Thursday, July 31, 2008

She Said......He Said

Happens all the time............. she says XYZ, and he says, "WHAT???"

There are so many kind, gentle, loving, adorable suggestions that a bride gives her soon to be husband for their wedding day! And, more than a few of them are rejected out of hand.

Frequently, when we get to the wedding day a groom will say to us..........."oh, THAT is why she told me to do that!" You know, sometimes a guy just needs more information.

The short list of Wedding Do's for Men:

  • Get a manicure. Your hands WILL be in photos, and I am not kidding, you will feel badly that you didn't. We hear it every single week! It isn't like you have to do this weekly from here on out or anything! Well, unless you want to, that is!
  • Make sure your tux and all of your groomsmen have been professionally fitted! There is nothing worse that showing up on your big day and looking less than handsome!
  • Tuck a handkerchief in your pocket. Or two! You can purchase cheapies just about anywhere and they will come in handy... trust me!
  • If you are getting married in hot weather, you might want to consider renting a spare shirt. This is another thing we hear every week, guys would love the opportunity to change when they've been sweating up a storm.
  • Don't get trashed the night before your wedding. Or at your wedding.
  • And lastly, on the short list that is, make sure you tell your bride that she is beautiful. A lot!
We're super fortunate to be able to build long lasting and wonderful relationships with our grooms before the wedding, assuming they live in town that is. There are lots of great tips and they always want our opinion, a fact we appreciate and do not take lightly! So brides...... if you need a little buzzword dropped in the ear of anyone in particular............ just let me know!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Is There an Ashley in the House?

Not like you count or anything (although you might, our blog readers always amaze me with the amount of information and useless data they glean from the blog!)----- we have a LOT of Ashley's. We thought it might be tapering off............... thinking that maybe as we attended the wedding of an Ashley or two, the list might begin to deplete and the trend might run its course. We were (as I frequently am), quite wrong. Geez..... the studio just started running out of Katie's, for a long period of time that was pretty crazy too. The last Katie to marry was known around the studio as Katie Brown Hair! :)

It is with great joy we welcome the newest couple to join the wedding family at Bobbi Brinkman Photography------- Ashley & Andrew! We look forward to sharing your special day in Wichita Kansas------ another great destination for a Bobbi Brinkman wedding.

Aren't they a gorgeous couple? We were so pleased to have shot their engagement session in Wichita, both at Andrew's home and Ashley's favorite waterfall in town. Thanks to the wonders of Bloggers ability to post in the future, you never even knew we were out of state!

Andrew is a member of one of Wichita Kansas' fine families and Ashley hails from Oklahoma. She and Andrew actually met on a fix up from his parents! What are the odds of that working out anyway???
Their engagement shoot was lots of fun, as we knew it would be. BBP was blessed to have created Andrew's senior photos a few years back so to meet his bride to be and be able to be a part of their wedding day is extraordinary!

The third member of their family is above, that is A.J. on the left side of the photo. He's still a puppy and gives new meaning to the word "Boxer".

Thanks Ashley and Andrew------ and welcome to the family!

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Sara and Josh

It is always a great day to spend with our engaged couples! The day was hot but Josh just returned from military duty in Iraq and we understand from him that this weather........... not much in the truly HOT department! Thanks for your service Josh, it's a pleasure to have you and the lovely Sara in the family!

Cool in blue, and enjoying a bit of a respite from the shoot.................... ahhhhhhhhhhh.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Splish Splash

We had such a great time with Ashley and Trey at their recent engagement shoot!

The day was definitely a warm one......................... and the shoot was not a short one.......

They definitely chose the best way to cool off!

Friday, July 25, 2008

The Marketplace

So have you been to the Marketplace? The Marketplace at St. Louis Best Bridal that is. With no shortage of wedding sites around cyberspace this one is a nice addition, especially for local brides that are in the planning phase of their wedding.

The site is kind of a mix of a myspace type environment mixed with vendors, photos, videos, and great wedding articles and advice.

