a lot of colored stones such as canary diamonds or blue gemstones

and they are all gorgeous, just like our couples!

On a sad note, Bobbi reports that over the weekend her little girl dog, Hana, was very, very sick. It seems that she had some sort of seizures that ended her up at the Dog ER. Get better soon Hana!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Jean and Joe

From a recent engagement session come images from a truly fantastic couple, Jean and Joe. Joe is a music sort, doesn't they look the part in their shades?

We will be seeing them soon for another session at their alma mater, complete with marching bands and a football game..................... needless to say, we can't wait! I've promised Jean that while Bobbi is busy shooting I think I'll take my knitting and sit in the stands, just because I can. The actual reason is that it has been a long time since I've had the opportunity to embarrass one of my kids so Jean and Joe may just have to suffer for the cause!

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Miss Kate

How lucky can we be?

Lucky indeed! One of our greatest joys and rich blessings is being able to watch 'our babies' grow up in front of the lens. It's true, they grow up SO very fast!

This is the beautiful Miss Kate and her parents Christina and Patrick, taken in Kate's nursery at the Chesterfield home she shares with Mom and Dad and puppy Sadie. You can see in the first photo that Sadie is not exactly puppy sized, but no less adorable!

Thanks for the privilege................. it was so much fun!

Friday, September 12, 2008

Welcome Donna & Stan

What is my favorite blog entry? Well except for vacation (ha!) which doesn't happen nearly often enough????

Right! Being able to acknowledge a huge blessing to the staff of Bobbi Brinkman Photography, welcoming new wedding family!

Donna and Stan, we're all just delighted to have you as part of the family and just can't wait until your wedding! You are both such wonderful people, thank you for the honor and privilege of photographing your wedding with "Images from the Heart..."

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Runaway Dog!

I absolutely love the photo above! During a recent engagement session Rob and Kristin wanted to include their pets (of course)! And their cute dog took off towards the photographer. (You know who).

We are looking forward to the wedding of this great couple very soon------ is there any doubt that they will be a gorgeous bridal couple? I think not!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

A Year in the Life

We love brides and grooms, weddings are wonderful------ and we adore our families------ and the commercial work is always interesting and fun! But watching the babies grow, this is such a pleasure, an honor, and a blessing!

Tim and Sarah (NOT our recent bride and groom, but ANOTHER Tim and Sarah, believe it or not!) are expecting their first baby in November. Tim's parents were gracious to give to them on of BBP's "Year in the Life" collections. We will be with them from maternity and newborn sessions through their daughter's first year and are so excited about it! Cindy and Jack are more than likely the proudest grandparents in the world, auntie to be Katie is going to make sure that this sweet little girl has every fashionable outfit and then some!

If you're interested in our "Year in the Life" series, please give the studio a call at 314.361.9899, we would love to talk to you about it!

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Sarah and Tim

Wow. Sarah and Tim are finally married! It was a lovely wedding....................... and I have to say that I'm kind of sad that they are married and we don't have their day to look forward to! As I write this, these newlyweds are honeymooning in Cabo and I'm sure they are having a fantastic time.

The weather was almost perfect on Saturday, an atypical September day in St. Louis. Add to that the bride was stunning in the prettiest dress, and the groom................ well, Mr. Tim was handsome, sweet and as considerate as ever! What a lovely wedding day, truly once in a lifetime.

Their love was impossible not to notice. Their chemistry was nothing short of blazing.

To see a slideshow of their beautiful wedding day, click HERE!

Monday, September 08, 2008

Sutton Street Studio for Hair

We LOVE LOVE LOVE Sutton Street Studio for Hair! Actually, several of us trust Mary with our hair----- and we have never been disappointed! The ladies from Sutton Street Studio have been in their new location for a short period of time having met and worked at another salon in town. Elaine the owner brought together the creme de la creme from the old location to this fabulous new shop in Maplewood. Above from left to right is Elaine, Beth, Heather, Mary and Bobbi.

