Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Laura & Kevin

We first met Laura in November of 2006 when her sister Katie was married (and a glowing BBP Bride she was). How lucky were we that as it turned out there was an opening on Laura's wedding day to Kevin. The bride was lovely and said that her wedding dress was "her favorite thing these days"! As it should be, indeed.

The flower girl and ring bearer were ADORABLE!

After a bubble blessing from friends and family as they left the family church in Kirkwood (where Mom & Dad were married as well)-----

...... and we had a great time on the Best Transportation Bus............

Laura said we had to go to the site of their engagement, Kiener Plaza......

............ and they had to go inside the Stadium (go Cards)

It was a great afternoon!

Congratulations Laura and Kevin!

Monday, May 25, 2009

Happy Memorial Day

Memorial Day in the USA means a day off, relaxing, barbequing------- remembering those who have sacrificed for all Americans.

If you live in STL you are probably not enjoying a good old fashioned bbq due to the endless rain. (Again). Despite the weather, have a wonderful Memorial Day.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Laura & Kevin

What better to do on a fabulously sunny day in May? Celebrate a wedding of course!

We will be with Kevin and Laura today---- a long anticipated wedding date! We first met Laura at her sisters' wedding a couple of years ago and she and Kevin have been a BBP wedding couple for ages now!

Congrats newlyweds, we're so happy to spend the day with you!

Friday, May 22, 2009

When you are pretty........... you are Pretty!

How is this for a great news flash? One of our delightful previous wedding clients, Katie and Jordan have a winner of a dog!

Pretty (and yes her name really is Pretty) was just voted the Cutest Dog in St. Louis!!! Not only is the the cutest dang dog in town but all of her votes benefitted the Literacy Initiative of the Post-Dispatch. We had the opportunity to get to know Pretty because she came to all of Katie and Jordan's engagement session, she is a darling little Yorkie and is better dressed than most people I know!

Bobbi does ask you please not to mention this contest to her dogs Hana and Prince. Retribution might be ugly after all.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Trumpet Nights- Jean & Joe

Jean and Joe--------- a wonderful and amazing couple! Their last session as an engaged couple, pretty soon we will be dancing at the wedding. Of course, we can't wait!

Love that shot....................

.............. wait, I love this one too!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Susan & Gaurav

How can you top 3 graduations in one day? Is it that you have now graduated from Med School on top of the other two graduations? Is it that the day was bright and gorgeous? Is it that you gathered at Wildflower with family and friends for a great party, a beautiful celebration? Could it be the delicious treats overseen with care by your Mom? Or is it that to top off the day you married the love of your life, the woman who is your everything? That just might be the ticket right there!

All of these things are true indeed!

It could be argued that Susan and Gaurav had the very best day EVER! Possibly in the history of the world~

Susan's beloved dog Murray was along for the celebration as well.

Blue skies and gorgeous weather only made their joyful smiles bigger.

After partying with family and friends at Wildflower, the rain in the Central West End stopped long enough to go out for a bit and play-----

It's been awhile since we've seen a bride IN the fountain there on Maryland! Is she not just beautiful?

Always sweet and genuine yet so playful and spirited, we just love Susan!

Must be time to walk back to the reception................ with a stolen kiss along the way......

Congratulations Susan and Gaurav, it was magical! Thank you so much for letting us share the joy and capture the images of your extraordinary day with "Images from the Heart..."

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Session Parade- Angie & Eric

It's true, we as a studio are BLESSED!

Take Angie and Eric for example---- are we lucky to have such a great couple? Yes indeed!

They're such fun, great sports, just all around great people!

You know the wedding is going to be just fabulous! We can't wait!

Monday, May 18, 2009

Back to the Blog----- With a BABY!

After a bit of time away, gone but not forgotten, Michelle and Mike! Another one of our fabulous former wedding clients and greatly missed, we ran into one of our favorite couples at Ashley & Trey's wedding last Saturday. Guess what? They're expecting a baby!

Definitely one of our greatest pleasures is photographing the families as they grow----- when the babies arrive we almost forget how much we love their Mom's and Dad's! Almost! Mom Michelle is one of those women who is as beautiful on the inside as on the outside and Dad Mike may just be one of our favorite grooms of all time, men-- he is the high water mark for sure!

We can't wait to meet their new son, what a lucky little boy he will be! BBP will be there at every opportunity with camera in hand, capturing more of life's moments with "Images from the Heart..."

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Breanne & Patrick

Breanne & Patrick, what can you say?

Once again, we are the luckiest studio in the world to have such great clients and we know it!

This will be a beautiful wedding, no doubt about it! We're so anxious for the day to be here!

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Ashley & Trey

Ashley & Trey
have a fabulous weather day in STL to get married! Sunny skies, not too hot! Maybe even a little bit cool in the evening! How often does THAT happen at the end of May?

They may be taking the jump (again) today but I think that for their wedding, they'll stay dry!

Friday, May 15, 2009

Susan and Gaurav's Big Day

Today we continue to celebration with Susan and Gaurav! They're like many couples right now that are finishing school (happy graduation) and getting married (woo hoo).

It is going to be a wonderful day, we're so excited to be spending the day with friends and family capturing "Images from the Heart..."

Jennifer & Kyle

Forget about April in Paris----- it must be May in St. Louis! Spring is in the air (with all the flower making rain intact!)

The gorgeous pink azaleas in back of Jen & Kyle are almost as wonderful as they are!

Jennifer was our FIRST Jennifer to open the floodgates............. we do have quite a few on the schedule now! :)

They're a really great couple, down to earth, fun, with easy laughter. Surely their wedding will be a really great event, we can't wait!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Welcome Janine & Jeff

What can make gray and rainy STL days brighter? Welcoming new wedding clients of course!

With that we very happily welcome Janine and Jeff-------a great couple, very much in love! (that might sound like a given but oddly enough it is not!) We are looking forward to working with them, and with their is going to be great!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Sara & Josh

If it is Spring, it must be engagement session season! The weather here in good ole STL hasn't exactly been helpful, we've had a lot of rain and chilly temps.

It was wonderful to see Sara and Josh for their Spring session.

It was their last session before the wedding and Sara thought she might dress up a little. Doesn't she look great? Well, of course Josh does too!

At last sessions we always remember back to our first session with a couple, in this case Josh and Sara had just gotten back from vacay after Josh's deployment was over. They are the same wonderful couple and boy....... Josh is a lot more relaxed!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Shaun & Jennifer

Are they a great looking couple, or what?

Shaun & Jennifer, at a recent engagement session---- we had a wonderful time!

Spring was in the air, the skies blue and gorgeous, the breeze cool and refreshing!

We just can't wait for the wedding!