Friday, January 30, 2009

Warm Welcomes/Cold Friday

The snow is still stacked up in Lafayette Square, a bit messy for sure- the true mark of a post winter storm. Fabulous and fun bride and groom Sarah and Tim came to the studio yesterday to take us to lunch, how fun was that? They are settling into married life beautifully and say that it is beyond all of their expectations! Thankfully the path was clear between the studio and Square One where we enjoyed a brew and lunch.

Nothing warms us all quite so much around BBP as to welcome new clients and we are so thrilled to welcome Andi and Matt! Great venue---- great couple----- woo hoo! :) Welcome Andi and Matt------ we're looking forward to getting to know you better and working with you and your families. With luck we'll be having lunch someday and remembering how beautiful YOUR wedding was!

Monday, January 26, 2009

WOW............. Thanks

It was a great day at WOW. The annual wedding show at WOW (Windows On Washington) yesterday was quite lovely, thanks to not only WOW but to Ethan and Nancy from St. Louis Bride Magazine for putting on another great show for vendors as well as brides.

The day started with SNOW, rather unexpected what was called as a big fat maybe for flurries turned into a giant fat snow like crazy. Vendors set up at Windows in the middle of snow and slick and mess. We all worried and wondered if brides would come out and the short answer was yes, they did! Were you there? Did you enjoy the great vendors, the wonderful food, the lovely fashion show?

Thanks to all of the really fantastic brides we met at the show! We so enjoyed meeting you and can't wait to get to know you more when you come into the Studio. We appreciate you having braved the elements to attend one of the really great shows in the area.

More snow is coming, and I don't mean flurries honey! Sounds like it is going to be a big one! I'm on my way to the grocery to lay in some necessities and hope that you all stay warm and safe!

Friday, January 23, 2009

Great and Small

It may always be the big things that get the attention of the world and garner acclaim but it remains the small things that define a life.

Around BBP things are busy as the great annual clean out and organize has almost been completed. Imagine cleaning out your closet at home times 12, and without the joy of finding a pair of cerulean peep-toe slingbacks you thought you had lost! Always a necessary evil that feels good when it is over and always brings about a huge flush of even greater creativity and accomplishment. It seems not only fair but wonderful that when moutains need to be moved to storage or taken out to the trash that the weather has been mild and delightful. Now, if I could really and truly find those pumps things would be splendid!

We're about ready to head out to one of our favorite wedding shows of the entire 'wedding show season', that to be held this Sunday at Windows on Washington. Nancy, Ethan and the crew at St. Louis Bride Magazine always put of a great gala that is highly regarded by both brides and vendors. If you are going to be at the show, please stop by--- we would love to meet you!

As one of those things that makes you remember what is important in life, and great or small causes reflection and a stir to some sort of action was my news on Wednesday. It seems my brother has had a crisis of health and will require a liver transplant. Big stuff indeed. My note to self remains that no matter what your plans are from planning a wedding to building a family, from running a business to punching the clock-- life is precious and short. Extremely precious and extraordinarily short. As always, count your blessings... and pass one on.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Yes We Can

Like many Americans and much of the world the TV at the studio was tuned to the mornings events as Barack Obama became the 44th President of the United States of America. No email was answered, no phone calls taken, it was not work as usual but time to revel in the feeling that this is indeed Day One, that the world has moved on and that we are a nation that is fully embued with hope and ready to get to the work of love. Wasn't it inspiring and wonderful to hear the word "love" used during the day to mean that we can move past those who have said in the past the word "can't" much more than can and that love is impossible to create as a nation. It is not to be said that the work ahead is easy, or that love will come easily, nor will it conquer all. Hard work lies ahead for us all but it begins with love.

As we say all the time, it IS all about the LOVE------ let's celebrate it. Dance in it, revel in the day and party together.

Yes, we can! And what better a time to say count your blessings and pass one on.


As President Obama said, "We have chosen hope".


Monday, January 19, 2009

Excuse me........... TV?

I've pretty much decided that I need to watch more TV. Like 24 hours a day to catch up and keep caught up. And the funny thing is that normally I am not a TV head at all!!! Good grief there is a busy studio to run and brides to take extraordinarily good care of----- is there no sense of decency that Jack is back? After almost two years 2*4 is back with a vengeance and I'm hooked! Or that Miss A*merica is this Friday night (brownies and beer, here I come)---- or even that I am three weeks behind on On*e Life to L*ive? Bobbi and Nell don't seem to appreciate my divided attentions these days! :) It is not a secret that I have loved the Red C*arpet shows from the big award shows since the days my daughter and I held court in the king sized with popcorn to throw and fun to be had. Lately we've had the G*olden G*lobes which were great (and what WAS R*enee Zell*weiger wearing???) and others to follow rapidly on their heels. Another poorly kept secret is my love for A*merican I*dol (Love me some almost local boy David C*ook!)------ and this year promises to be a great season!

