Friday, July 30, 2010

Eben, Kristin & honey-blogs

We love Kristin and Eben------ and they're back from honeymooning in Italy so we can share a bit of their wedding. It was a pleasure and an honor to capture their wonderful wedding with "Images from the Heart..."

From the beautiful invitations
To a truly lovely ceremony
Kristin & Eben were fab!
Eben rocked the top hat...
and the girls had great 'brellas...
An arch of 'brellas and the mens canes...
Great friends, Great family, GREAT couple!

Honey-Blogs---- they're becoming quite popular, those blogs full of photos from the honeymoon. Kristin and Eben have a fabulous honey-blog from their trip to Italy, it's great------- take a peek!

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Chelsea Clinton & the Idea File

The wedding of seemingly all speculation happens this weekend, that of Chelsea Clinton to Marc Mezvinsky. Of course we understand the buzz, she is not only a high profile daughter but a remarkable, accomplished and polished woman in her own right, marrying the son of a former Congressman. How will future brides watch and absorb the wedding details? With an eye on the gown, the food, the wedding party dresses and the details for their own nuptials, the Idea File.With a gown by "certain" designer Vera Wang and location in the idyllic Rhinebeck, there are without a doubt clippable photos and sketches to be had.

The Idea File is kept by almost all brides (and their Mom's!) and should be. Our own bride, Danielle, has kept an Idea File for years now. We love to look at these books rich with not only ideas but dreams, they are not only a great springboard but a source for brides, their families and wedding planners to determine exactly what will capture the spirit of a wedding couple and how to best execute perhaps unformed bits and pieces into wedding reality.

If you don't have an Idea File, we urge you to start one or keep fresh and current the one you do have. A three ring binder is ideal and you don't have to have one especially designed or "tabbed" for the purpose. Tuck into the binder a few manila separators with pockets to add things like paperwork that needs to be inserted onto pages in your binder as well as loose clippings by category. A calendar section up front is very important to keep track of special dates like fittings and tastings along with any payments due to vendors. Each vendor (once chosen) should have their own section.

What if you are in the "gathering phase" of your Idea File? Keep sections for flowers, photography, wedding gown, grooms tuxedo, wedding party attire, reception venues, food/menus, music, cakes, shoes (which deserves its' own category, no?), and wedding details which may be as broad as color schemes or as specific as welcome bags for out of town guests. Your file can contain as many categories as you need to express your dreams.

                                                                   photo Vera Wang

The photo above is such an example. It's been said that Chelsea Clinton will wear something simple and elegant by Vera Wang------- assuredly not off the rack but magnificently custom and we can't wait to see it! The gown above is one of our favorites from the Vera Wang Fall 2010 collection, resplendent in organza and tulle and "crisped" with horsehair giving that wonderful structural almost origami look.

One of the most amazing things is the speed with which "knock off" designers copy garments worn by the famous among us. No doubt this wedding gown will have lookalikes hit the shelves of bridal shops with shocking speed. Not being ones that totally take to this practice, we know for a fact that you can take photos of your inspiration garment, blend that with other details you love and come up with a gown that gives a nod to the original but it still totally yours.

Once you have a few photos/ideas in your binder, you might notice a trend. Are you drawn to gowns such as the one above? Simple but interesting? Or are you a fan of looser and more romantic gowns? More or less fabric? White or off white?

Don't forget to have a general tab----- things like current fashion styles that you love (for example the one shouldered look so popular right now, or jewelry styles seen on stars that you love). Remember, to stay motivated to keep your Idea File going. The trick is then to go over everything (neatly organized of course!) and see your own personal trends, loves/hates, and how everything can work together. This can be a daunting task and frequently a good wedding planner can help bring a fresh eye to the process and offer valuable suggestions.

The fun can be in the process as well------ watching your ideas evolve, or even morph into things you didn't start out as your top picks. Enjoy the process, keep current, remember your wedding is once in a lifetime and the planning should bring enormous pleasure. You may find that after the last wedding toast has been given you are still in the habit of the Idea File for home decor------ or something else. I've personally kept a file for home dec for many, many years and find that it is fun not only to pull ideas for my own home but to see the things that I filed early on. Those "what was I thinking" giggles are always rich!

