Saturday, May 31, 2008

After the Rain--- Melisa & Jeromy

After the storm last night it is a wonderful thing to see blue skies and sunshine for our bride and groom today. (Did the no rain dance work after all?) I had my doubts in the wee hours when the hail pounded, the wind howled and the rain seemed like it would never end. Again. But today looks like it will be lovely. After watching the local weather I think we need to enjoy the sunshine as yet more rain is on the way.

Melisa and Jeromy will marry today, after a long engagement where we've been blessed to get to know them---- we're excited, it is going to be a wonderful day!

In a completely unrelated comment, did you know that ex-American Idol contestant Melinda Doolittle is the cousin of Today Show Race to the Altar contestant Ladonna and Darnell? I'm finding this season of the annual win a wedding from the NBC morning show quite interesting if only for the behind the scenes things. It's no surprise that the blogosphere is enormous and with tremendous impact----- all of the remaining contestants have a blog presence of some sort! And a zillion people blogging about them! Annie and Tom of course are well supported by the Lupus community where Annie is bringing not only light to the illness but excitement and hope. Plus they have an entire website, devoted to winning the contest including myspace and other corresponding sites. Ladonna has a Knotblog and they of course have the Melinda connection. Melissa and Ryan apparently have a huge following especially with the military as well as their own blog. They've even been busy googling blogs that have said something about the 'Race' and have been busily posting comments all over the web! It is amazing, I guess this 'little wedding contest' has indeed become an absolutely huge deal. Contestants have whole blogs and websites devoted to winning------ somehow that blows me away! (I don't know why, it just does!)

I think it might be information I didn't want to know! It's kind of like finding out that Santa has an alternate agenda or something!

Friday, May 30, 2008

S*X and the Wedding

The new issue of Vogue, June 2008, has (who else) Sarah Jessica Parker on the cover. Inside the pages beyond the fabulously photographed piece with Carrie and Big----- you will find a very interesting section. It's toward the back........

The Vogue Wedding Index Guide, "Marry, Marry. Quite Contrary". Over the top (for the most part) ideas for weddings a la Carrie Bradford of Sex in the City. A lavish three page spread of 20 wedding ideas.

From #1, a pale pink gown from Christian Lacroix Haute-Couture and dripping with pearls and long black gloves------ to #15, monogrammed surfboards apparently a perfect gift for the bride and groom that have everything. They're priced at $1,571, more than likely a great bargain!

Even with the outrageous (here in St. Louis anyway, outrageous by modest midwest standards) I urge brides to pick up this issue------ surely there are some wonderful ideas to be incorporated into a wedding, and lovely eye candy in any event! The gorgeous mis-matched place settings, the yummy lingerie, the jewels, even the intriguing wedding invitations--- lots of fun to look at!

Me? I'm holding out for the Manolo Blahnik stilettos, eight miles high and embellished with rooster feathers!

We are looking forward to the wedding tomorrow of a really great couple, Melisa and Jeromy. In fact, we've been waiting for this one----- and can't wait to be part of their celebration. Woo Hoo!
Melisa, I'm doing the good weather dance for you!

I close with a sad note. Not the death of funny-man Harvey Korman, although he will be missed. No.............. from the pages of June Vogue, this fall will see the return of the 80's banana shaped pant leg. It wasn't a flattering look then, much less now, eeeek. That narrow at the calf and bloomy through the hips silhouette really only looks good if you are young and beensy.

For the rest of us................. is the "hot light" on?

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Countdown to Se*

Countdown to Se* indeed............ and what were you thinking! Oh woo hoo................... the time is here, the time is now------ run do not walk to your ATM and withdraw money to go see Sex in the City! For those of us who are unabashed devotees of Carrie and the girls, the long awaited movie opens tomorrow!

We know there is a wedding as we have seen a few clips, and of course the now famous still seen above, Carrie in a wedding dress. But will it be Big? Can Carrie find happiness? Is Samantha still with Smith, the way younger hottie in a meaningful relationship?