Bobbi was commissioned to bring some art to the walls of the new space using her creative flair, and she SO delivered!

3155 Sutton Blvd
Saint Louis, MO 63143
(314) 645-0200

Go on............................. make an appointment, get a great new look! While you are there you can check out the artwork on the walls!

Sunday, September 07, 2008

New Website!

After much work, blood, sweat and tears (especially the tears!) we're so excited to announce that the new Bobbi Brinkman Photography website has gone LIVE! Woo Hoo!

We can't wait to hear how you like it............................

check it out in all of it's glory at www.BobbiBrinkmanPhotography.com

Saturday, September 06, 2008

Finally Here----- Tim & Sarah's Wedding Day!

We've waited................................. and waited................................ and waited!!!

And it is finally here, the wedding day of Tim and Sarah! This great couple has been with us for over a year and we've documented their engagement with four Seasons of Love sessions that had breathtaking images, and out of it came a gorgeous guest book for their wedding!

But today we will be there with bells on and cameras in hand to document their story as it unfolds.

Friday, September 05, 2008

Blessings to Molly

I love the name Molly------ not only is it fabulous in its own right but takes me back some years to when my youngest daughter was of 'doll age'. One of her favorite dolls was Molly McIntire from the American Girls collection. She loved Molly to pieces and I sewed clothes for that doll all the time, she was the glasses wearing plastic equivalent of Heidi Klum I think!

photo American Girls

I would be surprised to know that several of our lovely brides did not have a Molly doll of their own!

Molly today has another meaning to me and to 4 Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep Photographers that went out with Bobbi last night on an 'angel session'. Different from many of the sessions that the local NILMDTS organizationreceives, Molly had been born two weeks ago and was in the NICU where the photographers met her. This sweet baby and her parents did have photos taken as a remembrance of this child's all too short life here on earth but the evening proved to be so much more.

When Bobbi came in from the session last night, she was full of the joy that Molly brought, and to hear her tell it, the joy remains today. You see, Molly had a wonderful purpose in her brief life, among many we will not know- one we do. She was a teacher for the ultimate good of so many babies to come. It is not often that NILMDTS babies are living, much less with the absolute sparkle that Molly had. This baby with her personable little way made it possible for several photographers to learn how to incorporate their gift for photography with how to handle sessions for angel babies and their families. Molly's parents were equal amounts of generosity, love, and kindness. Their gift was also enormous, nearly palpable. Hearing Bobbi tell the story I know one thing for absolute truth................ Molly will never be forgotten. She will live on in the lives of those who met her, to the photographers gathered in the NICU last evening, and to those of us who have heard the story. To a brave family and a little girl who taught us more than we knew was possible, we send blessings.

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Mona & Ryan aka Labor Day Weekend Wedding

It was a lovely day for a wedding.........

And Mona was an absolutely beautiful bride! (But then, we knew she would be!)

She and Ryan were both nervous, excited, nervous, happy, nervous, and well..... nervous. It made us all smile as we seem to remember one fact that brides and grooms experiencing a wedding day for themselves forget----------------- it will all happen, it will go off smoothly (for the most part) and friends and family around them will generally have a wonderful time. Their ceremony was held at The Gathering in south city in a church that was lovingly updated while giving a nod to the gorgeous architecture of its past. Danielle commented more than once (and even blogged on her personal blog) that she absolutely loved the words of the Pastor during the ceremony. It was warm and personal and touching.

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. ceremony over and time to have some fun. Relax a little.

The day, while warm, certainly could have been one heck of a lot hotter as far as usual Labor Day weekends go. While we were all out on location there was the breath of a breeze-- and a brilliant day!
The reception was held at DeMenil Mansion, it was a lovely evening---- not too hot (always great at an outdoor venue).

Pink and Green------- colors to tribute breast cancer and our military, respectively. Just another one of the details attended to by Mona and Ryan.

Congrats-------- here's to a brilliant and happy future!