Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Engagement Times

Engagement sessions.................. always a time to laugh, to enjoy, to revel in the "engagement" of it. Amina and Phillip got the giggles at a recent engagement session, they're such a fun couple anyway! The wedding is coming up SOON, and we're looking so forward to what will undoubtedly be a glorious Four Seasons Wedding with Lacy and her team at Lacy Branch Events!

Some engagement session suggestions:
  • Be yourselves
  • Wear clothing that is "YOU", without being too/too
  • Try to have your session when it is not overly hot
  • Don't be afraid to show your personalities
  • Choose a location that works for the season and your style
  • Bring along the usual suspects: lipgloss, comb/brush, etc.
  • Have FUN------ the fun always shows in the photos

Monday, August 30, 2010

The Call of the Bat Cave----

Some posts just don't require much comment at all do they?   

Monday is here!  Have a fabulous day, hope it kicks off an excellent week!

Friday, August 27, 2010

Today's Wedding: Modern.Love

photo Today Show
Are you watching the wedding planning for Modern.Love on the Today Show???

The couple chosen is from right here in Missouri!  Well sort of............. Melissa is from Columbia and her fiance is currently stationed in Afghanistan.

I sort of missed being able to choose the couple--- to watch the fun competitions in the past but it seems like Today is fast-tracking the wedding this year, to be held on the Plaza on September 30th. We the audience still get to vote on the wedding details, right now you can vote on their ringsWe chose the "Brilliant Earth" ring, really pretty! Get on over there and vote....... join the fun!

Back here in MO it's the most beautiful weather imaginable! If it could just be bottled and used at will!

Monday, August 23, 2010

Finding it---

Always after time on the road it is time to work, and by that I mean dig down and catch up. (I'm not sayin' that Bobbi is a cruel task mistress or anything.........)

I do know that:
  • It's been far too hot and thankfully the heat is breaking
  • My desk is not any cleaner than it was earlier in the day
  • You can not go away for a weekend with fresh bean sprouts in the fridge
  • Laundry multiplies
  • "Loose Meat" sandwiches are greatly over-rated 
......and mostly I know that Bobbi Brinkman Photography has the BEST clients in the world. 

    Wednesday, August 18, 2010

    Crystal & Drew

     We're looking forward to the wedding of Crystal & Drew, coming up pretty quickly! A chance not only to capture this couple's wedding day story but to work with Lacy Branch and crew as well as other fabulous STL wedding vendors, it is sure to be a good day!

    Their engagement session was shot on one of the recent uber hot STL days---- but they look cool and calm!!  :)

    We're looking forward to the wedding Crystal & Drew............ it'll be here before you know it!!

    Monday, August 16, 2010

    File Under FUN--- Trish & Andy

    A fun couple? A fun wedding? ABSOLUTELY! We had a great time with Trish and Andy on their wedding day and I think you can get an idea of why! :)

    The bride, groom and wedding party got ready to RUMBLE with another wedding party at the Stadium!  West Side Story come to the streets of St. Louis! Who won? We did of course!! Hilarious and fun!

    C'mon, it is not every single wedding day that you see a groomsman lose a bet in quite such a fashion. We're still laughing!  No but(t)s about it, can you say Good Sport?

    It is certainly not typical for the Father-Daughter dance to include air guitars, or Sweet Child of Mine for that matter but it captured this duo and brought the crowd to their feet!

    Wow! What can you even begin to say????? Go Trish and just get down with your bad self!!!

    Thanks Trish and Andy, family and friends for allowing us to be part of your very special, once in a lifetime day!!!!!!

    Thursday, August 12, 2010

    Be Prepared

    The All Important Emergency Kit:

    We’ve seen it all------------- from bags the size of Texas holding everything but the wedding limousine to a ziplock bag with one band-aid and two Excedrin. The best emergency kit lies somewhere in between.

    You want to be prepared for emergencies, but there is really no need to prepare for an emergency that is less than likely to happen! For example,  many bridal lists found in magazines and on the Internet will have you pack breath mints. I don’t consider breath mints a bridal emergency, if you do perhaps you have larger issues?

    The best thing is to find items that can multi-task. You will spend less time packing your emergency kit and less muscle hauling it around.