Are we all as anxious to catch up with Charlotte and her adorable daughter as we are to see the shoes? And the fashions?

Craig Blankenhorn/New Line Cinema

Can Miranda captivate us as the lawyer living in Brooklyn with Steve and the baby?

And I suppose the greater question is: Do we Care? Or are you and a zillion others like you simply going to go to see the movie JUST BECAUSE.

I for one, can't wait! A Sex in the City wedding............... I'm sure it will mirror all of those at BBP to the 't'!

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

I certainly don't know how I can write the blog today without commenting that I'm completely bummed about the Today Show Throws a Wedding--- Race to the Altar!!! My pick, Dominic and Cara were voted off, what a bummer. Sigh. This of course means that I'm going to have to choose a new favorite from the couples that remain. This is going to be difficult but after long and very serious thought I'm going to have to say that would be Annie and Tom, only because in their bio they want to have a life filled with "yoga, tofu, and traveling". I didn't make that up, really.

So, Annie and Tom it is. They're from Chicago (where I attended high school back in the day) and I suppose I can begrudgingly give bonus points for that.

Don't forget to vote, I'll be devastated if I have to choose yet another favorite.

You know what tomorrow is, right? A national holiday all over America for women under 80.................... I'll be working double-time today so I can join in the festivities as well!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Erica & Jeff

How lovely and how appropos that on Memorial Day weekend we would be blessed to photograph the wedding of Erica and Jeff. The day was a titch rainy in the morning and made getting the bride into the church a tiny bit tricky but she was such a good sport and never complained a bit. I have no doubt that is why the afternoon was nice and dry. Erica is the last of a large family to marry and be in front of Bobbi's lens, we had such a great time.

The bonus was not only that the bride and groom were adorable, sweet, kind and wonderful to work with..........

And not only a Brownie Concrete at Ted Drewes (which was I have to tell you delish!!!!!) No........ actually the bonus was being able to see so many former brides and grooms all in one place!

For those of you who have the password to view Erica and Jeff's wedding images online, the event is UP!

Because we've all been thanking our soldiers past, present and future all weekend long I'll close today's blog post with a piece of poetry.

"A Visit to the Wall"
Vietnam Memorial
by Bob Miles

Today I went to "The Wall"
Listed were the men that had to fall!
Fall for say?
Fall so that others might live another day.
Their bodies gone into decay.
Their memories will never fade away
Listed there: were brothers that paid
the ultimate price
The cold, granite stones looked so nice.
In the quietness a gentle breeze did
Blow and whispered in my ear,
"You know"
Yes, How well I knew
Many owed their freedom -- to so few.
Tonight I lay on my bed
Thirty-six years later I still
Wept for the missing and the dead.
And the mourning and their evening
Were the sixth day
Tomorrow -- would be a day of rest.

Monday, May 26, 2008

Happy Memorial Day

On this Memorial Day, stop to remember. While usually a day off, some shopping, some barbequing, some family get togethers, and relaxing a bit ----- don't forget to remember the reason we have Memorial Day, you know, keep the main thing the main thing.

There won't be much barbequing and outdoor hoopla here in St. Louis, guess what more rain! Surprise! Regardless, all of us at BBP hope that you enjoy your day!

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Holidays and Brides

On the Saturday of Memorial Day weekend we're off to photograph the wedding of Erica and Jeff. Erica is a brilliant pharmacist to be and Jeff is a bright and most dapper military man---- very apropos for this weekend, don't you think? It is going to be SO much fun and we're looking forward to it in so many ways.

For those of you who have a weekend to relax, enjoy it! It looks like rain (boo!) is arriving tomorrow and Monday, today might be the best day of the long weekend to get out there and soak it in!

Me? I have pork steaks at the ready ............. you can't get much more St. Louis holiday weekend than that?

