Saturday, June 30, 2007

Michelle and Kevin

I think the little girls above must be whispering about Danielle............

We are off to photograph Michelle and Kevin's wedding today and are looking forward to it very much. We had a great time with them during their engagement session, they are just the nicest people! Thankfully the weather is going to cooperate, it shouldn't rain and the heat and humidity are quite a bit lower than they have been in the past couple of weeks. We might get a bit of cloud cover, not a bad thing if it keeps everyone cooler!

Danielle will be along as second shooter so we will be able to hear all about the new man in her life. No............. it is too soon to think about wedding bells and the fact that she might be able to begin using her list of Wedding Do Me's........... but one can always think about it! We always laugh at Nell, it is such a great way to live an exciting life rather vicariously!

Have a fabulous Saturday!

Friday, June 29, 2007

Baby Travis

Bobbi photographed another Angel Session for Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep yesterday at St. John's hospital. How she manages, most of us don't know, we just know what a blessing she is to the families who are struggling with losing a very precious child. Baby Travis was indeed a precious angel.

Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep is a non-profit organization that focuses on "infant remembrance photography". The families themselves are never solicited, but photographers around the country are contacted by the hospitals or parents themselves. It is an amazing and wonderful organization, if you have not been to the website to find out more we urge you to visit at

As always please count your blessings--- and pass one on.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Warm enough?

It isn't even July and St. Louis is HOT HOT HOT! We had a big 'studio party' (no party about it unless you count the beer after) and moved the storage facility. By the time the U Haul was finally unloaded we were all more than damp--- and that doesn't even count the rain shower in the middle of the day.

But we are back at it, and air conditioning is involved---- it is the little things!

Monday, June 25, 2007

Michelle and Jeff

Michelle and Jeff are not only 'soon-to-be-marrieds' in the BBP family but another circle of life story. Michelle's parents were one of the first bride and grooms to be in front of Bobbi's lens very, very early on in her career. We were fortunate to have shot their oldest daughter Jennifer's wedding a couple of years ago and now we're blessed to capture Michelle's wedding with "Images from the Heart..." how cool is that? We had a great time with them photographing their engagement session and running around with Jeff's son Mason in the park. We are really looking forward to this wedding, it will be lots of fun and a great time to catch up with the family!

Enjoy a wonderful Monday!

Friday, June 22, 2007

Chrissy & Chip

Once again---- I sound like a broken record---- but it is absolutely true, we have the BEST brides and grooms on the planet! We are so blessed to have Chrissy and Chip as part of the BBP family, they define compassion and kindness, we just love them! It was SO HOT when we shot their engagement session, St. Louis heat and humidity at its best--- whew! Regardless, we had such a good time and enjoyed their company very much. Probably almost as much as they enjoyed going to Dogtown for 2-for-1 margaritas after the session! Thanks guys, it was great!

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Great Day at the Park

Let's see if I can sum up the day:

  • gorgeous blue skies
  • not TOO hot
  • two great families
  • six great kids
  • a baby frog on Bobbi's Head
  • a baby frog on Bobbi's Lens
  • much laughter

NO frogs on Tina???? Priceless!!!!!!!

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Angel John-Luke

We are regularly privileged and very blessed to capture "Images from the Heart..." for so many occasions. Bobbi, who is the St. Louis Area Coordinator for Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep, a non-profit bereavement photography program had the honor of photographing an Angel Session early this morning. John-Luke was delivered shortly after 2 a.m. on June 20, 2007. Though this angels time here on earth was only moments he will be a blessing for a lifetime. It is really amazing how this baby touched so many lives; his parents and family, the doctors, nurses, those that heard about him, and us at BBP. We carry the memory of the wee ones that have been photographed by request of their loving parents forever.