Pop over and say hi------- we're always looking for 'new friends' and comments!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Katie and Tom

We're wonderfully happy to welcome Katie and Tom (and their families) into the wedding family here at Bobbi Brinkman Photography! We met Katie and her Mom Cheryl at the recent bridal show in Chesterfield, they were recommended to us by the fabulous Emilie at the Hilton Ballpark. All of us can't wait for the wedding next May, with this great couple it promises to be fabulous!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Bridesmaids Dresses----- the conundrum!

We hear it over and over, how to dress the bridesmaids? One is tall, one is short, one is thin, one is fluffy------- one likes green and one looks horrible in it, one has plenty of income the others do not. How in the world is a bride supposed to find a dress that complements the wedding, carries out the theme and the color, is not dog ugly, and flatters all of the bridesmaids PLUS their pocketbooks?

It is by many accounts nearly impossible and one of the hardest pieces to fit into the wedding day puzzle.

It all begins with open and honest dialogue--- begin with price point as that decision drives all of the others. How much can your attendants afford? Will you or your family be subsidizing their wedding wear? Once you have a dollar amount in mind you can better search for dresses in your range. Style is the next big decision on the list, will your ladies wear the same style or coordinating styles? Will the color be the same for all or will you opt for some different colors and/or prints?

Begin by searching online, the options are absolutely endless. Once you have an idea of what you want in a general sense, you can begin looking in your locale area. Bridal shops will be best able to help you narrow your search in their stores when you can tell them you are looking for gowns in such an such a style in whatever price range you have in mind.

You might want to wander over to The to check out their picks for bridesmaids dresses, what a widely varied selection of dresses, and quite a few surprises as well!

What are YOUR bridesmaids wearing??? We can't wait to see!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008


We recently heard that one of our very favorite bride and grooms have had a terrible loss. Please join me in sending heartfelt condolences to Julie and Angelo, a great couple and a wonderful family.
Angelo recently lost his Mother, I know she will be missed very much.

Blessings to you all.............

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Photographer's Livelihood & Reputation

A serious subject, a serious blogpost.

It came to our attention early last week that there was something very ugly afoot. We thought quite long and hard about saying something publicly about it and decided in the final analysis in effort to support photographers not only in the local area but around the country that we would make a comment.

A photographer (shockingly in the St. Louis area) has been discovered to have stolen/copied photographs from the websites of other photographers and placed them on their website claiming that work as their own. The photographs that were stolen/copied were from different photographers all around the country. I don't know if you can imagine how fast this story was circulated in the photo world, not to mention in the bridal world. ALL CONTENT including photographs belong to a photographer unless credit is appropriately given for the use of other material. We were horrified to know that someone, particularly in this industry, would choose to steal from their peers. More horrified still that the theft would be used for personal gain and ultimately mislead innocent clients. It's a tremendously ugly situation. I understand that charges will be sought and we as a studio and as individuals are in complete agreement.

When it comes to images on OUR website, we are once again more than a bit discouraged. I'm not foolish, I understand that people in this day and age have absolutely no guilt when it comes to appropriating things for their own use, especially when it ends up costing them nothing. I suppose that it is an outgrowth of our society as a whole and how some people would not think of walking into a mall and stealing a print out of a storefront but don't understand the similar process when it takes place on the anonymity of the Internet. We love to put up the beautiful photographs taken from our clients events here on the website, it brings us great joy to share the happiness from weddings, family portraits and other generally happy times in life. We don't put up big 'whole image' watermarks or gigantic logos as some studios do. Perhaps we have been too trusting. Instead, we might use a small logo in the corner on some images. As most of you know, the beautiful slide shows of events that we place on this website are also not marred by watermarks or logos. BBP is blessed to have a huge readership of the blog, from fellow photographers, to past and current clients and everything in between. It is wonderful to have such a tremendous blog readership and following and we appreciate it. We have hoped that people would understand that the purchase of these photographs are how this (and every) studio helps support their livelihood. To right click and save an image found on our (or any) website and have it printed is, well there is simply no way around it, it is stealing. It is unconscionable. It is ILLEGAL! Not copying, not borrowing, not using, appreciating, enjoying or any other happy little euphemisms. It is plain and simple theft. I don't believe that people THINK, they somehow do not realize this in terms of the way they themselves make a living. We would never even consider walking into your place of employment or business and walking out with something that would cost you your livelihood/reputation just because we wanted it or felt it was ours, and didn't want to pay for it. It all adds up, a print here............ five prints there................ all in sum total it is more than likely a staggering amount of work that has been stolen, the income deriving from that work never to be seen in the life of businesses who work incredibly hard. Not to mention the quality of these stolen images from our (or any) website are often reproduced by the individual in such a low quality that we would never send out into the world. It reflects personally on the quality that we work so hard to provide for our clients and their future generations.

