Saturday, November 28, 2009

Surviving a Holiday Weekend?

We've heard from many of you [our wonderful clients] that the Thanksgiving holiday has been a little stressful, mostly wonderful, and a little exhausting!

Snippets heard:
  • my first turkey was really horrible!
  • his parents drove me crazy
  • Black Friday shopping was not fun this year
  • vs.
  • Black Friday shopping was great this year
Regardless, everyone here at BBP hopes that your holiday weekend is fabulous and that you're managing a lot of fun and only a little stress!

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!

We're thankful for great clients, friends, and fellow photographers that we respect and enjoy! From the BBP table to yours, a very Happy Thanksgiving!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Tardy Welcome & Holiday Greeting

Okay, okay, okay. I really did want to title this blog post "tardy to the p*arty". Doing so would immediately label me a devotee of the B*ravo tv show about those naughty ATL housewives. Which I of course would never watch, like ever. Okay maybe sometimes and does Kim just GET you? So I didn't name it that, even though I wanted to. Now you are thinking it, aren't you?

I digress because of course I am just super late in updating the blog, and I hate that but I do sorta' have a great excuse (or more like a zillion of them!) We've been kerflummoxxed at the Studio, yes, around BBP things have been super busy. Not always a bad thing!

And of course my very favorite holiday of all time is tomorrow and as I work from home with getting the blog updated first on my list just now being accomplished past 4 p.m.----- the smell of pumpkin pie hangs in the air, redolent of cinnamon and ginger, soon to be joined by the smell of turkey and stuffing.

But MOST importantly today I need to make a warm happy welcome to the BBP Family! We are tickled to be able to have new family members, Caleb and Alecia! We're all very, very pleased to have you and we can't wait for the wedding!

If you've stuck with me this far know that everyone in the BBP family wishes you and yours the very best of Thanksgivings! May you be surrounded by those you love in a place you are nurtured in. May your dinner be delicious and enough to share, may you be peaceful and able to count your blessings.

Especially on Thanksgiving, don't forgetwhat we always say, count your blessings and pass one on!

Monday, November 16, 2009

Best of Fashion Boudoir Hands Down

It was smart and sexy, the ultimate fashion shoot, fun and sweet, bold and more. We had the opportunity to work with CMAX Photography last weekend for the best of fashion boudoir, the very best. The girls???? Had a fantastic time and all have such wonderful ideas for gifting the best gift ever.

If you missed it, we're booking again January 9th for Valentines Day giving. Trust me, you really don't want to let the opportunity go by! Quick, jingle at me, we have a few slots left and one has your name on it!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Thanks ----- Knot Best of Weddings 2010

We are SO thrilled to be named The Knot Best of Weddings 2010! It's a return trip for us, our 4th Knot award!

Thank you to our clients, we've said it before and we'll say it again, the BBP Brides (and grooms) are the BEST in the world and we love and appreciate you very much! We love our Knotties!

Woo Hoo!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

My boyfriends---- No Wedding Content

Nope, no wedding content, not one whit. I did work yesterday (of course) but was happy to leave last night by 6:00------ (Thanks Tom!) after all it was to see the object of my affection.

The Blues.

I used to be completely passionate about the PBR, that is professional bull riding. I love me some cowboys on bulls, but I digress. Bobbi is quite the hockey fan of course, for those that know her they understand the depth of her passion for the sport and photographing it. I'm newer to the game but no less crazy about it.

I adore hockey, every bit of it. Dressing in blue to go to the game, tucking in enough money to perhaps score a Guiness or a box of funnel cake fries, maybe a hot dog while arriving early enough to watch the warm up. The sight of those completely adorable men (mostly young enough to plant me firmly into the reprobate camp) skating---- the adrenaline, the excitement, the everything. It is a good thing hockey is. Yeah, you betcha'! I can even sing the Canadian National Anthem thank you very much!

But my Blues, how I love them! From Mr. Oshie who is cute as pie and skates like those blades are an extension of his body, to Mr. Tkachuk, the elder statesman (sorry Keith) who makes it all spin. Keith, you were born the year I graduated from high school, I think that might make you feel better about the whole elder statesman comment. The new guy Lars scored his first goal at the last game we were at, (his first N*HL game) that was so exciting to be there for----- and I think he is 12. I'm pretty sure he doesn't shave yet!!! ;) Mr. McDowell, man you are a scoring machine------ and so dang energetic! Mr. Backes might make the U.S. Olympic team, how cool is that????? Oh, and I would be remiss if I didn't sing the praises of my OTHER boyfriends Mr. Perron, B.J., Brad (2), and Jay------ you make my heart go pitter patter. Eric/k, Barret, Alex and Mike........... and oh Mr. Polak------- you guys work so hard! And you can't talk about your boyfriends without making sure that goalie Mr. Mason is not also on the list, gotta' love that guy.