Count your blessings. Pass one on.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Gail and Ron

Welcome Gail and Ron! We are delighted to add another 2008 bride and groom to the BBP family----- and you two will be such a wonderful addition. Gail is a pharmacist and Ron works as a financial planner, two more wonderful people you would be hard pressed to meet. They told us that they have really enjoyed looking at the slideshows of recent weddings and seeing such great ideas.

Speaking of great ideas, the yet unmarried Danielle on the BBP staff has a LIST of great ideas from our wonderfully creative brides and grooms. There is a not a wedding that goes by that she doesn't find some really fabulous something-or-other that she absolutely loves and comments to us all that she is going to use that idea when she gets married. Last week Danielle told me that she now has an official list of things. If I know her, the list is on lovely paper, in a beautiful font, with all sorts of decorations and embellishments. I also know her well enough to know that she will do everything she says she will............................. she always does! No wonder all of our brides love her and enjoy having her along on their special days! One of our recent brides Carin told me that having Nell keep her grounded with her understanding and calming ways was incredible.

Have a great Tuesday!

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Happy Father's Day

Today is Father's Day, a day to honor not only our Dad's, but those in our lives who have filled the role of mentor, protector, father-figure. There are many who have inspired us all to be the best people we can be, and along our paths have directed us, supported us, and encouraged us. But especially to our Father's we lovingly remember you every day----- and give thanks for your presence in our lives. You may be gone from us for now, but never forgotten!

Happy Father's Day

Friday, June 15, 2007

More Bridezillas!

By more Bridezillas of course I mean the show of the same name that we--- and SO many of you--- watch. Love to hate? Can't believe? Promise never to be like that???? And more! Well a new season starts up this weekend, I'm sure you will be letting us know all about it!

It looks like the show will be even more bleeped than normal--- yikes! No matter what, it continues to be very highly rated. I'm actually interested in Bridezilla's this season because the commercials are saying that one of the brides gets left at the altar! Now, if you ask me, I can't stand most of those brides and think that they should count their lucky stars that they got married at all! We'll see!

Another crazy weekend coming up for BBP---- hope you have a great one!

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Engaging x 2

Normally I would blog these engagement sessions separately------ but the arm of the server that handles client viewing is having 'issues' for the past day. Sigh. I hate technology sometimes!!! So not to drive these couples crazy (-ier???) I want to give them (and you) a small taste of their sessions. In no particular order, Christina and Christopher and Melody and Jared.

Thanks for your patience!

Now about that server................................

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Katie and Jason

Good grief I can't believe that I'm so behind on engagement sessions on the blog! We have had so many lately -- all of them such fun. I am a huge advocate of the engagement session, it not only gives you a (lovely) final product, but it is a great opportunity to get to know not only us better, but yourselves. You will find out how it actually is to be photographed, if you blink or if you are simply perfection 24/7---- as all of our couples are of course!

The photos today are from Katie and Jason---- what a wonderful couple, we really can't wait for the wedding at the winery, it will be absolutely fabulous.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Melissa and Ben

I promised images from Melissa and Ben's lovely wedding at the Lemp Mansion and without further delay, here is the slideshow. They had some great details, enjoy them! We loved the fans, perfect for an outdoor event, they featured the program on the back and each wooden handle was tied with ribbon from the wedding colors. All of the bridesmaids wore the same dress in a different color so the flowers picked up all of the colors and were sprinkled throughout the day. We're crazy for gerbera daisies and Melissa used a lot of them, they were so pretty! And one of my favorite things was that our bride and groom took our advice and used a preferred vendor for the limo---- yay! It makes all the difference in the world believe me! The happy couple is honeymooning in Jamaica, at Sandal's I believe. With the heat and humidity coming this week (the longest stretch so far above 85 in St. Louis) I plan to imagine myself in Jamaica!!! It might just lighten the stress of it all! So, if you call the studio and I answer the phone with a funny (and probably very bad) accent-- -well you'll know! :)

Have a great day.................... mon!