Just recently, we discovered an outright theft of the work that was created by BBP. Plain as day................. and we not only stung from the discovery but are quite honestly shocked, and deeply saddened. The individual(s) that did this KNEW better, because we had discussed it. It is stealing. Imagine walking into 'anyplace' and seeing a photo of yourself that was taken say, at a picnic. And it has been enlarged, stretched and distorted, and a bit blurry--- and you can't believe that an image that poorly printed--of you is out for everyone at an event to see. Because you know that you looked better in the original photograph. But the 'thieves' thought that it was in some way, funny or perhaps even flattering to have this image of you displayed for all to see. Now imagine being the photographer and hearing comments as you walk around doing your job and hearing the murmurs that the photo looks pretty bad.

So what are we to do? Do we mark all of the images seen on this lovely website in the manner above? {Not the recent photo stolen, example only!} Or do we stop posting photographs of your wonderful events entirely on this blog? I think that unfortunately we must do something. If this means that we all get to enjoy a far lower resolution image with a large watermark or logo smack in the middle of an image, so be it.

As happens frequently, the actions of a few undisciplined persons with low moral integrity ruin things for the rest of us. How sad, how very very sad.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Mary & Chance

We were honored to have photographed the wedding of Mary and Chance last weekend. Although it was a bit drizzly (and downright rainy in spots) this happy couple was nothing if not laid back, gracious, and didn't let the bit of wet weather dampen their day at all.

Mary's parents not only own The Column's, but Pio's Restaurant in St. Charles where the photo above was taken after the ceremony. Cheers!

They danced to the sounds of Barbara Blue from Memphis.............. sweet blues indeed!

It was a fabulous evening indeed! From the excellent cuisine (did I mention two cakes, including the chocolate grooms cake with chocolate covered strawberries) a fantastic buffet AND a pasta bar. Dear BBP Blog readers----- it is almost never (okay never) when one leaves a wedding reception absolutely STUFFED full of delicious food, but that was the case! Our pasta was prepared fresh, completely delicious and gratefully eaten! I chose the combination selected by the bride, penne pasta, garlic, spinach, mushrooms and a spicy sausage........... completed with white sauce? Heaven on a plate.

Now........... shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, don't tell them at The Columns that the bride and groom sat on the piano!

Tomorrow we will be celebrating the wedding of Katie and Andy, we've been looking forward to it for a long time. Katie tells me that they've been partying all week long in anticipation of the big day! Well Katie, I have the pink toenails and we're all ready to go!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Welcome to Jennifer and Kyle!

It is about time another blog entry was written, MUCH LESS welcome Jennifer and Kyle!
We met this great couple at the wedding show last weekend in Chesterfield and they clicked with Bobbi right away.... and vice versa. I just can't tell you how thrilled we are that they are part of the wedding family at BBP! It's a sure bet that we will have lots of fun together during the time that leads up to their wedding. Welcome to you both!

Life at the studio is wild right now----- and we love every minute of it! Thanks for all of the phone calls and inquiries, and for those of you who are in the process of coming in to meet with us. I have every confidence that you will enjoy spending time in consultation with Bobbi---- her nearly 30 years of experience really shine.