Friday, May 23, 2008

Three from Column A

OKAY OKAY OKAY OKAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Off the top----- I bring you today's disclaimer, posted after my initial post. Someone read my blog today and 'read in' the wrong thing. As you read below when I say that the GIMMICKS from the bride and grooms in the Today Show Race for the Altar were military service or diseases-------- I said GIMMICKS. Not shameful. There IS a difference and Geez.......... I thought you knew me! :) I was a military wife for over 30 years, I held down the homefront and served as military on my own ground in my own way through times of WAR and other difficulties. Military service shameful? Not quite!! I said GIMMICK----- and when you read below you will see that I said it tongue in cheek, meaning the people in the Today Show Race for the Altar all have a gimmick----- something that says look at me. Take a breath. I would never ever EVER disrespect anyone, much less the military service, or someone that has a disease. I left the comment in......... I'm not going to disallow it. I'm sorry that you read a post with humor as one that means harm.

No, of course we did not shoot the photo above. And I wasn't going to comment this early in the season, but I had to! Today is throwing another wedding and in a unique twist (boo) it is the "Race to the Altar". I don't like the games we've been doing so far, but maybe I'm just being crabby. Anything is possible after all.

You know how we all love to watch the lucky chosen couple get THE rings and The cake and THE tuxes, dresses and gown. We won't even mention THE honeymoon, or the etcetera's! I have to say that my pick for this year is Cara and Dominic. I think because they are just so 'real'. She is studying to be an esthetician and Dominic divides his time between real estate sales and car detailing! C'mon what is not to love? They are cute as pie too! No 'gimmicks' for them, no military service, no diseases, nothing but cute stuff! Just my opinion! So if you haven't voted get on over to the Today Show website and make your choice (if you don't vote for Dominic and Cara keep it to yourself!)

On a parallel Today Show note, did you see the segment from author Sherry Argov?? Her book is below, I don't think I need to say anything further...................

Wow. Once you move past the title shock value, one truth is that confident women do seem to be in short supply. A bit of the sample chapter (online at the Today Show website) is:

"Society's Guidelines for Good Girls
Imagine a world in which roles were reversed and men cooked for women, picked up socks, and couldn't wait to get married. Pretend you had a boyfriend who owned a hope chest with six lavender bow ties inside that he wanted his groomsmen to wear at the wedding. Picture him getting choked up every time you strolled past a Baby Gap. And that he greeted you at the door wearing silk boxers and cowboy boots, so he could do a pole dance for you. Then add a few ultimatums:"

I guess that does make you smile!

In a Friday Finale, I can't let the finale of American Idol go by without saying, I TOLD YOU SO! I'm thrilled that David Cook won and currently own every piece of music he has recorded. Woo Hoo---------- A great season of Idol! Shall we add that of the two David's, nobody did the Risky Business better honor that Mr. Cook in his BVD's. Puh-leeze!

I expect the next time I have to make a run for Wichita and drive by Blue Springs Missouri, I'll see homage to David by the roadside sign!

Looks like a great Memorial Day weekend, please enjoy it! We will be shooting the wedding of Erica and Jeff and are looking forward to it tremendously!

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Bless Those Twins!

Oh bless the sweet twins indeed!!! Mr. D and Miss E are having a tonsillectomy today, ick! We recently enjoyed their family in Lafayette Square Park for a session and are certainly thinking good thoughts for the kids! As all children of this age, they made us smile and laugh and Bobbi had them going with the "sneezing flowers" and the "coughing flowers"! As I told their Mom, having surgery on little tonsils is much better than as an adult. I think I was 23 when I had mine taken out and it was just a nasty ordeal! Now---- the ice cream and mashed potatoes were a bit of alright.............

Get better kids! Mom and Dad, hang in there!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Baby Ara + New Policy

Is she a beautiful baby or what???? WOW---- look at those blue eyes! Gorgeous! That is the lovely Ara, named for her paternal grandmother.