New to love is F*ringe, and then there is Big*gest L*oser, shall we add A*mazing R*ace, or C*elebrity A*pprentice? Puh-leeze! Gray's and Private and N*ip T*uck........... sigh. What is a girl to do??????? I haven't mentioned my deep love for Ina and Nigella------ and that the Housewives and Brother*s and Sisters are must see's.

Up next------ woo hoo the C*ardinal's are heading to the S*uperbowl, and may B*altimore fans forgive me I'm glad they aren't making the trip. I must confess as much as we all love to meet new brides and their families, we're all very glad that there is not a wedding show coming up this Sunday so we can all watch the game with respective family and friends. And eat wings. Oh, and drink beer. (I'll be knitting too, but don't tell Kurt!)


The funny thing is that with the TV I do love and watch (even when I have to fly through on TiVo), I don't watch many of the crazy bride shows. They've gotten ridiculous and too far over the top to be anything but wildly annoying to me.

'cause we don't have crazy brides..................... they are simply the best in the world!

Now where is my remote?

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Posh Accessories

How better to follow up a post about using dryer lint in wedding favors? Yes, purely posh accessories guaranteed to delight you on your special day (and beyond) and bring a big-big smile.

Some accessories we LOVE:

  • Fabulous bags---- little clutches for brides (and more) that are not overly cutesy, very fashion forward, and tremendously popular. Try Nelle bags from Minneapolis designer Laura Nelli.
  • Fantastic veils---- vintage, distinctive, unusual and tres chic---- from Distinctive Veils & Accessories. Love a bit of a pillbox hat, and the veil here is "birdcage style", both combined for max effect!
  • And the last luxe pick for the moment is fab jewelry, perfect for the Big Day (or beyond)--- from Heather Moore Jewelry, yum.

While I love the loose charm/vintage/crafts style of the necklaces at H. Moore, what really blows me away are the cuff links. They are all just incredible------ any male in your wedding party (or the groom) would be lucky indeed to own!

***And the last blurb IS a freebie------- keeping your diamond engagment and wedding rings look sparkly, fresh and brand spankin'! In a small container with a tight lid mix a couple drops of dishwashing liquid, 5 tablespoons of water and 5 tablespoons of clear ammonia. Drop in your rings (and anything from the diamond family) into the mixture and soak for an hour or so, even overnight. At the end of the bath, remove from the mixture and give a brushing with an old toothbrush under a stream of water. Dry completely and wear your gorgeous "new" rings!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Weddings & Corners

When it comes to weddings many things remain the same, no matter what the current economy is doing. A lovely bride and a handsome groom join forces to produce a wedding, sometimes on their own and sometimes with the help of their families. This event can be lavish or simple and is usually predicated by the dreams of the couple, most often the girlish dreams of the bride. A frequently asked question these days is how does the economy affecting weddings. The short answer is: Not Much.

While a couple and their family may approach a wedding more cautiously, some things don't change. Quality vendors are always the best choice and we see that across the board.

There are some couples that find the need to really tighten their belts------- and I bring you one such story. For your entertainment of course. A bride who shall remain nameless (for her own protection) has on her website her plan for her wedding. She'll be wearing her mothers gown, (money saved) and she and her mother are making the flowers (this is a HUGE job!!). The reception features "favors" (her word) that are, well...... unique anyway. I feel that it is my duty to share them. On each place at the tables (she has 15 tables of 10) the creation is a little pillow of lavender with a monogram of the bride and groom. Doesn't that sound nice? Well hang on............ and I say this in the kindest and gentlest way of course.

The pillows are made from old linen napkins----- I like that, vintage linens and all------ and the monograms will be created with an embroidery machine and appear to be really well done. The pillows themselves are left open on one end and stuffed with lavender and dryer lint. No, I am not making this up. Dryer Lint!!!! Really no kidding, absolute fact. The bride (bless her heart!!!!!) has been saving dryer lint for a very long time in order to have enough. She stuffs those little lavender pillows with dryer lint and sews up the open end. Voila! Maybe this makes me mean but I'm still laughing. Giggling really but the difference is slight. I can pretty much guarantee that every time you take a load in our out of the dryer from now on you will chuckle, well unless you are way nicer than I am.

From the 'no corners cut' column comes a few of our favorite recent wedding details:

One of the loveliest ice bars we've seen in a long time (above)

And a breathtakingly beautiful cake, winter wedding perfect!