The summer weather that we were all waiting on seems to have arrived in full force. Gone and a dim memory of the cool and rainy weather, it has been replaced by flat out hot and sultry days. I walked down Lafayette Square this afternoon for a pedicure---- can't be going to Miss Katie's wedding this Saturday with dinged up toes, now can I? The reason I mention it at all is because you all know that I hold back no good things from you and this was perhaps the finest pedicure I've ever had. No kidding. Amazingly well done, none of those nasty blades on my feet, carefully executed in a gorgeous salon by a fabulous professional. And well priced, woo hoo! I have to say run don't walk to J. Arthur's Salon in Lafayette Square, ask for Danielle. My toes are gorgeous and my feet are like satin, pretty pink toes to match your day Katie!

Stay cool.............. eat ice cream!

Monday, July 14, 2008

What a Weekend!!!

It was a wonderful, exciting, fun, exhausting, fabulous weekend!
The feet above are not ours, but I know how they felt!

We've already heard by email from last weekends wedding couple, Mary and Chance. They are on their way to Ireland for their honeymoon but sweetly sent us their 'smiles' before they left:

"Bobbi, Aaron, and Tina,

We wanted to send you a little note of gratitude before we left for our honeymoon. YOU WERE FANTASTIC! We could not asked for a better team with such great ideas. Come rain or shine I know that the photos will turn out great! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! You made our day a special, memorable, and stress free one.
Mary and Chance P"

Thanks to you too Mary and Chance, we had a great time at your wedding and so much appreciated being part of it. We're working on putting together a slideshow of their gorgeous wedding photos---- so stay tuned.

The big (and we mean BIG) wedding show was yesterday at the Chesterfield DoubleTree. It was one of the busiest and best bridal shows we've been part of in quite some time, spectacular and fabulous indeed! It was not only great to touch base and have a brief chance to visit with some of our favorite vendors but to get to meet so many wonderful brides, grooms, and their families! Wonderful! It's always a pleasure to be part of the outstanding show that St. Louis Best Bridal puts out for their brides and grooms. Their shows are nothing short of fantastic, we are so grateful for Chris and Mary Ann and our wonderful rep Angie. Thanks to everyone who came by to meet Bobbi and see more of her beautiful work. I know that the booth was nothing short of madness for most of the day, thanks to everyone who was so patient and gracious!

Friday, July 11, 2008

Sarah & Tim aka Crowned

You could not have asked for a lovelier day yesterday! Blue skies, low humidity---- a great day to head out to Crown Valley Winery to meet Sarah and Tim. It was (sad for us) their final session in our exclusive Four Seasons of Love engagement sessions. Sarah and Tim both thought that these photos just might be their favorites.

Tim proposed to Sarah at Crown Valley winery so of course we enjoyed re-visiting the scene of the crime with them. They have always looked so great in their sessions and this time was no exception-----
We all think that Tim might possibly be the renaissance man----- he is sweet and considerate, quite charming and he even made her earrings! Seriously! Of course Sarah is adorable, and just the sweetest woman! They make a wonderful couple. We're looking forward to their wedding very much----- and will be sad when we dont get to see them as often!

The above photo was taken by Bobbi after some wine. Good thing she doesn't drink at the wedding, eh? KIDDING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We all laughed when she took this photo, that she would focus on the lone daisy and throw Sarah and Tim out of focus..............hey, what a way to build your clientele? HA!

Tomorrow's wedding will out in St. Charles with Mary and Chauncey------ we can't wait, it has been way too long since we've seen them!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Oh my stars and garters!

If you are up to your ears in wedding planning (as the great majority of the BBP Blog readers are) then at some point you have had the great garter discussion. Is that a tradition you embrace or would rather set aside? Can you throw the bouquet and not the garter? Must they both be done or not at all? If you do the garter thing, which leg should it go on? How far up? Is it cheesy in 2008?

All excellent questions.

Miss Etiquette here at BBP says:

No, you do not have to toss the garter if you are going to throw the bouquet. It is in fact your wedding day and you can pick and choose which traditions you wish to take part of. You can do either, or. It is very easily handled by making sure that your DJ or band/MC fully understands your plans and announces accordingly. Here at BBP throwing the bouquet runs at about 95% while tossing the garter runs about 75%.