Her proud parents Ann and Nathan just think that Miss Ara hung the moon, which I have no doubt that she did! What a great personality--- just sweet as pie, giggly and cute as a button!

And baby toes........................ do you just LOVE baby toes????? Little plump chubby sugar sweet baby toes!!!!

We'd like to thank you all for the honor of capturing Miss Ara at 6 months old with "Images from the Heart..." what a pure pleasure it was. What a fun, happy, wonderful session! We look forward to many more as she grows up.

While we think our brides and grooms are all that and more and we absolutely love working with them, doing our lifestyle sessions for children is truly the icing on the cake. (And you know how I love cake!!)

On a separate note, I can't tell you how many times our brides and grooms want me to dance with them and the bridal party at the reception! Go figure I always say! Bobbi always politely declines as do I. Only at the recent wedding of Christina and Ron did I shake my considerable booty because she was more than insistent. Pushy really but that would be telling! I'm actually not always at the reception, but I've decided to make a "BBP Policy for Tina Dancing". (Why not??) It is pretty simple, should you wish me to engage in dancing at your reception my needs are simple:
  • a shot of Patron Silver
  • "Johnny Cash" by Jason Aldean
See? Very simple. I safely mention the POLICY because most venues in town have a strict no shot policy and fewer still serve Patron Silver. Safety!!! Most of our couples aren't big on country music either so I'm doubly safe! I do so like a policy that I can easily manipulate!

Heck, if the truth is told, manipulation is everything!!!!!

Monday, May 19, 2008

Jill & Stephen

You absolutely could not have had more perfect weather for the wedding of Jill and Stephen! They're working towards a move back to St. Louis but currently they both live in Maryland, having some family here in town. The temperature was spot on, the bright blue and sunny skies were a welcome treat after a few weekends running that were, well, less than perfect! What a gorgeous day! This couple and wedding party had lots of fun seeing the sights of St. Louis (except for Bark in the Park) and enjoying each other's company. We had a great time and are grateful to the happy couple for the honor of sharing their once in a lifetime day and capturing it with "Images from the Heart..."

To view their slideshow, please click HERE

Saturday, May 17, 2008


It always cracks me up------ the gentlemen in a wedding party generally have way too much fun and as a result are quite compliant! We love them all! The photo above? Probably best not to say much at all, better left unsaid?

Today we're all ready for the wedding of Jill and Stephen and more than a little excited that the weather is absolutely glorious! It seems like it has been a long time since we had a weekend that was not cold or rainy, at least in spots. Because our weather has been so wacky we will continue through the day with our fingers crossed.

Have a fabulous weekend!

Friday, May 16, 2008

So.... Here's the Cold Hard Truth

The truth is that I've actually been out of town for a few days and set the BBP Blog on autopilot. It seems that it did exactly what it was told and perked along quite nicely without me. Technology is a magnificent thing and I for one and glad to have it! I may not understand it some of the time but I'm glad to have it regardless. Anyway, everything at home seems to have run along quilt nicely. As did the studio apparently! With the exception of a pile of scribbled notes on various pieces of paper, a pile of filing, a zillion phone calls to return and the etcetera's! Lots of those. If anyone of you is named "Babbizuyl" I am sorry, I can't read your information and haven't contacted you! (Ha!)

I had to make a family run, out to Wichita. A sort of spur of the moment, time it when there are no weddings and a brief runnable respite. Once again, the truth of life (or one of them) was so in my face that it was hard not to remember to keep the main thing the main thing. I worry about the same things everyone else in America (and more than likely the world) does; mortgage payments, car payments, the exorbitant price of fuel and the fact that groceries are becoming as dear as gold. We won't even discuss the price of that!