Now, about the Clinton wedding! Surely we are not alone in waiting with baited breath for those first photographs of a stunning bride, a handsome groom and surely a father of the bride that will have lots and lots of  tears!

Monday, July 26, 2010

Guilty Pleasure Indeed- My Fair Wedding

Shall we admit a guilty pleasure? Besides M&M's for breakfast? WE TV's show "My Fair Wedding"--- with David Tutera------ a really great show with the wedding theme and without the drama. Icksnay on the drama please!

On WE's wedding website you can even create "yourself" and try on a suggested wedding dress complete with veil and flowers---- kind of fun. Check it out here. 

Have fun------- and Happy Monday!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Another Great Evening from St. Louis Bride Magazine

Last night we had the opportunity to attend the magazine launch party of the latest St. Louis Bride magazine at J.Buck's in Clayton. As always it was loads of fun with good food, drink and the opportunity to schmooze with some of the best vendors in STL. Thanks to Ethan & Nancy, it was a nice evening!

We say it ALL THE TIME------ BBP has the best clients (including our brides & grooms) on the planet. And beyond. Of course the gathering last night gave us ample opportunity to brag you all up!

Now, stay cool, it is going to be beastly hot out there! Remember your hot weather tips for your upcoming weddings!!

lots of water (limit the alcohol!!!)
wear cool, non restricting shoes on location
think fans
extra boutonnieres
order an extra tux shirt for the Mister
shine blotters
repair makeup
plan a rest stop to cool off if you can
we heard from one bride who is planning to bring water spray bottles!

Monday, July 19, 2010

Danielle & Mike

It is a fabulous wonderful uber trememdous event when we get to welcome a couple to the wedding family at Bobbi Brinkman Photography! But when that couple is none other than our own Danielle----- well it is a little extra somethin' somethin'!

Danielle (Dani to some, Nell to us around BBP) and Mike have been together for a few years now and the Big Day has been set, Nell and Mike are getting married! We could not be more excited and I know that our clients who know Nell as well as many vendors in town who have worked with her are excited as well.

Welcome to the BBP family Nell----- in a whole new way! We absolutely can't wait until two of our favorite people say their "I DO'S"!

photo courtesy of Danielle

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Late Hours R&R

Sometimes it is a very good thing (to borrow a Martha Stewart phrase of course) to meet with other wonderful wedding professionals after respective gigs and chill. Well, chill with a few beers some food and lots of talk.

We enjoyed Square One last night after Sarah & Joe's great wedding (what a nice couple!) with fellow photographer Tom Paule and DJ extraordinaire Chris and his wife Melissa from CJ's Disk Jockey service.

Almost everyone's first choice of beer/cocktail had been greedily consumed before our arrival by other Square One folk but we did manage to have a wonderful, albeit late, evening. I do believe we closed down the place.

Sunday in St. Louis brings a day of thunderstorms, cooler weather and quiet. We'll be working away on Sarah & Joe's wedding and hoping that the tail end of your weekend is absolutely wonderful!

Now speaking of Martha (and how I do love all things Martha Stewart!!!) I may have to play a bit of hooky when Martha makes her debut on HSN tomorrow! 11:00 a.m. CST----- be there or be square! I'm telling you, that bone folder just makes me crazy! ;)

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Sarah & Joe

Most of us will be thinking about how hot it is here in STL (again) but you can bet that Sarah & Joe will be thinking about how happy they are on their wedding day!

Of course we are thrilled to be able to capture their wedding day story with "Images from the Heart..." I have absolutely no doubt it will be anything less than a fantastic day!

Friday, July 16, 2010

Welcome Lindsey & Tim

We are absolutely thrilled to welcome Lindsey and Tim to the wedding family at BBP! Here at Bobbi Brinkman Photography we get special joy from the opportunity to work once again with the families of brides/grooms that have already been married and photographed by us. We met Lindsey at the wedding of her sister Julie to Nick. That day was wonderful and we have no doubts at all that when Lindsey and Tim marry the fabulousness quotient will be high!

