Monday, March 30, 2009

Jenni & Patrick

Jenni and Patrick's wedding was nothing short of beautiful---- and we had a great time with the newlyweds to boot!

To see more of their wedding and gorgeous images see the slideshow HERE

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Carin (Mama) and Michael (Daddy)

Big News from favorite bride and groom Carin and Michael----- very big news! You know what I'm going to say, BAAAAAAAAAAYBBBBEEEEEEE! Oh yeah, a new baby, on the way, the stork is still circling. I think it is in the water so you former BBP brides and grooms you had best be careful! :)

I get to "visit" with Carin and Michael every single day, they are on the wall of shame (er, FAME) here in the studio----- so sweet and happy and smiling! That's them below, see them on their portion of The Wall? Don't get all silly with your photo quality today, they come from my little camera----- not from the Boss who is out on location.

Are they cute or what???? Such genuinely kind and wonderful people, LOVE THEM!

Closeup, just so you can see the happy grins a little better!

That is Carin, above. She has her very own photo on the upper left of the Wall of Fame, she is such a lovely woman-- inside and out!

Our warmest congratulations Carin and Michael, we are absolutely thrilled for you and know that you are going to have a beautiful baby, happily photographed by BBP of course!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The Vintage Bride

Recently I was flipping through an old Vogue pattern catalog----- such fun! Here at BBP we do consider ourselves to be somewhat expert in the category of wedding gowns having seen SO many of them over the years. I came across a photo of a bride dressed in a vintage wedding gown circa 1968 Belinda Bellville. What made the photo extra special was that there was a 'then' and 'now' photo taken on the wedding day and at a current fashion show. The style made me think of recent bride Melody as the dress was very similar although with a shorter train.

In reality, all fashions whether they are wedding gowns or not have their roots in what we call vintage fashion. I mean, there are few truly original concepts! With the current fashion climate of vintage being so hot---- let's take a peek at some other great vintage gowns that would look fresh and fabulous today.

Also from the 60's is the style above, #2058 Vogue.

LOVE this vintage beauty from McCalls #4358, it might have been designed in the 50's but it would have such a chic presence in 2009.

Ah yes, does the 'Audrey" style ever go out of fashion? I saw a wedding gown in the pages of a glossy magazine lately that was quite reminiscent of this 1960's beauty from Vogue, 4139.

I would be remiss without including THIS one, below:

From 1971 baby! MINE! The bodice was ivory velvet and the body of the gown was matching ivory peau d'soie............... yummy. The bottom of the bottom tier was lengthened to make a train and each tier and around the neck was trimmed with gorgeous lace ribbon, scalloped on both sides and painstakingly sewn with tiny pearls on the lace. It was so pretty. Going through my cabinet of fabric recently I found what was 'left' of the dress having been mercilessly cannibalized over the years for baby gowns. Fabric from one full tier remains for some lucky baby and the velvet bodice still sits in the drawer, somewhat spotted with age and a reminder of 'tinier times'. Now, this pattern is HOT and called 'boho chic'. It makes me smile! :)

The last look (today) of vintage style comes from McCall 9677.

No doubt we will see many more designs that are vintage inspired from patterns and styles from our past.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Jennifer & Patrick's Wedding Day

We're up and out early for a full day with Jenni and Patrick, it is finally their wedding day! They are a great couple, no doubt that their day will be lovely with lots of gorgeous photos.

What a fabulous thing to do on the first FULL day of Spring, capture a happy wedding day with "Images from the Heart...

Friday, March 20, 2009

Happy Spring

It is the first day of SPRING!!!! Finally here is the promise of buds and flowers, green grass and warm sunny days. (We shall not discuss that the temp is hovering in the 50's).

On this lovely day where we celebrate the coming of a favorite season, don't forget to wear a pretty color, dance a little dance------ maybe buy a new pair of shoes!

Monday, March 16, 2009

All in the Details: Cakes

99.9% of the BBP Brides will tell you that a wedding is all about the details. Well, after the bride and groom of course! What IS a detail? Is it more than pretty shoes and a vintage handkerchief?

Yes...................... and no! The details that a bride will carry through her wedding depend completely on the bride and her personal style. Some brides opt for the simple details, flowers that carry through the ceremony and reception, a borrowed hankie, or a well thought out and oft repeated color scheme-- sometimes right down to repeating tones on bridesmaids tote bags and sandals for the location shoot. Other brides employ custom wedding logos that appear on everything from the invitation to the flowers, cake, and guest tables at the reception. The sky is really the limit (along with the budget of course)! Let's focus on the wedding cake!

Some 'hot' details:

custom wedding cake toppers, the one below from Toppers With Glitz:

Some brides who like a clean modern look are choosing a topper like the one below from Jean M:

I would be remiss if I didn't mention the custom polymer clay cake toppers that reflect you and your personality. Like the one below. Really. From Designs by Dorian.

Some of our favorite cake toppers:

From Erin & Ross (who carried the "re" theme from logo to flowers and more)


this traditional and elegant topper from Mary & Chance.

The topper above is from Christina & Ron's wedding, included here because of the current trend towards all things botanical.

Whatever cake topper you choose make sure it reflects your theme, your personalities, and of course your budget. Your cake professional can show you zillions of great choices custom tailored to your wedding.

Bon Appetit!

Saturday, March 14, 2009

With it?

I can't believe it has been so long since a blog entry. That is not like us here at BBP, nosiree. But that is the fact, unable to be ignored. We've been away so I hope that you will forgive us one and all. We're back and working hard!

Here's the weird thing------- upon arriving in Florida it was 40 degrees. No I am not kidding. Like, beyond chilly straight up to cold. The weather did (two days later) come up to gorgeous and sunny and all of those yummy things you crave after a cold winter but we kind of felt cheated for those first two days. While we were gone the weather was in the 80's HERE in St. Louis! Go figure. And the very worst of all was when we arrived back in STL the weather fell from 80 to 40.

No more blathering, I know what you want----- the eye candy that fills a wintry soul with hope that spring (and even summer) are coming.

Palm trees waving from a tree lined street in Naples, can you feel the breezes?

Stone Crabs. Need I say more? My goal was to eat enough fresh seafood to swim home and I think I gave it a good run for the money.

Couldn't you just move in? 6 bedrooms, 6 baths, a pool and maid quarters. All at a cool 3.25. As in million.

I'll leave you with a couple cushioned beach chairs and an umbrella on the beach. Think warm and tropical, maybe something with a fruity drink and a paper umbrella?

Nell and Mike are celebrating their birthdays tonight (Nell's has passed, Mike's is coming) on the Landing. If you see them out and about, wish them a Happy Happy!