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Millenium Bliss

Instead of the lovely hand-colored image above, I should be featuring FOOD, and a lot of it. Why do we LOVE the Millenium Hotel? Start with the fabulous location overlooking the Arch, Busch Stadium and with such a fabulous view of the riverfront as well as downtown it is a GREAT place for family and friends to stay, there is even a Hooter's nearby for Uncle Bud! :) The staff there is exceptional, professional, helpful and friendly--- super important to us and to you! Many of our bridal couples get ready at this premiere location, or stay there on the wedding night. Can we suggest the Millenium as a great spot for rehearsal dinners, and for the day after the wedding family get together brunches.......... it is hard to beat the fabulous champagne brunch up in the revolving restaurant. Can you imagine having your wedding there? Absolutely gorgeous! We met clients there this morning and everyone enjoyed the view of the Cards fans beginning to gather for the game with L.A. today, as well as the sight of downtown beginning to hum. We all enjoyed orange juice and coffee and then dove into the sumptious brunch foods---- Belgian waffles with every topping imaginable, scrambled eggs, eggs benedict, bacon, sausage, breakfast potatoes, the omelet station, carving stations with ham and roast beef, fruits and breads, and entrees from veggies to cajun seafood penne pasta and bourbon glazed pork roast. We ate ourselves silly------ SILLY! I would not be myself if I did not close with desserts, 4 different kinds of cheesecake, a chocolate cake that was so decadent it would hurt you, chocolate mousse, carrot cake and something I can't tell you what it was other than that it looked great. A little more champagne and we were out the door.

What a great way to end a busy and wonderful weekend. We all had a great time yesterday at Melissa and Ben's wedding at the Lemp Mansion. I am happy to tell you that while we were upstairs in the suite we saw no ghosts and had no paranormal activities whatsoever. (I was a little disappointed having brushed up on my Ghostbuster skills!). We're taking the rest of the day off, but I will be back with some of the beautiful images taken yesterday.

Saturday, June 09, 2007

Miss Vivian

Well, first of all, before we get to the lovely Miss Vivian----- we all send out big thanks to one of our brides (now Married Ladies)--- Keri, and her husband Jeremy. As if we didn't have enough fun and blessings being able to capture their wedding with "Images from the Heart...", they just sent us the sweetest gift! I opened the envelope to find a gift certificate from Modesto, which happens to be on our list of favorite haunts! Thanks guys----- it was really sweet!

The collage today is of one of our favorite clients Vivian. She and her sister Jessica have been in front of Bobbi's lens for a lot of years, way before they were such gorgeous young women! Vivian was in the studio last week for her birthday photos, we'd been looking forward to their visit with Mom Karin for a long time (and not just for the Girl Scout cookie delivery either!). Although Miss Vivian assures us that she will never marry, we think that she is just going to be far too fabulous a woman not to get married and be a BBP Bride! Either way, we consider ourselves fortunate to be able to be part of her life, as well as her families life! Because the new website that will feature the kids, sports, family and senior portion of the studio is not live yet, I wanted to share Vivian with you here. I'm sure you will agree she is amazing!

Have a fantastic Saturday! We're off to the wedding of Melissa and Ben and are really looking forward to it. Naturally we'll have some images next week of their special day.

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Carin & Michael

The wedding last Saturday of Carin and Michael was a very special one on so many different levels! First of all, the couple wore 'purity' bands for their entire relationship leading up to their marriage, they quite simply 'waited'. They're very involved in their church and their lifestyle was such an inspiration to their church family and the youth group they mentor. It did make their wedding absolutely breathtaking. Carin and Michael made much of their wedding or it was gifted by talented friends, from the lovely invitation to the chuppa in the sanctuary--- right down to the cupcake cake at the reception which was decorated in the most gorgeous of styles. We had a wonderful time and consider ourselves to fortunate and blessed to have been included in their once in a lifetime event. The happy couple is honeymooning in Mexico and we hope they're having an incredibly romantic and fun time!