    Some things should be ‘off packed’, like your beauty kit. Carry a small little brides bag that will contain YOUR things:

    Brides Bag
    Lipstick or lipgloss
    Blotting tissues
    Tiny toothbrush and paste
    Floss picks (nothing less un-photogenic than spinach in your teeth!)
    Bobby pins
    a couple of Q-Tips

    In a larger more ‘general’ bag you might consider:

    Emergency Bag
    A stain removal pen or wipes
    Paper towels
    A small sewing kit. (the operative word is small, basically you need 2 large eyed sewing needles, PRE- thread in white, black and the shade of your bridesmaids dresses and bring sharp, teensy scissors)
    Clear nail polish only if the ladies are wearing hosiery and might need to stop a run (does anyone wear pantyhose anymore??)
    White correction fluid (works like a charm if you get a stain on your dress that the stain pen can’t get out)
    Pantyliners, just in case
    Chewing gum or mints
    Small spray bottle filled with water (in case you need a damp paper towel)
    Bug Bite Pen (or a small baggie filled with cotton swabs saturated in ammonia)

    Snacks and water should not be considered as part of an emergency kit but do consider bringing adequate bottled water and some ‘clean’ snacks such as crackers or string cheese along. There is nothing worse than someone hitting the dirt because of low blood sugar! It is the easiest thing in the world to skip having a little snack because you don’t feel as if you are hungry. Small little snacks throughout your wedding day are a must! Bring alongs might include:

    Small bags of pretzels
    Water (lots and lots of water)
    A couple cans of clear fizzy soda, non-diet for blood sugar issues
    String cheese
    Cut fruit (biting an apple wreaks havoc with lipstick)
    Granola or trail mix

    Plan well. Personalize. Relax.

    Wednesday, August 11, 2010

    Matt and Andi and Miss Annabelle

    Andi and Matt-------- waiting, dreaming, planning

    the very sweet bassinette made from Andi's wedding dress-----

     And there she is------ the beautiful Miss Annabelle. Worth waiting for, don't you think???

    Monday, August 09, 2010

    Julie & Travis---- The Funny Couple! ;)

    Julie & Travis recently entertained us at their summer engagement session:

    Of course he is being silly.......

    very very silly.......

    They're a great, high-spirited and fun couple! The wedding should be lots of fun!

    Saturday, August 07, 2010

    Trish & Andy's Day

    On this sunny Saturday, when the temperatures (for a change on Saturday won't be 110)-- Trish & Andy will be married! We've known the family for a long time and have had the opportunity to photograph sister Becky's wedding as well.

    We're looking forward to it....................... no doubt it will be a beautiful day!

    Friday, August 06, 2010

    Weddings in the News

    It seems as if the news is all about weddings these days from the mild to the sublime and mostly the big and/or unique.

    Vogue Daily had a fabulous article online about recent brides who have all worn Vera Wang. Fueled by the recent wedding of Chelsea Clinton, there are great pics of Victoria Beckham, Sharon Stone, and many more. The article is interesting for brides and non-brides, check it out HERE. Speaking of Vogue, are you ready for the September Issue?

    On the wild wedding front, did you hear the news about the couple married at a discount department store? In the shoe aisle. I'm just not sure what to say! See the Today Show story HERE

    We love shoes as much as the next bride..................... but we're not so sure about a wedding THAT close to shoes, well unless they're Jimmy Choo or Manolo Blanik!! 

    Thursday, August 05, 2010

    Seems like a WEEK!

    Somehow it seems like a week of Kristin & Eben! Be that as it may, we're sharing a slideshow of their wedding day before it leaves my desk for their file. Frankly I thought I had put it up some time ago but had apparently shelved it until their return from Italy. Gotta love the best laid plans!!!!

    So, here it is----------- enjoy!

    Wednesday, August 04, 2010

    Renee & Alex

    I just think I might be too hot to think........... fried brains or at the very least soft boiled thought process! The heat index was 115 yesterday and today looks to be the same in good ole' St. Louis---- home of Summer 2010 Extraordinaire---- yikes. Today promises to be almost a carbon copy so I'm already thinking of what to do for dinner that does not require firing up the oven or even standing outside over the bbq grill! We all are!

    But one thing I know for sure is that we are honored to welcome a new family member to the best brides in St. Louis MO! Renee and Alex, we are delighted to have you and very much look forward to your wedding!!!

    Now, stay cool out there!

    Monday, August 02, 2010

    Anna & Wumesh

    Anna & Wumesh are the most fabulous couple! We were honored to photograph their engagement session recently and the images are wonderful indeed. I'm a little bit jealous of Anna as she graduated from Smith (I passed up the op), but since she does happen to be a knitter, I'll let it slide.

    They're getting married October in Connecticut---- if that doesn't sound like a movie, I don't know what does!!