Last night was without a doubt the BEST hockey game I've ever seen. Or at least in recent memory. (Once again, sorry Tom!!) There in seats twelve rows off the ice I watched the glory unfold. The first score came within minutes of the puck drop and they were at 4 by the time the first period ended. I was so in love with my boys!

Great hockey, lots of scoring, excellent butt kicking (Cam you ARE the enforcer), a WIN (canya' say 6-1) and free Big Macs? A very nearly perfect hockey evening, sorry Canuck*s fans.

Icing on the cake was the Hat Trick----- my first three-fer in a very long time. It was INCREDIBLE! Watching all of the hats flying from the seats onto the rink in mad abandon was great............ and left me wishing I had a hat of my own to toss. I briefly considered tossing my panties onto the ice but remembered several things. First, it was not a Tom Jones concert, my panties were under a pair of jeans and I know for a fact that I could not get my pants off and do the panty tossing thing in enough time to be considered anything less than some kind of awful threat. Lastly they are for pity sake granny panties and as I am all but ignored by the camera in the stands because I am not a young hot Puck Bunny (preferably blonde) tossing my granny panties onto the ice might get me arrested. It was Mr. Perron's first career hat trick, I'm pretty sure he would have dug the panty thing. Really.

I'm going to make you watch it here-------- you'll dig it---

Thanks boys, it was a glorious evening, even with hockey sticks and not my usual sticks of preference! If any of you are getting married, well................... you know who to call! :)

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Last Call: Fashion Boudoir!!

Ladies............. I have only ONE slot open for the Fashion Boudoir Session happening THIS SATURDAY!
  • Hair
  • Makeup
  • FUN!
..... and a perfect Christmas gift for that very special someone-------- do NOT delay!

Monday, November 09, 2009

In the Rear View

Mickey and Jason's wedding is behind us and they're leaving today for their honeymoon in Jamaica. Unfortunately they were impacted by the hurricane out there tossing about, I'm sure they weren't the only ones that had to change plans at the last minute. Mickey is such an upbeat and sweet person, she was focused only on the positives--- that they could change their plans at all to stay out of the rain, and that they were going to have a wonderful relaxing time. Yay for happy girls!

The wedding show was shared with many of our Wedding Club vendor friends (who we really enjoy)---- at Windows on Washington yesterday. The bonus was that we were so pleased to have the chance to meet great brides and their friends and families.

One of my favorites was the bridesmaid who wore a silver tag that matched the brides that said brides B*. We always laugh that this is a job that 'someone' needs to fill and this adorable girl was hilarious about it.

I leave you with a last look at fall.................. somehow I feel short-changed and I know from talking to many of you, --you do too!

A glimpse of Kristen and Eben's fall engagement shoot------------- which sparkles brighter, the couple or the leaves?????

Friday, November 06, 2009

Another Busy BBP Weekend-

Well of course the weekend is busy at BBP, what in the world else would it be???

Saturday kicks off with the wedding of Mickey & Jason----- long awaited and finally here. It will be a wonderful day of celebration, we're excited to be able to photograph their day with "Images from the Heart..."

The wedding will be followed by a Sunday tour at the wedding show at Windows on Washington. Come by and see us! 12-4 and the weather looks like it will be great!

Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Shouting WHISPER

Our brides are so funny, several are planning to have babies, or have fear of the post wedding equivalent of the freshman fifteen. Some say "I have to do a special boudoir session for my honey before the body goes!" And of course, we know this could never in a million years be true!

BUT--- no matter the reason, it is time to schedule the last couple of Whisper Session openings ladies!!!!! A perfect gift that will be treasured FOREVER------- please join us on November 14th for our next Whisper Session.

Call or email me asap for the details and openings ladies!

You KNOW you want to!

Monday, November 02, 2009

Candy Overload?

Are you full of sweet treats? Overfull on candy corn? Too much chocolate? Or other Halloween Party indulgences that shall remain nameless? It's okay, November is here and with it comes the serious though of holidays. Once again a local radio station is playing nothing but holiday music, ho ho ho items have been in the stores for weeks now and somehow Thanksgiving will be upon us in the blink of an eye.

The image today is a current favorite! Don't you just love it when the bride and groom (Sarah and Jon), their favorite local hangout, and personalities come together to make a really great photograph? Absolutely! When the bride and groom were so much fun to work with it is icing on the cake.

See? Can't get away from food phrases today...............