Enjoy the slideshow!

Tuesday, June 05, 2007


First of all for those who have asked, called, e-mailed, sent smoke signals and otherwise begged for more information, Bobbi is back in the studio today. She arrived home after 9 last night thoroughly exhausted but bursting with stories and enthusiasm for the day she had spent with the cast and crew of "The Return". She said that the entire process of film making was awesome, and because she is a detail girl, the deets of it was mind boggling. Your answers in no particular order: the food was great, caterers travel with a film crew and provide some good grits. The stars eat first, then the rest of the crew digs in. Everyone has a very specific job and does it well. You might love the story of the tape girl, yes, the tape girl. Tim Robbins is much taller than he looks on screen and yes is quite handsome. Rachel McAdams is lovely. The movie is supposed to come out this fall and has an Academy Buzz already (or so they say). The scenes still are not St. Louis, but maybe not Denver anymore either, perhaps Pennsylvania. There are a zillion people on the set, no wonder it costs so much to make a movie! It was a fabulous day and yes, she IS still agreeable to autographs! :)

The photos above are of Danielle's new tattoo. Isn't it fantastic? "INSPIRE" is perfect for Nell, as anyone who knows her would agree wholeheartedly. You would never know that Nell is 22, she seems much older and is of course more responsible and mature than many of us. Okay, all of us. She does inspire everyone (and I mean everyone) she meets, the whole world just becomes her fan club! As she goes into the field of education she will inspire he students as well as the faculty she works with to be the best people they can be. And, I say with a laugh, because she is so doggone responsible she smiles when she says that 'just in case' her gorgeous ink can be covered up with a watch band! HA! I love her tattoo so much that I want one. A lot. I think about it all the time as a matter of fact, I want to get in my car and go get one. I want mine to say something also unique and personal and ultimately defining. There are only two things that keep me from this, one is the fact that you can just imagine how dang much it hurt by looking at it (and Nell says it hurt more than you can imagine!), and then of course is the fact that it IS forever. Like always. My kids would not rise up and call me blessed they would add a few words of their own to describe their Mother that go way beyond weird.

Of course, that is three things. And come to think about it, why should I start caring NOW that my kids thing I'm a titch odd?

Monday, June 04, 2007

Lights, Camera, Action!

Bobbi has left me to hold down the fort today, but for a good (or at least fun) reason! She received a call last week to work on the set of "The Return" filming here in St. Louis. The movie stars Tim Robins, Rachel McAdams and Michael Pena, and will be filming in St. Louis over the next several weeks. The storyline has three soldiers returning home (not St. Louis oddly enough, but Denver aka St. Louis) and embarking on a road trip.

So brides----- you'll have to do without Bobbi while she is on the set and of course it goes without saying.............. OF COURSE you can have an autograph! :)

Have a great Monday. I'll be posting images from Carin and Michael's very touching wedding last weekend in the next few days while they are on their honeymoon in Mexico.

Friday, June 01, 2007

Michelle and Mike

The images from Michelle and Mike's spring engagement session were just too wonderful not to share! As always, we had a blast------ this couple is so much fun and we're looking forward to their wedding later this year.

5:15 and the blog is just getting up, sheeeeeeesh! Another busy day at the Studio, what a blessing to be able to work with so many great people and wonderful vendors! I don't even want to discuss the fact that it is JUNE already, how in the world did that happen?

The June-July issue of the BBP Wedding Newsletter is out, let me know if you haven't received yours and I'll send it right out!

Tomorrow finds us at Carin and Michael's wedding at last! Carin, no need to be stressed, here it comes ready or not (and I know that the two of you are MORE than ready!) It promises to be a fabulous, romantic, wonderful day no matter what the weather is up to. Speaking of the weather though, say a prayer and think a kind thought for spectacular weather for our bridal couple and for all of the others getting married in St. Louis where the weatherman says it might rain!