As far as which leg the garter goes on, it can go on either. Traditionally it was worn on the right leg but in recent times that has given way to the comfort and preference of the bride. It can be worn on either leg. Some things to consider if you are wearing a garter would be if you have any notion that one leg is better photographed than the other (birthmarks, injuries and scars, tattoos, etc).

Because the majority of brides do choose to wear a garter, even if it is not removed and thrown by the groom, the following are some general hints:

  • You may opt to have a photograph taken when you get dressed of putting on the garter and then removing it until later. Some garters are very uncomfortable when worn for hours on end. they may be scratchy, or too delicate to endure a great deal of wear. This way, you can have the photo opportunity and still be comfortable.
  • It is not necessary to have two garters, the obsequious one to keep and one to toss---- but you certainly CAN. Some brides are 'keepers', that is they have a memory box of all of their wedding items and details, to them they want to keep a garter they wore on their wedding day. The idea for many is that their daughters or future daughter-in-laws would wear it on their special day. It all depends on YOU----- and your personality.
  • No, your garter does not need to match your wedding colors. About 25% of brides have garters in theme with their wedding.
  • No, you should probably not hang your garter from your husband's rear view mirror! This isn't prom you know!
  • Please don't wear your garter waaaaay up your thigh and have your husband go on a fishing expedition for it. Your Mother would tell you the result is not very ladylike, and we'll tell you that the photos are generally less than flattering.
  • It is possible to handle the throwing the bouquet and garter earlier in the evening instead of as the last gasp of the reception. In many cases, your guests will begin leaving before you might have planned the big toss, so moving it up will allow for everyone to enjoy the tradition as well as more participants on the floor.
  • There is just 'something' about having an 8 year old catch the garter. Miss Etiquette discourages it just as much as having an 8 year old girl catch the bouquet.
This is your wedding, filled with your tradition and those things that will make you happy. You're making memories to last a lifetime. When it is necessary to make a decision about this tradition, or any elements of your wedding----- imagine it in light of how it will appear when seen 25 years from now, or by your grandchildren.

To toss, or not to toss? This is indeed the question!

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Randi & Paul

Randi was a beautiful bride------- and as beautiful on the inside as on the outside! From the first moment when we met her at the Ritz Carlton as she prepared for her wedding right up to the last sigh of the day she kept her bright smile.

Daddies and daughters on their wedding day are always so very special, aren't they?

Randi and Paul as newlyweds, photographed on the side of the World's Fair Pavillion where they exchanged their vows, it was a lovely ceremony.

Randi planned her wedding to Paul for quite some time and there were only two things she said she absolutely wanted, after the groom of course!

1. To be married at the World's Fair Pavillion
2. For Bobbi Brinkman Photography to capture her once in a lifetime day

She had the wedding of her dreams and we were honored and blessed to have been there to capture every moment of their story with "Images from the Heart..."

For those wedding guests who have their password, all of the beautiful wedding photos are online for your enjoyment.

Congratulations Randi and Paul, may you live happily ever after!

Saturday, July 05, 2008

Saturday Mish Mash

Okay an update and a post-holiday mish mash of sorts.

First a comment that we are always amazed that YOU are amazed that when you call Bobbi Brinkman Photography, Bobbi answers the phone. Why? Maybe you don’t know that 99% of the time you not only get Bobbi on the phone, but Bobbi answers her phone messages personally (and quickly), and she is the one you deal with when it comes to your beautiful images, your albums, and most of the studio etceteras. I hear that this is not always the case, not common. We can’t answer that, but that is the way it is at BBP.

Photography is Bobbi’s passion, her 24/7/365 breath and by all accounts it shows! I figure that is just part of the reason she was honored with the 2008 Pick for the Knot, Best of Weddings.

