Thursday, September 23, 2010

How Do You Feather Your [Newlywed] Nest?

How DO you feather your newlywed nest??? There are so many styles (and methods) of setting up a first home together. Many couples choose the tried-and-true hand me down route, for the sake of efficacy and economy if nothing else! Some couples go "all new" and of course from that fork in the road you can go sleek and efficient or repro vintage, even the always vogue Traditional.

Do you choose every piece yourself from different shops?

Do you create things yourselves?

Are you an afficianado of home style mags or tv shows that inspire and educate?

How do you feather your nest....................... make your home?

Which design blogs are must reads in your busy day?

Some BBP faves might be yours as well------- if not, you might find something for your nest!

Funky Vintage: 
Happy Loves Rosie
Poetic Home
Bohemian Vintage
Vintage Junky

Retro Planet

'new' traditional:
Nate Berkus
Candice Olson
Crate and Barrel


Vera Wang
Kate Spade

Just a few from the Idea File. We're looking forward to hearing how YOU are your own special decorator!!

Now back to the Wonderful World of Weddings!

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