Welcome to the family ------ Lindsey & Tim............ it is a pleasure, an honor and a blessing to photograph your wedding with "Images from the Heart..."

Thursday, July 15, 2010

MORE WUW- Wish Upon a Wedding

WUW- Wish Upon a Wedding is the national organization that makes wedding dreams come true for those individuals faced with life threatening illnesses. The call is out for businesses to donate items for auction. If you own a business or work for one who could make a difference, please read on!!

Couples planning to be married can bid for wedding-related auction items online starting in October or at a Blissful Wishes Balls Nationwide in November, with all proceeds benefiting Wish Upon a Wedding .

Because raising funds for this organization (or any) is necessary, Wish Upon a Wedding has some wonderful opportunities available.

Wish Upon a Wedding is currently seeking donated products or services in 46 cities, ranging from wedding gowns to tuxedos, invitations to cakes, and limousine services to honeymoons. It only takes a moment to register and make a difference in someone's life at ! Be sure to add your item to the correct category (city), and don’t forget to include your company logo and URL. What a great advertising opportunity~ and you'll be making a positive difference in someone's life who truly deserves it!

The Blissful Wishes Ball is OPEN TO THE PUBLIC and will be taking place in several large cities as well as St. Louis during November of 2010. Many of the items which will be available AT the actual GALAS are also available to be previewed right here on the Wish Upon a Wedding Auction site!

Thursday, July 08, 2010

Post Holiday Miscellany & Today Wedding

So, how was your holiday? Long weekend? Back to the grind? Why is it that when you have a holiday weekend you're almost ready for the next weekend by the time you think you're back in the groove? Our groove has worn thin this week with a crazy schedule. (Sort of like always!)

We're excited that it is almost time for the Today Show Wedding series to start up again. They're sharpening their pencils and getting the short list ready for us all to discuss and weigh in, vote and make the list of those brides and grooms vying to tie the knot on national tv in a wedding on "the Plaza". Tomorrow is the last day for wedding couple hopefuls to apply to be "The Ones" via Facebook. The upcoming series "Modern Love" will culminate in the big televised wedding on October 6th. This year interior designer Colin Cowie will be orchestrating the reception, and voters (like all of us) will choose the wedding gown, tuxedos, rings, cake and flowers by popular vote. We'll be talking about it, hope you'll chime in with your picks as well!

Hotter than a post fourth firecracker here in STL---- that is to say not as hot as it was but still plenty warm enough to get your attention! Here's hoping for great weather this weekend!

Friday, July 02, 2010

Holiday Weekend on tap

Ahhhhhhhhhhh......................... yes! It's a holiday weekend! Are you taking a long one? A three dayer perhaps? Or as the news said last night, "here in St. Louis we take 3 1/2 day holiday weekends!" I wish I could say that BBP will be holidaying----- but 'tis not true. We will all find a way to work in a little bit of bbq'ing, some family, some friends, some fireworks and a cocktail or two.

From all of us to all of you, we hope that you have a magnificent holiday weekend! To help you on your way, a favorite cocktail recipe-- just in case!

Blueberry Martini

1 cup Fresh blueberries, washed and dry, divided into halves for use
2 oz. blueberry cocktail (juice)
1 oz. fresh mango juice (found in the international section of the grocery)
2 oz. really good vodka
1/2 oz. orange flavored liqueur (best possible)

Place half the blueberries into the bottom of the shaker and lightly muddle them, then add all of the other ingredients into a cocktail shaker filled with crushed ice. Shake that baby like James Bond going tropical! The ice will further break up the berries. Strain into chilled cocktail glasses. You may rim with sugar if that is your preference. Make this a 4th of July cocktail by rimming the glass with coarse white sugar and garnish with a pretty little cocktail pick of alternating red raspberries and reserved blueberries.

Enjoy------ have a fabulous weekend!