Now the most popular question of the week for me (the one who doesn’t answer questions on the phone but lives on the computer and loves our clients ‘virtually’) is what is on my iPod! This cracks me UP! I’ve had two calls that it is vacay time and this means burning a CD for the road trip. You say you like ‘em mixed up, like mine! And you want my playlist? Funny. But I’ll be happy to share my most recent, the summertime mow the lawn work 6 days a week get it all done and a walk in too list:

  • Summertime- Kenny Chesney
  • She Works Hard for the Money- Donna Summer
  • Everytime I Breathe- Big Daddy Weave
  • Rosalita- Bruce Springsteen
  • 409- Junior Brown
  • Who Put the Bomp- Frankie Lymon & the Teenagers
  • Rockstar-Nickleback
  • Day Tripper- David Cook
  • The Way I Am- Ingrid Michaelson
  • All I Want To Do- Sugarland
  • No Shoes, No Shirt, No Problem- Kenny Chesney
  • Six Days on the Road- Junior Brown
  • Miss Independent- Kelly Clarkson
  • Last Kiss- Pearl Jam

And just so you know (because you ask, which again cracks me up!) Is “Johnny Cash” by Jason Aldean still the magic dance song? Why yes it is but I think that in view of wedding season being in full swing and the fact that I’m tired might make it okay to also make “No Shoes” by Kenny Chesney a yes I might dance with you at your wedding song. But, don’t forget the rules-- just so you know you’d better bring not one but two shots of Patron Silver. I still feel extraordinarily safe living in the ‘no shot rule’! And NO, Bobbi has no set of rules, there will be no dancing, or tequila for that matter. Sometimes it really is nice to be me!

Last but by no means least, today is the wedding of Randi and Paul, the sun is shining and the weatherfolk tell us it is going to be an absolutely gorgeous day. Who could have ever predicted that St. Louis weather over the 4th of July weekend would be so beautiful? It was 72 degrees last night for the Cards/Cubs game and even a bit cooler for fireworks over the arch. 85 today? On the 5th of July? We'll take it!

Friday, July 04, 2008

Happy Fourth of July!

To the American contingent of our international blog readers----- Happy Fourth of July!

May your day be full of relaxing, eating, family, friends, and fireworks! The bonus? Maybe sharing an ice cream cone with your favorite kid and a pet parade!

All of us at BBP send wishes for a wonderful Independence Day! Let freedom ring!

For to be free is not merely to cast off one's chains, but to live in a way that respects and enhances the freedom of others.
-Nelson Mandela

Thursday, July 03, 2008

Gratuitous Staff Meeting Photos

July Staff Meeting! Well without Aaron but he's busy being a newlywed, I think that is a kitchen pass for sure. How about a July staff meeting in the kitchen?

It all starts with food of course. Can you think of one meeting that doesn't? Well, not a good meeting that you would really look forward to or anything! At least I wouldn't!

If it is summer it is BLUEBERRIES!!!!!!!!!! How delightful are they anyway? I'm insane about blueberries and I (perhaps crazily) volunteered to host the meeting. And cook. Seriously. So you have blueberries and hungry staff.....................

You knew what I was going to say, yes? Blueberry Pancakes. Get serious, how fabulous are they anyway? With a big ole' pat of butter and some maple cinnamon syrup? No wonder they love me.............. and they better!

Wish you were here! If you are a BBP bride or groom, I'm sure we talked about you today! And hopefully not with our mouths full!

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Ashley & Darrell

We left the studio last Saturday with our fingers double crossed------ would the weather hold? Could the rain possibly not fall on Ashley and Darrell's wedding day? We were more than happy to discover that it could, and it did! You know.... even if it did rain, I know for a fact it would not have dampened the joy and enthusiasm of the day!

Arriving at the church in Chesterfield we found everyone gathered and most anxious to get the wedding show on the road. The ceremony was beautiful, it was easy to see the happiness of the bride and groom! They were married in the Covenant Presbyterian Church with a lovely reception held at the Marriott West.

Ashley's beautiful wedding gown was SO her! She's a softball coach (and a State Champ to boot) so her very simple dress with lovely clean lines was absolute perfection. I was especially taken with the way the dress was cut, what a pretty gown for a wonderful bride!

Location photography was lots of fun, we enjoyed the newly married couple and their wedding party very much.

To view the slideshow from their once in a lifetime day, please click HERE!

For the wedding guests and family that are anxious to view the images from their wedding, I will have them online tout suite!