The family run revolved around my Mom's brother's family. My cousin is about my age, we grew up together and because of distance more than anything else sort of drifted apart a bit. Which is sad because we love to be together--- which we will do more often.....we promised ourselves. She has in the last year become my hero, plain and simple. Paula lost her Mom about a year ago, right out of the blue ---kerblam, breast cancer and gone. After a couple months she found a house that made her heart sing across town, and she bought it, cash---- smart girl! Nothing wildly elaborate but full of love and she has worked so hard to make it wonderful with plans for more. The porch on the back is an absolute dream. Her husband is a heckuva nice guy, an over the road truck driver. Dave knows every mile marker, every great restaurant and truck stop, and everything in between. He was making a delivery and got suddenly very ill, being the stubborn man with an incredible work ethic, he made his stop and got his truck unloaded before collapsing. They found out that he has cancer. So dear David is not driving anymore and getting disability was like pushing an elephant up a very steep slope, but they did. Paula made the 9 hour treks to his hospital bed several times (and back home when absolutely necessary), kept her family of grown children and a pile of grandbabies in order, kept up on work and always made payroll for her employer. She never bitched, not one time------ just kept it going. I'm not telling stories behind her back when I tell you that she is one mean old gal, she has played this role in the family since I can remember, and she does it well. She is the epitome of a strong woman, she doesn't make excuses and she doesn't complain. Stuff just flat out gets done. Well.

Dave was given 6-8 months to live and he just passed out of the 6 month zone. He's fighting with every breath against all odds. Chemo and doctor appointments, more chemo and lots of drugs he goes on.

As if that was not enough, my Uncle (probably the most stubborn man that every lived) finally got to the point at 84 years and fighting a lung disease said, I'm done, I can't live alone anymore. When these strong pillars of masculinity get to this point it gets your attention. So, her dad moved in with her and her dying husband. And on she goes. I can't even imagine. I asked her how she does it and she very honestly answered that she does it because she has no choice. Wow I said. Wow I say.

I spent a very quick couple of days with her and loved every second. I can't tell you how much I wish she were closer. She made me smile and made me laugh and made me know that no matter what I have to face in my life is in no way anything even close to the battles she is facing. And because she is facing them with such courage, style and laughter I know I can too.

I can too.

I rushed home for shoots the afternoon as well as tomorrow's wedding of Jill and Stephen, it promises to be lots of fun and we're looking forward to it. I discovered along the way home that younger folks have nothing on me, I can drive 85 miles an hour in a 2008 Ford Taurus and send text messages. So there.

But I'm going to hold close the knowledge that life is a blessing no matter what, and that the most important thing is to hold your loved ones close and fight like everything to support them and tell them that they make a difference.

Here's to you Paula, you are my hero. Especially today I'm counting my blessings and passing them along.

To my Wichita cousin Cindy----- you make me laugh, thanks for that. I will read the book you gave me "Skinny Bitch"--- and if I say I'll think of you, well I will!

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Nothing Stupid

Doesn't the spring look GREAT in the background of Jeromy and Melisa's photo? It was such a pretty day and reminds me that those long awaited tulips and daffodils are now just a memory!

More importantly, at their engagement session, I don't think I did anything particularly stupid! :) Of course there were no college mascots to deal with!

Always a highlight.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Engaging Options

We recently had a wonderful engagement session at Mizzou with Colleen and Scott. It was a brilliant day, lots of sunshine and a nice temperature. I think we are almost as anxious for their wedding as they are! :)

I'll tell a story on myself------ one that is sad but true. We were near the fountain on campus (or probably one of them, I don't know Mizzou well) and walking toward it from the interior of the campus. We walked up to the fountain from the rear. We were a distance off and going to go there for a few shots, along with several groups of people doing the same thing, waiting for their photo op. Well, I said "How about we go up there where the cow is?" Now........... everyone looked at me as if I had lost my mind.......... "The, cow?????" Yes, that cow over there. In my defense I did not have on my glasses and the statue was seen from the back----- absolutely. In gales of laughter they reminded me that Mizzou was the home of THE TIGERS, and not The Cows. Alrighty then.


Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Love or Something Like it

One of the interesting questions we get asked a lot is "what happens if an engagement gets broken off?" And past the financial repercussions and sea of non-refundable deposits there are other considerations. Financially, every wedding vendor knows that while this is a personal tragedy to those involved, to a vendor it is a business and therefore a business decision. When you take on business, you automatically stop the flow of other business that would arrive on that particular day. Hence there is lost revenue to consider. On a totally human level, there is heartbreak and sorrow that far surpasses that which exists on a financial level.

Thankfully, this does not often happen---- at least around BBP, but it DOES happen. The last time this impacted the studio it was because of a silly groom who couldn't get past the fact that he was not a selfish 12 year old. There are certainly other causes for an engagement to break off and over the years we have heard over the years.

Bottom line, at least to our way of thinking? If the relationship ' is broke', it is best to fix it. Sooner if not later. We hear from brides (and through the grapevine) that it is enormously difficult to cancel a wedding when plans have been made, money had been spent and many emotions had been invested. It seems that the hardest thing is when parents get involved with their own baggage on the situation.

When it is love, or something like it the rules definitely become different! Our brides and grooms to be tell us stories when they get comments from those that have been spurned or in a bad situation, they tell us that their happiness is apparently a thorn in the side of the romantically sorrowful.

My favorite story came from one of the bridesmaids at a recent wedding. She was a darling girl and told the story of her broken engagement. Apparently, the event was cancelled pretty close to the wedding by her because her groom was exercising his right to continue dating. Right! Anyway, after tears and the difficulty of cancelling plans and trying to move on she needed a bit of closure----a ritual. She sat in a quiet space and lit the candle that was to be their unity candle, willfully letting go of the relationship and the associated pain. She reports that it was very helpful.................... along with keeping the ring of course!

Monday, May 12, 2008

Post MD

So, for the mothers out there, how was your Mother's Day???? We all hope that it was absolutely wonderful!

The image above is one of my all time favorites on so many levels. It seems a more than appropriate post Mother's Day tribute to Mom's. In the photo, the bride had seen her parents for the first time since putting down her veil---- and the Mom was compelled to come to her daughter and raise the veil a bit. Both of them had eyes full of tears and it was such an amazingly tender and beautiful moment, it still takes my breath away.

I talked to all of my kids, enjoyed one of my dear friends from Hawaii for the weekend (that was so great!) and wrapped up the day yesterday with a nap! A NAP! Can you even wrap your brain around that? It was delightful. Chris and I had the best time despite the totally cruddy weather, including (what else) more rain. On Saturday afternoon we ended up touring the Anheuser Busch facility in between raindrops and then had dinner with friends. AAHHHHHHHHHHHHH. Of course now I'm really behind the power curve but that seems once again only to reinforce the adage that when one plays one pays.

So------ have you seen the weekend news coverage and photo release of Jenna Bush's wedding? Not being political here-----

I think the photos are, well, less than fabulous. Not to be overly critical or mean or anything, but I have to tell you------- I think our clients would be shocked!!! Or something. Not that we've seen the full set of photos, and I'm sure there were thousands, but okay----- I'm just sayin'.

And, our brides shine brighter! SO there!

I was not there to fluff and buff the bride----- who WAS the bride wrangler anyway? Thank heavens it is still okay in this country for a dad and his daughter the bride to share a loving and intimate photograph and this tradition has not gone the way of Billy Ray and Miley Cyrus! Otherwise we'd be saying all sorts of things about the photo above and those of it's kind.

Friday, May 09, 2008

New BBP Family---- Jean and Joe

Friday may be gray and grim and rainy and wet and just nasty---- (surprise!) but the happy news is that we are able to welcome Jean and Joe to the wedding family at BBP! They are a great couple and we are so very much looking forward to working with them over the next year. Joe and Bobbi actually share the same musical instrument, although Bobbi has not played a note in several years. To the J's----- we know that we're going to have a great time working together and a long relationship! Thanks for trusting us to tell your story with "Images from the Heart..."