There ARE definitely ways to keep your premier vendors allowing you to know that your wedding will be a quality event----- and yet cut a few corners safely. Without resorting to using dryer lint. We will cover a few in future blog posts. If you have great ideas we'd love to hear them too!

Stay warm!

Monday, January 12, 2009

Joining the BBP Wedding Family: Julia & Andrew

And what a great addition they are, welcome Julia and Andrew! We're all so pleased to have you as part of the wedding family at Bobbi Brinkman Photography! With great venues like the Botanical Gardens and the Mad Art Gallery, how could they not be loads of fun, a bit un-traditional and yet traditional all in one fantastic package! Welcome to the family to you both!

We haven't had a "Julia" in quite some time, Andrew does seem to be the popular BBP groom's name, sort of like Katie was in the last couple of years! (Remember Katie blonde hair and Katie brown hair?) Luckily all of our Andrew's are great guys, easy to recognize in their own unique and intriguing way!

Monday Tidbits:
a. You guys crack me up....... why are emailed comments vs. blog comments somehow preferred?
b. Yes, my oven IS finally going to be fixed today, you're angling for a dinner invite maybe? :)
c. The coldest weather in a decade is on the way thank heavens we can hunker down in the studio. Will snow for sessions be behind this brutal front? Time will tell!
d. Speaking of the Botanical Garden, don't forget that the annual Orchid Show opens there on January 31 and runs through March 15th. Don't miss the always incredible display of blooms just in time to breathe a little hope into the blech of winter!

Have a great Monday, stay warm, be safe and know that you are appreciated!

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Happy Blogiversary!!!

It has been THREE YEARS since the inception of the BB Blog, we can't believe it! Through the blog we've followed brides, families, new babies, pets, P*op Tarts, and various and sundry stories that have been part of the studio happenings at Bobbi Brinkman Photography---- and beyond! :)

Three years............. a long time, lots of fun, and many posts. Looking back we have discussed the best in bridal, top tips for wedding planning, how to handle many important issues, and a few silly things along the way as well. In the blog world, three years is a long time----- and we're committed to many more. So.................. Happy Blogiversary!

To celebrate our 3 year Blogiversary we're sharing the love! Just leave a comment on this post and receive a $3.00 credit to be used on the photo of your choice. Three years, Three bucks. Seems like a good deal to me! So tell your friends and family----- don't let them miss out! And if you just feel like commenting to say congrats, we'd love that too!

May the Blogiversary be with you!

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Colleen & Scott

It is hard to say what the diciest month is when it comes to planning a wedding and hoping for great weather. Last year showed us all that when it comes to could have and should be's, we were all wet. Literally. It was the wettest year on record for St. Louis and we didn't just flirt with the record, we kerthwumped it! Ask many of the brides last year who got a little damp on their wedding days. Or rehearsal dinners. Or both! And January it like that for brides and grooms too............. too cold, too wet, too snowy, too icy, too awful. Colleen and Scott wanted a winter wonderland wedding and were joined in wedded bliss last Saturday. The church was lovely, the bride was gorgeous and the groom was handsome and smiling. The weather? Not a winter wonderland! It wasn't icy or snowy or horrid either, so outside of a bit of thick fog, we will take it! Cold it was, wind showed up as well, but the day was absolutely lovely as can be. We had a great time with the happy couple, their family and friends and were so pleased and honored to have been a part of their special day.

Please enjoy the slideshow, a tiny peek into Colleen and Scott's lovely day--- click HERE!

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Secret Family Member ---- and Jenni & Patrick

Jenni & Patrick giggling in the photo above----- are showing off their cute selves at their recent photo session. What a great couple, it's hard to believe that their wedding is right around the corner! We're looking forward to celebrating with family and friends and it will be here in the blink of an eye!

Somehow I think that is going to be the trend, a year that flies by! Actually it has been the trend for many of the years past!

We are SO excited to be able to welcome a new couple to the BBP Wedding Family! Thrilled actually! Here's the funny thing---- it is a "secret wedding" and I can't tell you their names! Geez, it practically makes us agents of espionage! :) They're a fantastic couple and what more can I say? All will be revealed in time! But hey---- YOU know who you are, welcome! :)

Saturday, January 03, 2009

Groove Saturday

The holidays seem officially over, although every school kid will tell you that Monday is the day that you have to get back into the groove. Visitors have been entertained, holiday meals eaten, gifts long opened and the New Year rung in, even Bobbi's birthday was celebrated with much enthusiasm. So we rally the troops and pack the gear for an in the groove Saturday for the wedding of Colleen and Scott.

This great couple has been with us for over a year now--- as many of our couples are--- and we look forward to sharing this special day with the happy couple, their family and friends.

We'll share peeks from Colleen and Scott's wedding next week!