Now about that rain---------- good gravy I'm sick to pieces of it. Thank heavens the basement is (somewhat) dry. Bobbi reports that the dogs are not white anymore but sort of shades of mud color. We get lots of questions about Prince and Hana and I admit that I am remiss in not posting recent photos for you all. I'll have to rectify that soon!

Tomorrow is the big wedding at the ranch, we're just on pins and needles to hear all of the stories from there. I know, I know................. you are too! My greatest sadness is that there will likely not be YouTube's of the family doing the chicken dance. Dang it! We can only hope that TMZ has a mole planted or something.

My dear friend Chris is in town visiting from Hawaii----- so I'm jumping ship tomorrow to take the day off and play! I hope that your weekend is wonderful as well.

Thursday, May 08, 2008

Welcome Mickey & Jason

We met Mickey and Jason at a wedding recently------ Ashley and Andy's to be specific. They were both in the wedding party at that wonderful event and to be honest, none of us really knew they were an item! We are all really thrilled that they have joined the BBP wedding family and we're so very much looking forward to being able to capture their day with "Images from the Heart..." Woo Hoo!!!!

More rain and gray skies here in St. Louis so it is lovely to have some nice happy news to share!

For those of you out of the St. Louis Metro area, please box up some sunshine and bright blue skies and send it our way!

Thursday night here in town is a big rehearsal dinner night traditionally----- so, do you think that they are getting ready to tie on the feedbag down at the ranch???? Maybe they will be dressed in pastel bandana print frocks? I'm just all aflutter! While Bobbi would have declined (ever so politely) to photograph this weekends wedding, hey we are still vying to get the American Idol wedding for voted off Kristi! :) And if the truth were told, I suspect that Bobbi would have packed us all up for Texas if the call indeed came !

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Spring 2008 BBP Wedding Newsletter

The brand spankin' new Spring 2008 Wedding Newsletter from Bobbi Brinkman Photography has just been released........... if you don't have yours, and want one (and why wouldn't you!) let us know by calling the studio at 314.361.9899 or emailing info@bobbibrinkmanphotography. I'll get one right out to you!

Sunday, May 04, 2008

Kelly & Greg

Kelly & Greg's wedding day sort of started out kind of gray and chilly and drizzly but by the time they exchanged their vows in front of family and friends on the lakefront, the day was sunny and bright. (And my brides worry about my great weather dancing skills.... ) This couple so deserved a lovely day, they are truly kind and caring people.

We had a really wonderful time on location with this fabulous couple, currently living in Colorado. Kelly's maid of honor Natalie is from St. Louis and did a great job representing with the bridal party, Kelly being the ex-pat. I think that Greg, Erica, and Nathan were shown a fantastic St. Louis day, including (gasp) a crazy stop in a sea of Red when the Cubs were in town at the Stadium.

I knew the day was going to be completely great when the wedding party entered to Van Morrison's "Into the Mystic" and Kelly walked (or floated) down the aisle to "Waiting on an Angel" by Ben Harper. (I have already visited iTunes for that one!)

Thanks to the New Montgomery's------ and to their family and friends; we had a wonderful day.........cheers!

Apparently Bobbi was up until all hours their slideshow so I shall dutifully make sure that it is up for you to view HERE

enjoy----- it is (as always) spectacular!

Friday, May 02, 2008

Happy Friday!

Spring does seem to be putting on a nice show this year, even as late and as odd as it is! The last of the late tulips and daffodils are bravely holding on (albeit harder and harder to find) and the pinky glow of the redbud trees are still adding their color to the landscape. My favorite, the dogwood trees, are in full and perfect bloom right now---- they are just spectacular. I'm hoping the scheduled rain (yuk) today doesn't beat up the spring blooms too badly.

Tomorrow we will be photographing the wedding of Kelly and Greg, and looking forward to it very much --of course. Although the weather will be very chilly, we are hoping for sunshine on their once in a lifetime day.

All of us hope that your weekend will be full of laughter and love and many blessings!